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  1. geek19

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Doom and gloom, get your doom and gloom here! Extry, extry, read all about it!
  2. geek19

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Without those buffs yes, I'd say so. But then we get into a similar situation with Yav and it's the "starter" piece of a squad build, of course
  3. geek19

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Similarly, Chicago is getting a new guy in every few weeks or every other month or so. It's not a huge influx, but it's a minis game with a solid learning curve, so.... I'll take what I can get? Also I should come down to the ATL (told ya!) To either play some games or something something filter Georgetown Hoyas.
  4. geek19

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Fast, unbalanced garbage: do I make a Magic the Gathering joke or a Privateer Press joke....
  5. geek19

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    But he wants a thing! And isn't THAT the most important part?
  6. See, ALL the alleys are slanted, why don't you just get better at dealing with it? It's not broken just because the designer's favorite lane is a U shape that guarantees strikes, that's just something you need to deal with!
  7. They'll look up and yell "save me privateer press" and I'll look down and say "Haley 4."
  8. You're just mad that the Braves have been terrible since they left old Turner Field. At least they're not the Mets?
  9. geek19

    Thoughts on Rebels Current Meta?

    if you run that second one, drop a LOT of squadrons to put real upgrades on.... everything? That second one is also very confused as to whether its trying to be a squadron defense one or a Big Ships one
  10. Isn't that true of every admiral, though? Like, I can beat the new kid who just showed up with Rieekan to the store, that really doesn't say anything about me and my abilities (well, other than that I like beating up on new people). But it's the fact that Rieekan is SO good with experience that he's frustrating to play against. Every other admiral I can short circuit your responses/ability to respond by killing your ships. Rieekan says "no, you can't do that."
  11. Raddus isn't so much broken as he, just like Sloane, exploits the mistakes you make. If you overextend something, Raddus WILL come in in your side and crack your ship like a pitbull eating a Chihuahua. If you overextend your ships or squads against Sloane, she'll eat those one at a time. They're not broken, but they let good players exploit openings when they're given them. Also I wish to hear more of @CaribbeanNinja's tactics.
  12. You wound me and probably the rest of Team Canada, sir. And Joey Bautista's batflips (stupid Mets....) Trufax, Toronto is one of my go to AL teams #nottheredsox #fenwayblows
  13. geek19

    Latest Fling?

    Not to say that Vic's don't need help (as I can see they need something, but I feel we've gotten a lot of that so far), and not to demean your accomplishments, but isn't this the equivalent of me saying "Cracken stinks, let me run him to prove he's bad."? If you're already pre-inclined to hate the thing, why are you forcing yourself to play it? And (again, not to demean you) what's ensuring that you're running it WELL?
  14. Hey hey hey! No one dismisses the Toronto Blue Jays around here. Don't make me report everyone!