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  1. Like when Kit Harrington told everyone Jon Snow wasn't comming back? lol
  2. I dont think I clarified my point very well sorry, what I meant was that the current ISD size should be considered XL, and we should get more sizes inbetween, however the Corvette and Raider should go down a size to a newer smaller size to better reflect their actual size on the battlefield. Hell if you line 2 corvettes up end to end they are longer than an ISD. But yea I admit I buy this game to look at the models on my shelf and make "pew pew" noises.
  3. So after loosing their son they decided to just ditch their remaining child and go childless? And then spend the next however long looking for their son and ignoring their daughter? I just don't buy that anymore than I buy her being another "child of the force" like Anakin
  4. Not acceptable, say like TFA being ANH almost scene for scene?
  5. So here are my thoughts on Rey's parentage. Rey is Luke Skywalkers daughter AND Kylo Ren's brother. Boom! Kylo Ren is actually Ben Solo. But why would Han and Leia name their child after Ben Kenobi? Leia never actually met him, only heard about him in passing from her dad and knew his name as Obi-Wan not Ben. Han Solo met him as Ben, and his entire interaction with him was to call him a hokey old space wizard and insult his religion. They had no business naming their son Ben. Luke on the other hand loved Obi-Wan like a father figure. So my theory is Luke had twins, Rey and Ben. For plot reasons he had to give them up, and Han and Leia adopted Ben. When they discovered he was force sensitive (probally by force choking puppies) they sent him back to Luke to be trained and he went to the dark side. This would bring back the Jaina/Jacen twins plot line from legends which it seems like it was already going to with Rey and Kylo.
  6. So I've been thinking, Armada has restricted itself by limiting base sizes to small medium and large. I think there should be five, XS, S, M, L, XL. Ships like the corvette and raider should be considered XS while the ISD should be pushed upto XL. I dont actually expect anything to change, just curious to see other peoples thoughts.
  7. I only just heard of this game. It's a shame it's not really supported anymore. Game of Thrones I think is the one fantasy world that I love more than Star Wars.
  8. I should have been more specific, I was referring to the base not the model itself, (which is actually the important bit, the model is just decoration). But I agree with what you said. If it feels epic and looks cool I'm all for it. For those that don't like it, they don't have to buy it. The best fix would be to give it a bunch of title cards reflecting the small medium and large versions of the SSD. That way it's whichever length you want it.
  9. Which is why there is a sliding scale. In this game two Corellian Corvettes are longer than an ISD. But I never see anti SSD complaining about that.
  10. Not being as good as a state sponsored crew isn't a reason they wouldn't exist. And most of mercenary...sorry I mean private military contractors that exist are made up of former soldiers who want the better pay.
  11. One of your main arguments seems to be about the skill of the required crew, but from all accounts flying a spaceship seems to be no more difficult than driving a car. Luke has never flown an X-Wing before, yet he is on Yavin for a couple of hours before he's put in the cockpit of one to attack the Deathstar. Lando hadn't flown the Falcon in years, and had been a beaurocrat running Cloud City for god knows how long and he just jumps into the Falcon without an issue. Throughout The Clone Wars cartoon and Rebels cartoon there is numerous instances of someone just jumping into a cockpit or navigators seat to fly something they have had zero training in. Hell Rey had never been in the Falcon or flown it, yet she pilots it better than Han, and before someone says it, the Force can only take someone so far before they need actual instruction on how something works. With regards to criminal powers not attracting the same kind of loyalty as a "cause" like the Rebellion, some real world examples: the drug cartels in Coloumbia and Mexico that WILL fight it out with the Army and cops. Even when out numbered they fight, because getting caught = death penalty and failiing means upsetting someone like Pablo Escobar, which isn't good for ones health. Yet all those guys are still loyal because a: they are paid better than any other job they can get, b: criminal empires like that prey on lower classes for their support. They give them and their families and communities money and protection. It inspires loyalty against the police and government who do nothing for them. Or conscription during the first & second world wars and natio's later on. These men never volunteered to fight, they got told they were in the Army. And most of them still went and did their duty. During the days of sail, when the Royal Navy literally press ganged men. You got taken off the street and thrown onto a Navy ship and where then part of the Royal Navy, off to fight Spain, France or Pirates. Warships that were staffed by slave rowers, rowing themselves into battle, why did they do it? Because the threat of not doing is death. It would be very easy to inspire loyalty through fear a spaceship. If someone complains or refuses they go out the airlock with everyone else watching. Who will disagree then? as Forresto said, I don't care to see a third faction, Scumm or otherwise in Armada, but for lore/canon reasons, there's nothing to suggest that a pirate fleet can not match the same size fleet as Rebels. In fact, in Tarkin they expliciitly state that Q'ahan's Marauders where a large enough threat that the Old Republic had to create the Outland Regions Security Force to combat them. Which is the exact same scenario as the Rebels vs Empire. edit: In the end I'm happy to disagree, everyone having their own opinions is better than everyone agreeing.
  12. To counter: First off - In real life history and in the Star Wars Universe (both new canon and old) there have been plenty of mercenaries and pirates who are prepared to fight for pay. And you dont need entire brave crews just brave officers. It's true that the Hutts don't hire based on loyalty, but if your in the Hutts employ and you fail to do your job, or worse, run away, what do you think the reprisals will be? Ending up like Solo in carbonite would be the best possible situation there. God help any family you have in the outer rim. Also why would they need to hire entire crews? The Seperatists ships where staffed by mostly droids. It seems like a dozen R2 Units could run an entire ship anyway. Second: Piracy is a notoriously GOOD way to make money. For the pirates. Just look at real world examples, and the fact it is STILL happening today. If it was a poor way to make money, they wouldnt bother doing it. Theyd go back to hostage taking for ransom. Piracy works based on threat. If you hand everything over to pirates they go on there way and everyone lives. If you resist, everyone dies. That's why pirates had their own flags. To intimidate ship Capttains to just giving over the ship without a fight. How do the rebels repair and refit their ships on the move? They have no shipyards, any sympathetic planet knows the Empire would crush them if they helped. They don't have the cash to build their own? I maintain it would be easier for the Hutts to repair a fleet of warships than the Rebels. Third: Only one group? lets go with: Mandalorians, Corsec, Outland Regions Secuirty Force, Q'anah's Marauders The Empire didn't want the fight with the Mandalorians so they threatene'd and placated them. As I've said before both the Old Republic and the Seperatists had to negotiate with the Hutts to use their space highways because they were afraid of the consequences of not getting permission. And the Empire never bothered to attack the Hutts because the knew that it would cost them untold amounts in lives, resources and materials for zero gain. The Hutts keep to the out rim and Piracy makes exports more expensive which drives up profits. Lastly, ANY ship the Rebel Alliance can get hold of, with the possible exception of the latest Mon Cal designs, a well funded criminal group (just like the Hutts or Black Sun) could afford to buy and crew.
  13. I see lots of talk about how would Scumm crew these ships. Scumm already crew these ships. All the smugglers, pirates, transports etc that they are already running is a fleet. What, you think they run their interplanetary smuggling and piracy concerns with no ships? At one stage you could argue the Millenium Falcon and Han were part of the Hutts fleet. The criminal organisations have more money than the Rebellion, more resources and that means they can hire more people. There are more criminals in the galaxy than there are Rebels (even though Rebels are technically criminals) And to the points of "The Empire wouldn't allow it and would crush the Hutts/Black Sun" well, in canon sources the Old Republic and the Seperatists have to deal with the Hutts rather than force there way through. The Empire could, but at what cost? THe Hutts dont want to control the galaxy, just the underbelly. Why would they waste resources fighting them? Again, in the end, a Rebel fleet IS a Scumm fleet.
  14. Just paint your ships in Black Sun / Hutt colours and bobs your uncle, Scumm fleet.
  15. Look, in the end the Rebel faction IS the Scumm and Villainy faction.