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  1. Dengar5

    Not 3 ships, Not 4, Not 5 ....

    4-5 ship lists are the optimal # right now. With 6+ ships, it means you're taking multiple 2-attack ships which means you're at a disadvantage when facing a list with significant amounts of 3-agility ships.
  2. Concussion missiles coming down 1 point would really help. Is there suppose to be a new double slot missile? I know plasma torps are back as a 3-attack torp.
  3. I find it interesting that after the drastic and warranted increase to 12 points, people still want to put them on everything. In 1st ed, homing missiles at 10 points equivalent were not used too often (harpoon missiles at 8 equivalent were of course everywhere). A few points here and there changes pilots and upgrades drastically in this game. I expect some of the drastic changes FFG has made in this update overshoot their mark. 12 point torps are still playable, but they will be more rare. This is good.
  4. Dengar5

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Currently it's not very playable. All the named pilots are too expensive. They all need 1 or 2 points, which is a big deal on 30 point ships. Only the generic Academy pilot is usable as a filler ship. You don't want more than one, cause you're better off spending the points elsewhere. I'd like to see generic TIE fighters: Academy 22 points / Obsidian 23 points / Black Squad 24 points. Still, a Howlrunner TIE swarm can still win some matchups. They will be good Against Han Solo, who is definitely going to see play now.
  5. Dengar5

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    Regen Corran Horn is back 😢
  6. Dengar5

    5 Double Tap Turret Lists

    These lists are frightening. Remember, they won't have to lock the arc forward. In the mid-game they can rotate the arc to keep dodgy ships in arc. If they ionize something once, it's likely dead next round. The Ion turret price change is the biggest deal. Dorsal and vet gunner changes seem good enough, but I'm expecting the ion turret price to go back up a point or two. The next few months could become the 'Ionization' meta.
  7. Dengar5


    IG-88B highly approves of the jamming beam change
  8. Dengar5

    They turned off Dash's Double Tap.

    thank the maker
  9. Remember that I'm using the generic T-65 X-wing as reference. Many named pilots are significantly more efficient than the T-65 generic so these pilots would NOT take over the meta at these costs. Named A-wings for Rebels are not in a good spot. Jake Ferrel -- 37.4 predicted cost (40 actual cost) Arvel Crynyd -- 33.2 predicted cost (36 actual cost) Green Squad -- 30.2 predicted cost (34 actual cost) Phoenix Squad -- 29.3 predicted cost (30 actual cost) With the distorted I5 meta, I don't give much value to I4 pilots, and I give even less to I3. It would be interesting to see what happens with 29 point Phoenix Squad A-wings.
  10. Good write-up. I second pretty much all of you observations. I'm hoping most of the adjustments are gentle. They probably won't be. Tomorrow points adjustments are going to create so much cringe.
  11. Some of us have MathWing spreadsheets that keep getting more accurate as they get refined over time with more data from game results. When I throw out point costs, I have tangible calculations behind what I say. Personally, I balance everything relative to the generic T-65 X-wing Vultures droids should cost 23 points Kylo Ren is significantly overcosted relative to the X-wing & other force users Most I5 pilots are undercosted. I6 pilots are actually costed fairly. (but not Wedge) I can tell you exactly how undercosted Lulo & Tali are. Lulo should be ~44 / Tali should be ~41
  12. Dengar5

    Poe > Kylo

    I was very satisfied to watch Kylo die to TIE fighters yesterday. According to math, he is overcosted. It's unlikely they will adjust point costs for wave 2 tomorrow. So it's yet another dead ship because of FFG incompetence.
  13. Dengar5

    20 Point Vulture Droids?

    Balancing Vultures against an undercosted L3-37 is unwise. (L3-37 should be 24 points) If you balance the vulture against generic TIE fighters and generic X-wings, their cost should be 23 points. Otherwise your train of thought is good.
  14. Dengar5

    2 more days!

    I'm expecting everyone to be equally UNhappy. No one will be able to accuse FFG of being anything but fair and balanced.
  15. Dengar5

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    The bigger issue was 2 of the top8 squads going into round 6 being double tap Dash Rendar. *sad times*