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  1. Update! @Snipafistgot first, I got second. Shwag pic of mine on the blog.
  2. Store champs round 2!
  3. I dream of having a kid that awesome some day.
  4. Part of me hopes the SSD has a 6 command stack. So Cham Syndulla can WRECK IT.
  5. Su tono despectivo hacia todos en este foro de Internet porque usted valora su experiencia más alta que la nuestra está empezando a enojarnos a todos. Su opinión, si bien es válida para usted, no es algo que apreciamos cuando usted nos critica y nuestros comentarios cuando tratamos de responder a usted de buena fe. Por favor, deje de asumir que el resto de nosotros no sabemos de qué estamos hablando con respecto a este juego cuando respondemos a usted, cuando es posible que hemos estado jugando más de lo que ha sido. Además, 2 semanas no es suficiente tiempo para haber entendido plenamente cómo Sloane afecta al lado Imperial y qué meta nueva ha creado. Las cosas cambian cada ola y declarar lo nuevo "dominado" porque lo ha obligado a cambiar de cómo "usualmente" juega el juego no es ni preciso ni útil. El resto de nosotros en este foro, aunque reconociendo el poder potencial de Sloane, no han tenido problemas donde ella gana cada juego sólo por llegar. Su lista puede matar a todos sus escuadrones antes de matar a ella, pero ¿cómo entonces traduce eso en una victoria para su FLOTA? ¿Es el problema con usted y su meta, o con todo el resto de nosotros para no "ver lo que se puede ver"? Or from my good friend google translate: Your dismissive tone towards everyone on this Internet forum because you value your experience higher than ours is starting to anger us all. Your opinion, while valid to you, is not something we appreciate when you criticize us and our comments when we attempt to respond to you in good faith. Please stop assuming the rest of us don't know what we're talking about with regards to this game when we respond to you, when we probably may have been playing longer than you have been. Furthermore, 2 weeks is not enough time to have fully understood both how Sloane affects the Imperial side and what new meta she has created. Things change every wave, and declaring the new thing "overpowered" because it has forced you into a change from how you "usually" play the game is neither accurate nor helpful. The rest of us on this forum, while recognizing the potential power of Sloane, have not had issues where she wins every game just by arriving. Her list may kill all of your squadrons before you kill hers, but how does she then translate that into a win for her FLEET? Is the issue with you and your meta, or with all of the rest of us for not "seeing what you can see"?
  6. That's not Sloane though. That's a quasar with flight controllers. I watched 2 a wings of mine evaporate last night under howlrunner, flight controllers, and a quasar activation. Shara was the first to die and didn't even take any TIEs with her (stupid accuracy). Yeah it was horrifying watching it happen, and I can't believe JERRJERROD had that ready to go. Even scatter aces die to 6 swarming with even more dice TIE attacks, which is what I faced last night. It's not a Sloane thing. All Sloane does is make it so your TIE attacks against ships after they mop up your fighter force are still viable reasons to bring them. She makes it so a fighter force of Tycho/Shara or Ciena/Valen isn't really enough anymore. To which I say GOOD. Is the ability to double spend your brace scary? Sure is. But the question you then have to ask is "why did she get to attack my ship with a squillion TIEs in the first place? Why didn't I bring viable CAP to defend my big ship with only one brace token? Why didn't I activate my own squadrons to attack hers?" She's got (if I'm doing math right) a 25% chance of an accuracy the first roll and a 6.25% chance of getting a crit that rerolls into an accuracy (2/8*2/8). It's a thing, but she doesn't get to reroll hits, which has a 50% chance of happening and a (2/8*4/8) 12.5% chance the second roll. Meanwhile, TIEs still die to a stiff breeze, so hit them with it and flak and several squadrons. Imp Scatter aces hard to kill? Overload their defense tokens with your own squadrons and flak, or lock down their tokens with an accuracy you roll. Nothing is impossible to kill, just keep putting more pressure on them. And if the Sloane player has invested 134 points into scatter aces and a quasar to push them, that's roughly 230-240 points with Sloane included. What's the rest of the list? If it has Demolisher, you're at 330 and we're now back to a thread about how do I fight flotillas because that's all the other player can fit in. If it's an ISD, then you're at 360 and I'm chomping at the bit to fight this list with like 3, maaaaaybe 4 activations. Wait them out, flak their dumb squadrons, hit the ISD with everything you've got. There, "etc" expanded.
  7. "If I just see it from the other side"? You do know I'm rebel only, right? I'm a rebel and it's not just for kicks, I've been doing it since 1986 (factually true and I get the joke in, go me!) I didn't realize the existence of IG88 made Shara and Tycho useless. Hint: he doesn't. Bid for first, get an alpha strike. Further, Valen/ciena has existed since before Sloan. And Valen cant/shouldn't reroll crits with Sloane, so I don't know what your complaint is here. And "I have no idea what could work against this OP commander"? Yeah, if only I had written something about playing squadrons and against them. If only. And what else am I supposed to do, list every squadron ever and detail HOW exactly your squadron can kill squadrons with it? Use flak, use the anti squadron dice your squadron comes with, play the game.
  8. But you CAN beat them! Swarm list that was gonna die to an avenger front arc anyways doesn't really care about if it had tokens or not.
  9. .....what? Sloane's been out 2 weeks now and you already want a nerf? How? How have you all played so many games against her that you've determined this? Follow up point: she does nothing against squadrons without tokens. Basic a wings still have counter, Jan Ors brings along escort friends, flak from the sides of your ship, etc. But a grand plan of "well I ignored the squadron part of the game and I did fine before" isn't a real plan. And it sure ain't one now, nor was it last wave for that matter.
  10. People's front of Ben-Classic, as opposed to the Been People's Front. Splitters!
  11. I have dreams of 30s. There's other ships out there, but built right they hit like a truck and blow up all sorts of opponent's ships. I need to play Mothma double 30 again, so much fun knowing you can follow Admo up with his angry little brother. I've got a very crazy Mothma double 30 triple HH list that I've been debating....
  12. Get caught up in the latest zany scheme? Or follow up a zany scheme with an even ZANIER one? Or I can keep playing one thing and getting super good with it. One of the two.
  13. Garm IS good with it. And I know this is Steel Squadron heresy, but I haven't played Garm in AGES. Part of me wants to go back and try him, but then I have to either give up my mc30s or this new Leia quest I'm on. And while I'm intrigued by trying it with Leia, I have other ideas first before I wander into trying her with the Assault Frigate.
  14. The problem i have with running them with Madine is that i can get better firepower and staying alive-power ability in an LMC80. It WORKS, mind you, having run them under him, but not substantially enough in my mind to make them a better choice than an LMC80 (right now). And yeah, Sato works with the assault frigate. I have other concerns with Sato (I think that's the best/nicest way i can say that). My issue with them is that BECAUSE they're so dependant on the double arc and the swinginess of red dice, i remember a lot more of the "dice shafted me" games than the "dice were amazing" ones. Couple that with the fact that i have too many memories of Demo eating their face and i'm hesitant to love again.
  15. Vic 2.... Is that some new Rebel ship that I haven't heard about yet? Should I start a forum post about how the Rebels need a vic-ii title that lets us have one because space reasons? In actual seriousness, while I'm glad that the Vic has come back and is worth playing again, I'm hoping FFG is working on a way to have Assault Frigates more worth playing.