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  1. http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2021/01/john-110-updates.html My final updates!
  2. http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2021/01/john-updates-15.html Hey I did updates too! And i certainly didn't include a picture JUST to get likes!
  3. Pssh who runs phantoms these days? It's all about those Beetleborgs
  4. https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-9DgoisSVo6mLbDncc0
  6. I'm aware you meant "officers" but I enjoy this phrasing
  7. For some reason I find it INCONCEIVABLE that FFG could shut these forums down. I find FFG....short on CHARRRRRM.
  8. 12/23 updates Fighting whales article updated - added in the obvious "bring your own whale" if you want to; separated the "what about SSDs and Starhawks" part into the end. Admiral Raddus entrance music was procedural. I also didnt click on the links, so, let's hope youtube hasn't taken those down! Building your community - procedural, nothing major. I still miss community and our Armada community; stupid COVID. Toryn Farr - procedural, mainly just added links to everything. none of the math changed, haha hammerheads - added in a paragraph that they're good against squadron damage/alphas, and a bit more about discarding your defense tokens to kill your opponent if you need to. And i'm through 2017! Ugh, my new years resolution is to not need to update these articles again for a while.
  9. john 12/22 i've updated the support teams...ish. Engine Techs's description is updated, but I need to get the new picture in there when i'm not using my fiancee's computer (i'm not learning the Mac version of paint if I can just wait a week and do it next monday). I also should get my laptop fixed, but that's work for this upcoming post-christmas week. Anyways, i'll have that picture updated before the new year. Anyone using that in a tournament in the next 8 days who doesn't remember that, uhhh, good luck? FCT updated to get my points across clearer (and organize the yav part of it). Medical Team and Projection Experts updated to include some fun CIS interactions. Defensive Retrofits, ECM, the same deal. Again, it's a whole Mac thing to which i'm either getting a new laptop or mine fixed next week. Text is fine though. Mostly procedural, though I did try to justify Redundant Shields some more (though you still probably shouldn't use it, guys). generic officers - clarity, some elimination of redundancy. Strat Ad is banned, to which I have a picture with the word "Banned" stamped across it....at home, haha. Rebel officers - bail is banned and I point you to his commander card. art update next week. more minor edits, basically. I also updated walex to say "use with agate and starhawk!" which, uh, yup. Leia commander - updated mainly for clarity, pics next week. And the ending gif too. fleet commands - a bit of discussion about WHICH command to choose and how, some minor updates. I don't think Shields to Maximum is bad, but it's really the least interesting of them all. However, maybe some weird Wat Tambor fleet?
  10. Steel strategy after dark podcast. ICB isnt only stripping tokens there!
  11. Theres a nonzero chance that I post a picture of a "support vessel" made with "engine nascells" for "the captain's pleasure." What's FFG gonna do, ban me?
  12. The 2 titles seem to indicate that it's not going anywhere any time soon; the clam is a good ship
  13. Butt pats! Get yer non-sexual butt-pats here! The other type is for Steel Strategy After Dark: A Pallet of Emotions
  14. I liked just to hit you at 9300
  15. http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2020/12/john-1219-and-1220.html john 12-19 and 12-20 Updated Madine. Like 2 sentences about him, he still hasn't changed since the Raddus nerf. The Evade change helps him alright, but he's still kinda outclassed by Raddus. I wish he was better or even had a points reduction, but we get what we get. Pelta - a bit more about how it's a good ship, as much as us and Steel Strategy keep proselytizing to you all. some more on how to run it, but the builds are still similar. Sato - procedural, no major changes since he only changed points. Oh, i was a lot more hesitant on recommending you use Malee, because, well, (gestures at Malee). i'm traveling the rest of the day, but should be able to hit more of these tonight (maybe) and the rest of this week.
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