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  1. i enjoy playing theme decks to, it is far more interesting to design and play, thats why i have over 20 decks for 2 clans
  2. if i had a mantis deck i would do a spirit deck it looks a interesting theme
  3. yes i agree crane is always close to my heart as well as dragon.
  4. In which edition Lion wasn't competetive? yeah have to agree...... lion has always been one of the best attack decks in the game
  5. yes that theme is used here by phoenix players, good luck doing that against a reju player lol. or a crane or dragon duelling focused deck. i agree that it would be unenjoyable to always go up against tourny decks, for me the main part of L5R is not about tournaments (i have never competed nor will i), its about having fun with clans/decks and trying out new themes.
  6. economic honour is an interesting theme, crab and crane do that rather effectively, i think the game designers need to look at all themes for all clans, and i do agree they havent got unicorn quite their yet i hope they give you that economic theme for ide.
  7. ahh another dragon player awesome, yes dragon IS the most versatile thats why i have over 10 decks with different themes. but to be fair if you talk about duelling there are only 2 clans that can do this better than other clans dragon and crane, i guess you would be focusing on otaku kamoko for early unicorn duelling?, i used to hate playing unicorn early on as the cavalry trait gave them an advantage early on, but nowadays cavalry is not quite as deadly.
  8. i have to agree the game designers went over the top when they just handed out force and chi and abilities willy nilly, phoenix have always been good at duelling and gaining honour, and i would rate a kiho based deck for phoenix it would run similar to my dragon monk deck.
  9. iwhen i first started in 96 for the first year i collected and built all clan decks, but my first 2 decks were dragon and crane, and will always be them. i enjoyed toturi as i saw it as a mini lion in its sheer power for fast attack and good duelling. naga was good to for fast attack if not the fastest.
  10. there are a lot of devoted followers to legend of the five rings here, so i thought it would be interesting to find out what clan or clans you play and what deck themes you use. when i first started the CCG back in 96 there were 2 clans that struck my interest Dragon and Crane. i liked the dragon and crane clans as they had a unique concept and it took me a while to create decks that would capitilise on their particular skill sets however i have learnt that in order to be successful with these clans you need to follow some basic tenets; for the crane clan there are really only 2 focuses that you need to do gain honor and sacrifice, we can all understand how you fulfill the first requirement however people may not understand the second, and i will explain it like this my crane decks run like this...... i will sacrifice holdings, items, personalities, provinces to gain honour, that is the key... and crane works well with this concept, other decks just dont seem to work like this. this is highlighted by the card "to do what we must" and this card is a must have for ALL crane decks. in terms of honour.... well every action i do or my opponent does i will gain honour and again this works well with crane. i have about 10 decks of crane all with different themes (attack, duelling, courtier, shujenja, magistrate, political, scout, harrier, iron crane etc) but they all follow the 2 basic focuses. now for dragon, as most players will know, especially in the gold and earlier, dragon excelled at duelling, and in later editions this hasnt been lost, however there is another theme that needs to be incorporated and thats tattoos. there are a multitude of tattoos that can be used for decks and this gives dragon a much needed boost. like crane i have about 10 decks with similar themes outlined above plus decks like kensai and the pure tattoo deck. this deck is one of the fastest and most lethall that dragon can produce. so what is your favourite clan and what themes?........
  11. i wouldnt be surprised if a legend of the five rings risk edition is in the pipeline too
  12. here my thoughts, if you are going into honour in more detail, then why not create stats for all the tenets of bushido, i realise that this could be unwieldy but if you want to define how closely a character follows bushido as an integral part of rokugani society then having a ranking system for all the tenets might be a way of doing so? overall, i think incorporating a mechanic that suits both GM and players is all that matters, some really great thoughts however from everyone.
  13. thanks for the great work on shujenja SonofScarlet, this will add a greater depth to shujenja.
  14. i like the idea of advantages, and it is a good way of broadening a character and not reverting to hack and slash, as rokugan setting is soooo much more.
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