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  1. Very true. You still have to break it the turn you stall it. Which can be very tough since it is Crab defending.
  2. Other options that stop the engine: Command Respect and Gossip. Just have to get through the Crab's Defend Your Honor first.
  3. SUPERB is a handy acronym to remember the order of resolving Conflict Resolution from steps 3.2.2 to 3.2.8. Skill compared (Win/Lose determined) Unopposed honor loss Province breaks (if applicable) Effect of the ring is resolved (for a winning attacker) Ring is claimed (by winner) Bow and go home (Conflict is over after this) Spoils of War Reaction: After you win a conflict as the attacker – Glorious Victory Reaction: After you break a province during a conflict – Spoils of War reacts after winning so is played after the Skills are compared after step 3.2.3. Glorious Victory reacts after breaking the province so is played after after 3.2.4. So yes, you can play Glorious Victory (or For Greater Glory) if drawn with Spoils of War. However you are also correct that Reaction to winning effects can continue to be played after being drawn with Spoils of War since you can continue to play more Reactions to winning after the first. Examples include The Fires of Justice, Fallen in Battle, Indomitable Will.
  4. I hope the Bayushi Bushi is in Courts of Stone as well. That seems a reasonable place for them to arrive. Shosuro Actor is another contender for the Scorpion school.
  5. RPG boxes just haven't sold well of late from what I understand. I am all fine with FFG trying. I suppose their beginner's game boxes do decently well, they just don't do storage. Also in fairness to FFG, their board games don't really do storage either. It all just sort of floats around once the tokens are punched. To be cheap it needs to be produced in good numbers. I think the big hindrance for FFG is that these would be items that are a niche product for a niche product. They do plenty of those products so it this isn't a deal breaker. I can think of plenty examples for board and mini gaming storage, but I cannot think of anything like this for RPGs that do both book and token storage. I'm sure there are out there though,
  6. I use 3 ring holders that slip into the middle page and place them in a binder. The tokens go into a bag. A box might be too specific a product. Special edition boxes seem to work as an upgrade for hard cover books for some companies, but for soft covers a box seems imperfect. I just don't see that being a viable product at this point in the industry. Especially as a retail product.
  7. I am mostly through the Shadowlands locations part of Chapter 1 now. The horror elements are very chilling. Plenty of unsubtle unnatural or gory elements, but mostly focused on the deceptive slowly maddening nature of the Taint. The writing is not as frightening as first edition Shadowlands material generally was, but I think that is due to a lack of in depth detail and atmospheric immersion. The book is more useful as a play aid because of that. The Dark Moto are presented. As is a character that incorporates elements of the Demon Bride of Fu Leng but with some other possibilities and attached to the Forgotten Tomb of Fu Leng. Most of the pieces are presented as somewhat nebulous for Gamemasters to tailor. Very unreliable narrator pieces that are intended for players. Overall the setting material is feeling very solid and does a great job at setting up playing in the Shadowlands or with the Taint as an important character. I'm looking forward to the other parts.
  8. The patterns are very fun. While I originally hoped for an attachment/modification system similar to Stars Wars/Genesys, the pattern system is very thematic in its focus on access and obscure knowledge to work these materials/methods. Every pattern has a history or role in the setting. The Mirumoto Taoist Blade School is quite crazy. They are one of the four skill and three technique schools. The fewer techniques than other such monk schools helps balance out the craziness of their techniques. This school definitely makes a type of character I have seen players try to create. A great way to make a very spiritual weapon based warrior. There are a few new titles: The Damned - Tainted warriors great at fighting other Tainted. Terrible at social rolls but also frighten the non-Tainted. Harvester - Crab that collect specimens for experimentation. Skilled in hunting Tainted things. Usually Hiruma, and work for the Kuni. Twenty-Goblin Crab - Former ronin that joined the Crab through a Twenty-Goblin Winter. They demoralize and frighten goblins. Witch-Hunter- Almost always Kuni, usually shugenja, that specialize in hunting maho-tsukai. A technique that punishes those who target the witch-hunter with maho.
  9. No Kata in general, and lack the bush trait. There are a few of the spiritual Kata on their curriculums at higher ranks. Invocations, Rituals, and Shuji. There is a ritual to improve items that seems fitting. They can start with Martial Arts Melee. Their school ability affects initiative when dealing with otherworldly beings and their mastery ignores some resistance of the same. Essentially, they have a little more access and incentive than most shugenja, but are not bushi shugenja like the Kuni Witch Hunters.
  10. My books arrived today. I can confirm that these are the new schools. Some interesting things going on here. The Toritaka Phantom Hunter is a shugenja school that starts with a katana. A number of 4 skill 3 technique schools. Also introduced are patterns which are crafting templates that can be learned with experience and the right access. Scrolls which are invocation powers that can be learned with access to the scrolls and experience. A number of rank 1 to 3 maho techniques. A smattering of other techniques. New gear, including three types of shields. New character templates and demeanor. Important to us GMs in the NPC templates: Crab Clan, Falcon Clan, and Tainted templates!
  11. My order should arrive Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the new books. After I receive these, I will decide if I will direct order the Crane pair.
  12. I decided to collect all of my house rules and game adjustments into one thread separate from the general Homebrew thread. Feel free to question or discuss any of my changes. A few items have been tested, and a few have not. I will try to point out where I agree and disagree with the official errata and FAQ document. Clans and Families Schools
  13. I received an email this morning from FFG that my pre-order is shipping soon. Time for darkness to sweep over the wall!
  14. Dragon had Niten Master and Void Fist added to the RL after the 2018 Winter Court. That was a huge hit. Those two being added definitely gave Dragon some hard choices in deck construction. Though an argument could be made that Against the Waves coming off has helped them. I suspect the next big update will add AtW back on without taking Tadaka off. That might happen after FFG examines the first Elemental season and the Koteis so far. Lion (one RL card) and Unicorn (no RL cards) basically haven't been affected much since the initial hit of the RL being made. Feast or Famine affected Unicorn but their Fire role goes away next month. Agreed that adding a Restricted List box for the deck lists is a great idea for visibility. Especially if they update the sheets to have it printed on the back or something. A few koteis I have been to requested we circled our RL card. That helped but making it more visible is only a good thing.
  15. Probably not a bad idea. If the mechanic skews the game in unexpected ways, it limits the impact only having two characters available per deck that uses it. I wonder if the 8th character will be the Grey Crane triggering from the Ronin trait. With a different reason for going Ronin than the original story of course.
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