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  1. It's not the gameplay difficulty, more the creepiness of some of the cards. My 10yo found the Ogre too yuck to look at. How well do your kids handle vampires, liches, etc.? And for some parents, are you comfortable with your kids being exposed to such things at a young age? My 7 yr old doesn't like playing with the Reaper, or being the "yucky" Ghoul character, but otherwise he's ok. We don't go into macabre detail about anything, or, say, the ethics of killing lions, apes or tavern farmers, just treat it all like a Grimm fairy tale. I appreciate your point though!
  2. Yes, I guess so. I'm not so bothered about the rune deck, as these cards aren't drawn regularly during the game. None of this really matters of course but it seems odd when the board is designed with specially marked spaces for decks.
  3. Bit of a minor point this, but why doesn't the Monster deck have its own designated placement spot along the side of the board like all the other decks? Seems a bit of a design flaw, or have I missed something?
  4. I've been playing Talisman with my 7 year old son for a few weeks now, and he loves it. He needs help with reading some of the cards, but soon gets to know them. This is a bit of a problem with spells (which should be kept secret from your opponent), but he'll soon have learned most of them too. I've bought the Reaper Expansion, to bulk up the Adventure and Spell decks, and gain a few characters, but don't always play with the Reaper itself. We also play Dungeonquest, but my son finds the "difficulty" (not the rules, but the low chance of success!) frustrating. I'd also like other ideas for similar games that work for kids of this age (7-8). I notice the recommended ages on fantasy games is often pretty high (14), but in Talisman's case this seems way too high, providing an adult can help out.
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