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  1. Agree that if the rebels win the ground battle before Palpatine can retreat, the card should definitely work. As for the rest, it's ambiguous. Making things even more complicated, the rebels played Jedi Luke Skywalker and the card also states "If Luke Skywalker (Kedi) is in this system, eliminate 1 imperial leader in this system" (emphasis mine). So my interpretation of everything, and maybe this is hypocritical, is that when Palpatine retreated, the rebels won a battle in Palapatine's system, even though Palpatine has since fleed it, so they do receive the two reputation points. However, Post winning, there is no imperial leader in the system, so the rebels do not get to eliminate Palpatine. Does that make sense as an interpretation or should it be all or nothing?
  2. The following issue arose when I played my friend over the weekend: The "Return of the Jedi" objective card states "Play after you win a battle in Darth Vader's or Emperor Palpatine's system." My friend had initiated combat against the Emperor, but after a few rounds the battle wasn't going well and I retreated. That counts as a "win" for the rebels, so my friend played the objective card. However, since Palpatine had retreated, he was no longer in the same system as where the battle was won. Does this mean that the card cannot be played? Or did the win effectively happen as Palpatine retreated, so that the systems overlap? Thematically, it seems to me like the card was valid, but I can see the arguments either way.
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