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  1. Thank's for lots of good answers! I am also trying to coach our OL, since he became a bit dishartend after being rather crushed last adventure (he's a bit green, and I played OL last campain), and I'll let him know of his options. But then we'll continue to use the Conjuror as she's intended, and I'll try not to break the game for the OL.
  2. Hi y'all, Me and some collegues are playing the Shadow of Nerekhal campain, and I am playing as the conjurer. The problem is that it feels as it is very powerful (as in game breaking), so I am wondering if we have missed some rules. First of, whan placing a Mirror Image (either through the mirror image ability, or the refraction ability) do you need line of sight to the space where the mirror image is placed? Secondly, is it possible to move through portcullises using the Sleight of Mind ability? That seems like it could end missions like "local politics" quite quick. Anyone who can see what we've missed?
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