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  1. Anakin + passive + P torps > Ric + whatever Anakin gets his single force charge at a very good point cost. I really want N-1 Anakin meta. Might happen because I6 Jedi Anakin is expensive enough to keep most people from flying him.
  2. My tricksy anti-joust strat is Zuckuss with Boba Fett crew for turn1 scum jank. Scum also has 1 top tier joust ship to outjoust other jousters. Cartel Executioner with R5-P8. (47 points) Otherwise the best strat is blocking, which your Zealous Recruit can do perfectly. Your list is great and is the sort of list I fly.
  3. I came here to say exactly this. R5-P8 makes this ship truly competitive & is auto-include. 43 + 4 = 47 points I3 does have good value in this meta. The single 4-K turn is very painful and is the ships Achilles heal. Don't fly more than one in a list. I flew the ship last night with R5-P8. Can confirm, is good.
  4. Han Solo gunner is an easy mode card. Keep it at 12. Keep it out of the game. Jumpmaster & Lancer are permanently broken. Reason; dial & 2-attack mobile arc respectively. With the latest points, I think you'll be surprised how well Scum can do. Like you say 3-point contraband is just right. Sadly some of the star pilots are currently out of luck. Fenn Rau wants -2 & 2-point Fearless. Guri doesn't work in this meta.
  5. Oh man, I wanted this thread to be filled with "BOAT" memes. Where are they? 😢 If I remember correctly, the boat only has a RED 1-straight, which is why it takes so long.
  6. *PSA* Every points re-balancing there WILL be "oversights" of what is addressed and what isn't. This is intentional. FFG aggressively prices certain pilots and upgrades to sell more of what is currently available. They are a business, this is their goal. I'm not complaining per say. If they push what's currently good around too drastically, they kill the game, which is bad for everyone. Shifting the meta sells them ships and we want a new meta as well. So that is win win. Dash should not come down in price. He is 4-attack ship with a crazy powerful ability. The title is overcosted though and currently not worth taking. Don't worry, they will FIX Dash once he gets released again in 2E. Gotta sell that re-release!
  7. No & No & No Facing 3 TIE defenders would be worse than facing 5 ARC-170's
  8. Dengar5

    Sigma Jukes

    Like most things, balancing the phantom requires more nuance than a +2 points ban hammer. I3 Imdaar is fine at 43. No one even touched them when they were 44. No juke possible here I4 Sigma +2 points. It has juke and can fly in formation. This is the current problem pilot. Not the others. I4 Echo +0 points. Can't fly in formation. I don't see Echo in top results, so no nerf required. I5 Whisper +2 points. Powerful pilot ability. I5 should be more costly. (cough* resistance A-wings) Think of Juke as a ship ability. Phantoms with talent slots should be priced to be balanced with juke, cause it's auto-include.
  9. The Starviper will no longer be the most gorgeously beautiful ship in the game.
  10. I don't see A+ meta lists in the top 8 of that hyperspace tournament won by 3xFang + Fenn. 3xFang + Fenn is a solid A- list. In a top8 with meta standard A+ lists, it will lose.
  11. Scum is still my favorite faction, but I haven't been using it since the start of 2e. It's in a very sad state. Hyperspace especially. Completely uninterested newer ships, Scum Falcon and Mining TIE Fenn Rau too expensive relative to other aces (Poe and Fenn Rau =68points) needs -3 points It's so frustrating that Rebel Z-95 are 23 and Scum Z-95 are 24 points :( Starvipers in hyperspace is good, but only 1-pilot useable No good co-ordinate ship. (the stupid little shuttle sucks compared to U-wing) No force users X-wings > Kihraxz (because access to boost action) Illicit upgrades suck (inertial dampeners is unusable, even at 0 points) Jumpmaster perma-nerfed Lancer perma-nerfed YV-666, all pilots still too expensive. Poor crew choices They have ONE good squad option. Drea swarm
  12. I just started running numbers for the named pilots. Biggest thing of note. The Delta-7B configuration is GOING TO NEED INITIATIVE SCALING. These are rough #'s for named pilots, without taking into account pilot abilities. (force & ship ability is accounted for) Delta-7 + configuration = Delta-7B I6 Anakin Skywalker --- 48 + 22 = 70 I5 Obi-Wan Kenobi --- 44 + 21 = 65 I4 Mace Windu --- 40 + 19 = 59 I3 Jedi Knight --- 36 + 16 = 52
  13. According to my MathyWing spreadsheet, the I3 Inquisitor and I3 Delta-7 Jedi are slightly overcosted at 38 points. The calculated price is 36 to be balanced with the 41 point T-65 X-wing. (Many named pilots, like Wedge, still retain a higher efficiency than 41 point X-wings) I have actually put the I3 inquisitor on the table so I can back up these #'s with experience. I3 actually has some value in the currently evolving meta. For the time being, Rebel Leia swarms should compose a sizable and strong part of the meta, and those lists often have many I2 ships. Also, Y-wings and Scurrgs with ion turrets are usually at I2 and should see continued play with their aggressive costing. Calculating the Delta-7B cost is actually rather straightforward and I would rate this projection at a high degree of accuracy. Remember, even having a single force is very very very good. (caveat, Wedge is still better than this) I3 Delta-7B Jedi ---- 36 + 16 = 52 points
  14. Let's talk about that really awesome Grand Inquisitor alt art instead. It's the best one I have seen in a long time. (I just wish he was hyperspace legal, considering it's a prize for a hyperspace event)
  15. Alt art cards don't usually interest me much, but that Grand Inquisitor is something special. Funny that it's a pilot which can't even be fielded in the hyperspace format.
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