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  1. I was thinking that each player picks an obj from the opposing player, or each player brings their own objective
  2. Raider 1 + Impetuous + Agent Kallus + Ordnance Experts + Flechette Torpedoes Anti Fighter ship. Unique sqn's get you 3 black dice against them, re roll any number of those dice and use fletchettes to toggle the activation to negate those squadrons. And at the end, use Impetuous title to have another crack at another fighter. 58 points of anti squadron goodness.
  3. Was discussing this with a mate, and was wondering what people think about spicing up friendly games with double objectives? and are there any that are 100% mutually exclusive of any other Objective?
  4. I find if your losing the activation game, you need to compensate your fleet setup and maneuver tactics, but thats not always so easy depending on the objective.
  5. What if you went a Quaser AND an ISD! I just like the symmetry in my head of a: using Disposable Capactiors to take a blue dice shot at long range using up some defence tokens, move to almost ontop of them at speed 3, use Flight Commander to drop the blue dice fighters or bombers from RLB into a position where with Sloan they can wittle away more defence tokens. Follow up with a shot from an ISD Avenger. In my head it works all so perfectly, and I cant wait to get it onto the table to see how wrong I probally am.
  6. Dont forget with Sloan those 5 small attacks can line up a devastating defence token-less attack from Avenger
  7. Looks like your not in Kansas anymore....(I'm sorry, I couldnt resist)
  8. Oh I see, haha I thought you were just being metaphorical! well stay safe.
  9. When you've got time I would very much like to see if I can use it the way I see in my head. Toddler Tornado? Oh god! That's why I'm an Uncle and not a Dad. I get to go home
  10. You know, as I was typing I was thinking "Dras would probally know the answer"
  11. I disagree, just because of the wording of the cards, but I admit I may have blinders on. Pursuant allows you a one off double command, with the second command "resolve a SQN command". Flight Controllers says specifically "During your activation you may resolve SQN Commands after you move" so the effect of that card should apply to Pursuant.
  12. Well, Heres my list I plan to run as soon as I get my hands on a couple of carriers. Admiral Sloane VSD II - Dominator - Veteran Captain - Disposable Capacitors - SW-7 Ion Batteries - Spinal Armament Quaser I - Stronghold - Flight Commander - Flight Controllers - Disposable Capacitors - Rapid Launch Bays - Howlrunner + Saber Squadron + TIE Int + TIE Int Quaser I - Pursuant - Flight Commander - Flight Controllers - Disposable Capacitors - Rapid Launch Bays - Major Rhymer + TIE Defender + TIE Bomber + TIE Bomber +1 Extra TIE Int, Total 397 Opening Salvo, Hyperspace Assault, Superior Positions So, the theory is that the Pursuant will activate first with a CF command, take a long range DC shot of 4 blue, move onto the target and drop its bombers with the Pursuant title, Rapid Launch Bays and Flight Commanders, then bomb the target making use of Sloan if able. Stronghold will now activate with a SQN Command, take a long rage DC shot of 3 blue at the same target, move to intercept enemy fighters, drop it's fighter squadrons with RLB, FC and engage all as many fighters/enemy bombers as able. The Dominator activates last with a CF command. Takes a long range DC shot of 4 Red and 4 blue. I wonder how it will go in practicality.
  13. 5 points according to the OP.
  14. I suppose that would depend on how big the planet is, and how long it would take to traverse it in a spaceship comming in to land at the station.