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  1. Oh, I can tell you all about the psychological game. Nothing better than playing an Ackbar list and queueing up some Jay and the Americans....
  2. Save me, Walex Blissex! Or proper usage of your own anti-fighter screen, whatever.
  3. You'd be surprised, I'd take that on some ships, haha.
  4. Ah. Having been the test run....twice? now from @Snipafist running them, I can fully agree with his points in the article about the station and just hopping around it. SO FRUSTRATING, they just don't die! I can't wait until people start spamming them with the Quasar.* *Yes. Yes, I can wait. I can wait for days, I love waiting, please don't do this.
  5. What was it? I know you had mentioned it before, but I'm sure the OP could go for a description of how to get it working and all.
  6. Clearly the Rebel answer is to build ships that survive without needing defense tokens. Wait, where are those? Is that the Hammerhead preview I'm about to get?
  7. Crud, I meant to link to my joke post about it. Hang on, lemme go find it and link to it to over-do the joke....
  8. My idea happened like 2-3 days before DCaps existed. Now that VSD-IIs can one shot flotillas easily and there's no reason to look at old data for our new meta, I don't think anyone is responding, sadly. I also emailed @ffgjosh, asking him to forward it to the right person, but I'm not sure if he did or if it got lost in the spam. I'm also not sure who the right guy to contact at FFG is to get ANY data. IF ONLY THE FFG GUYS WHO READ THE FORUMS EVERY DAY COULD HELP ME AND PROVIDE ME WHAT LITTLE DATA THEY'RE WILLING TO, IF ANY, I JUST WANT TO KNOW THINGS! I mean, uh, who knows if I'll get a response.
  9. We've got an article @Snipafist wrote about using them, give that a read-through?
  10. The very snarky part of me wants to point out that it sounds perfect for the Empire. Losing a war and then not being able to get over it? All we need are monuments to Admiral Ozzel and it's perfect! "The war of Rebel aggression..."
  11. "Yeah, [girlfriend], I write a blog now." "What's it about?" ".....about how @Snipafist and I are trying to make people better at plastic spaceships. No, we have a bunch of readers, I swear! People really like us, we're a thing!!" "Alright." BUT IT WASN'T ALRIGHT! Nah, jk, she knows it makes me happy.
  12. But Rebellions are built on hope! And farmboys shooting moons with space magic!
  13. I mean, in wave 6, assault frigates and hammerheads will be the only thing taking boarders. Of course, hammerheads are the only ones who SHOULD be getting up close...
  14. They're hoping to replay Endor and not lose the SSD like a bunch of noobs. That's right, I'm calling out the Imperial commanders!
  15. The next time I see Konstantine will be the first time in MONTHS. He's a real Admiral guys I swear!