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  1. Are we just devolving this into a "share Carrie Fisher" pics and stories? Because if so....
  2. Gary makes everything better.
  3. Wait, who's saying Toryn doesn't help with flak? That can't be someone's real opinion, can it?
  4. I wrote a whole article about her! What I found that weirdly works for me is that a lot of the time I don't often keep the same command more than 3 turns in a row. Con Firing from HH under opening salvo is great, especially as she can repair damage late game fast to deny your opponent those points. My salvation build is title and QBTs (because wh n Toryn is near....) And my Yavaris is just title, but that's largely a matter of trying to cram 2 Nebulons into a list. I'm not a role model, kids. HH is TFOrgana and ExRax if I'm bringing 2-3, garels, exrax, and boarding Engineers if just one. I've had super fun with a flotilla with quantum storm and slicer tools, just long bombing a slice. Ive run it on an attack flotilla, which also means con firing under opening salvo. CR90Bs with ion cannon batteries CAN work, but you desperately need Toryn near to be sure you don't end up screwing yourself IMO. The thing I've enjoyed with Leia is confiring with Yavaris (whut) turn X and then X+1 doing the squadrons after another ship flung the squadrons. Im usually just bringing 6 squads with her, which means that if I push squadrons and they're moving this turn to shoot something, Yavaris doing it or a flotilla doing it are equivalent. To answer @Vergilius, you can easily do 6 ships and 6 squads. Heck, my second place store champs was 7 and 6 a wings, and only 2 flotillas. My main problem now is trying to cram 2 Nebulons into a list I actually LIKE. Because you're usually running smalls, I found Opening Salvo is great, as is Solar Corona (no one wants to set up everything and then let me drop 6 ships). My yellow has been Contested Outpost, but I've run Fleet Ambush with success (this objective dies when Raddus shows). My basic ship building design philosophy with Leia (or at least I try to!) is that most of your upgrade is Leia; you can get 1-2 things that steady your dice or BCC if you're running Yavaris and some friends, but end of the day Leia improves your SHIPS and their dials, so going Super Hard Squadrons with her doesn't seem like a good plan. I love Intel Officer on Salvation, but I don't have 7 points to spare. Same with the extra stuff on Yavaris, sadly. My CR90 usually ends up running DTTs, again, because points.
  5. we met guys who work at FFG! And ate tasty burgers and delicious apple waffle things!
  6. Nevermind me, runewars preview. In full of lies and slander.
  7. The articles usually go up from FFG right around 3 or 4, so let's be calm a little. Armada always gets theirs later on in the day (and that is not a reason to start complaining)
  8. From a certain point of view...
  9. Yay! My Palpatine-like manipulations have come to fruition! My evil knows no bounds, I am truly the master of this galaxy, etc etc argle bargle.
  10. I have been thinking about a Mothma list recently...
  11. Ah, I missed the setup bonus part. I just heard "theme forces like Warmachine" and I had flashbacks to playing them. My problem with them was either they were too good (Calandra) or terrible (Anything with trenchers). Not balanced well at all, just like several other..... Haley2, Gaspy2, etc. IFFFFFFFF FFG can balance them well, I'm not crazy opposed to a potential one for some garbage commanders (Konstantine, Tagge probably) but I suspect that it's not easily done.
  12. Whatever isn't nailed to a beggar?
  13. What about Nebulons? She does them all pretty dang good. And she really doesn't WANT command 3 ships, they're too many points for her to get the best use of her abilities. She's great with CR90s, Nebulons, Hammerheads, and flotillas. You don't WANT to go crazy squadron spam with her, you're ignoring like 3 other commands. Navigating like crazy to get into position, con firing with the reroll is SUPER good, engineering to get rid of straight up damage, etc.