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  1. Hi all, My gaming group recently started playing Descent finally and have been really enjoying it. In the "Errata and FAQ Version 1.5", on the 1st page under "Rulebook" where it states: Page 18: Add "Two-Hero Game" section: When playing with two heroes, the heroes recieve an additional advantage. Once during each heroes turn, that hero may perform one attack that does not require an action. This attack cannot be a special action that includes an attack ("Rage" or "Exploding Rune" for example); the attack must be a regular attack action. This attack can only be performed during the "Perform Actions"step of the hero turn and can be performed before or after either of his actions. At the end of each heroes turn, if that hero did not or could not perform the free attack during their turn, they may instead recover 2(heart). My question is why was this change added? It seems like it would make the heroes overpowered. The hero party essentially gets a 3rd hero without the Overlord getting the monsters for 6-actions worth of heroes. Example: In Encounter 2 of Death on the Wing scenario, this change would make it possible for the heroes to run up and kill the boss Belthir before the Overlord even gets their 1st turn. This is of course assuming the Heroes won the Encounter 1 of this scenario. Is there something I (we) are missing, doing wrong, or possibly not doing right?
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