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  1. An Indy recap! Watch me explain why I took Leia and name-drop more than Tahani Al-Jamil!
  2. Overload Pulse confirmation

    Stupid ISD, trying to stay alive! Just let my bomber kill you!
  3. Overload Pulse confirmation

    For a second I was like "when did I have Overload Pulse?" Then it became "When did YOU have OP?" Then i realized you had other opponents than me, haha
  4. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Done, addressed, and fixed what i immediately saw.
  5. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Wimmy wham wham wozzle!
  6. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Before I get into results, I have the list of people and i'm missing a few lists (my friend Nick, @ForceSensitive above in 10). I ALSO have an extra list from someone that I'll post at the bottom, he may have been the kid who dropped? There were 38 there, rankings list 37, so.... i'll put his there. If/when anything gets curious, let me know about whatever you're curious and will come back and edit this. For further ease of use, objectives will be in RYB order. (potentially, before posting this, if hyp assault that i shortened to hyp a$$ gets neutered, well, thats what it is) Results! 1) Everett Lucas 37 pts/1285 MOV AG/Fire Lanes/Sensor Net MC80 Assault - Ackbar - Defiance - Lando - Eng Tech - AP - RBD - XI7 - Leading Shots GR Bright Hope Jamming Field 2x GR Repair Crews 1 GR Comms Net 1 GR 3 VCX - jan - 2 x 2) Justin Hare 32/742 AG/Con Out/Solar Corona MC80 command - ackbar - lando - fct - ecm - lead shot - xi7 - defiance yavaris fct flight commander (ill refer to this as yav 68 below, ill be typing it several more times) gr toryn bcc gr leia comms net ten numb biggs 2x jan dutch 3) Jerry Skrzypek 29/800 (obj not listed, if desired i know jerry and can ask. Fire lanes was his yellow) 3 AF mk 2 B, all with Gunnery Team and TRC (ackbar on one of them), 2 GR comms net, tycho/shara/2 z95s 4) @dominosfleet (blurry but ill reconstruct as best as i remember - dunno obj) 29/731 Damian Glenn isd-ii, sloane, wullf, flight controllers, ecm, sw7s, xi7s goz comms net titus quasar blue dice flight controllers and boosted maarek, jendon, an advanced, zertik, saber, howlrunner, 2 ints, 2 TIEs 5) Nathan Coda 29/690 MW/Fight Amb/Sup Pos MC30 torp with Riekan, lando, OE, APT, Admo GR adar bcc boosted comms gr comms net gr toryn bright hope yav 68 biggs, dagger, dutch, gold, jan, 2x yt1300, ten numb 6) @comatose - Mike Bohlman 29/639 7) @Snipafist - Eric Taylor 28/530 MW/Hyperspace/Solar Corona Glad1 Demo SFO OE Eng Tech APT 4x Raider1 with OE and ExRax 2 Gozantis 4 TIEs 8) Nate Hammar 28/488 (objectives missing) Glad 1 SLoane Wulff OE Eng Tech APT Insidious Demo glad 1 OE Eng Tech APT Demo 3 naked goz jendon vader zertik tempest maarek saber soontir valen 9) John Thomson 27/633 MW/Con Out/ Sup Pos ISD-I Sloane Tua ECM Boarding Troop Lead Shot XI7 Avenger 3 naked goz 1 goz comms net jendon maarek saber jumpmaster 6 Int 10) @ForceSensitive above 27/554 11) Patrick Cutter 27/533 MW/Fight Amb/Sup Pos Sloane on quasar1 with squall and Flight Controller Glad 1 demo Intel officer OE Eng Tech Exp Launchers 3 naked goz vader saver lambda maarek mauler zertik jumpaster jendon 12) Ray Baxter 26/655 MW/VIP/Dang Territory LMC80 star Gun Team Eng Tech XI7 SW& MC30 torp Admo OE H9 APT CR90A TRCs Madine Gr Gr shara/tycho/2 YT2400 13) Nick Griffiths 26/640 Prec Strik/Fight Amb/Sup Pos 2x ISD-1 with flight controllers and boosted comms (one had motti) morna/vader/stele/zertik/mauler/dengar 14) Joel Whittington MIA 25/340 Commander: Admiral Ackbar Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Solar Corona [ flagship ] CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Admiral Ackbar ( 38 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 96 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 58 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 58 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 58 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) = 18 total ship cost 7 YT-2400s ( 112 points) 15) Nick Chester 24/470 MW/VIP/Dang Ter LMC80 Battle Rieekan Eng Tech Gun Team lead shot spinal xi7 lando MC30 APT OE 3xHH torps with TFOrgana and ExRax GR Leia Comms Net 16) ELijah Sheridan 23/251 blockade run/ VIP/solar corona CR90A Mon Mothma Jainas ECM TRC CR90 TRC 2x MC30 - OE ACM H9 - one admo one foresight 2 gr comms net shara/tycho 17) Alexander Buff 22/481 AG/COn out/solar corona MC80 Assault Ackbar intel off ecm rbd lead shot eng tech qbt 2x cr90A TRC gr comms net gr comms net leia shara 4 a-wings 18) Peter Benner 22/324 AG/Hyp assault/minefields 2x AF mk 2 b, both gunn team and rbd, one with paragron pelta with ackbar blount/shara/ketsu/tycho/3x a-wings/2 z95/1 x 19) John Zuidema @geek19 22/193 MW/Hyp assault/Solar Corona Leia on a jainas light cr90aTRC 2HH Torp with TFOrg and exrax 1HH Scout TFOrg GR Toryn BCC Yav 68 jan 2 x/b/dagger/gold 20) Michael Dean 22/187 MW/Hyp assault/Solar COrona glad1 Vader Montferrat OE APT Insidious Raider 1 kallus oe exrax glad1 demo intel off OE Eng Tech APT raider 1 oe exrax 2 gozanti comms net 4 TIEs 21) Daniel Gruben 21/431 Targeting Beacons/Fire Lanes/Minefields ISD-II Titus Gunnery Team /Quad Laser Turrest/ RBD Overload Pulse Quad Battery Turrets avenger ISD-II Vader Engineering Captain Gunnery Team /QLT/RBD/Overload Pulse/Quad battery turrets Dengar Howlrunner Lambda 22) Matthew Stagg 21/279 MW/PIC/Minefields MC80 Star Mothma Mon Karren Lando Gunnery Team SW7 foresight oe ACM 2x CR90 B overload pulse GR 2x A-wings 2 VCX 23) Nick Litrenta (from memory...) 21/163 VSD-II Dcaps Gunnery Team H9s leading shots Jerry Demo Eng Tech OE ACM glad 1 comms net goz 2x raider 1 oe exrax 3 TIEs Ciena 24) Stephanie Lucas 21/108 Station Assault/COn Out/Solar Corona Sloane on an ISD-ii avenger gunnery team RBD Quasar1 stronghold SFO 2x gozanti comms net dengar/mauler/saber/jendon/howl/zertik/soontir/valen 25) Collin Hambrick 20/321 MW/VIP/Salvage Run Mc30 Torp cracken sensor team mc30 torp admo walex exrax oe mc30 foresight derlin exrax oe 2x HH scout TRC a-wing/shara 26) Jack Otto 20/308 MW/COn O/solar corona ISD-I Jerjerrod ABT Leading Shots Glad1 OE Eng Tech APT Demo Vic-ii Gun Team DCaps QBT Leading Shots Gozanti comms net ciena/valen 27) mike ploetz 20/291 MW/Hyp assault/Solar Corona mc30 torp rieekan admo lando oe h9 ex rax mc30 torp oe h9 ex rax SFO cr90A jainas light trcs cr90atrcs cr90bsw7 gr tycho/shara 28) ANthony Imhof (list incomplete) 20/243 MW/Hyp assault/Solar Corona Vic-ii jerjerrod SFO Gun Team DCaps QBT Leading Shots Vic-ii Warlord Gunnery Team DCaps Quad Turbo Cannons Leading shots Goz (rest missing, this may be what Eric played against Rd 2) 29) Jakob Christensen 18/226 MW/Fire Lanes/Intel Sweep ISD-II Motti ECM Leading Shots XI7s Gun Team Arquitens Light needa TRCs Raider 1 impetuous ex rax oe 2 goz comms net howl mauler 4 TIEs 30) Chris Labanca 18/104 Station Assault/Jam Barrier/Salvage Run MC80 Command Sato Boosted Comms 4xHH TFO ACM shara/tycho/4 a wings 31) Adam Buschjost 17/257 Most Wanted/PIC/Solar Corona Ackbar on one of these 6x CR90A TRC Medical Team Intel Officer 32) Joseph Sungail 16/80 Station Assault/Contested Outpost/Sensor Net Vic 1 Jerjerrod Flight Controllers QBT 2x vic2 dcaps gunnery team dcaps goz comms net howl lambda 3 INTs 33) Chris Benner 15/97 Adv Gun/COn O/Sup Pos Vic2 sloane gun team dcaps Leading shots quasar 1 flight controllers boosted comms vic 1 boarding troopers exrax 2xgoz comms net jumpmaster 9 TIEs 34) Rob Williamson 15/86 MW/Hyp assault/Solar Corona ISD2 Motti gunnery team ecm avenger glad 1 oe eng tech acm demo goz goz comms net bossk/zertik/jendon/maarek/valen 35) michael headly 12/31 AG/PIC/Dang Terr ISD-I ozzel ABT 2x Raider1 Oe EXrax naked arq quasar2 squall 5x TIE 36) Joshua Davis 12/0 MW/Hyp assault/Solar Corona MC30 Scout sato lando OE AP ACM XI7 hh torp dcaps apts hh torp garels OE dcaps apts gr75 boosted comms neb b support salv raymus spinal arm shara/tycho/ketsu/a-wing 37) dana butler 11/70 mw/fire lanes/sensor net 2x arq rbd enhanced goz naked vic2 vader tua ecm gunnery team dcaps ciena/zertik/jonus/lambda/jumpmaster ??) Brian Schulz MW/Con O/Sup Pos Vic2 Sloane flight controllers dcaps qbts 3x goz comms net glad2 kallus oe APT Demo howl/mauler/maarek/jendon/saber/soontir/2xTIEs
  7. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Look, i aint peeing on no one, nor yanking ANYONE'S "chain" here.
  8. Fixing Fleet Ambush

    So here's the thing. Fleet Ambush is "bad" because Raddus exists and drops a Large inside your deployment zone round 1. So if you're facing against possible Raddus lists, it's a bad, bad plan that can result in you dying. But. What happens when you, as a Raddus player, put Fleet Ambush in as your objective? Does it need any change then? Or does Raddus warp in a fleet on top of your s*** and suddenly Fleet Ambush is the standard yellow Raddus objective?
  9. What will Wave 8 bring?

    My friend has an uncle who works at Nintendo slash FFG and he tells me the SSD is totally real and the way you beat it involves the Contra code. Cross synergy, you see.
  10. Sell me on: The Grand Inquisitor

    Vic or ISD I've seen
  11. Sell me on: The Grand Inquisitor

    Combo it with QBTs and it's a lot easier to go hunting with those. They slow down to match your speed, you slow down and keep them in your front arc with a lot of damage coming in.
  12. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Yup, went 3-1 with Leia. Whaling is back. Party like it's 1899! Story and reasoning and writeup tomorrow
  13. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    Also, I never meant to cause you any sorrow... Never meant to cause you any pain (with my comments)
  14. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    No, no, Prince did Bat Dance, not bat s***
  15. Final Wave 6 Regional - Indianapolis!

    I can just start making up lists if you want. It's in my car but sure, let's make s*** up! 1st Ackbar 2nd Konstantine 3rd Ackbar 4th Holdo 5th Eisenhower 6th General Disarray 7th Ozzel 8th Piett 9th Prince's Purple Rain album 10th Sir Not Appearing in this Film