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  1. The Midwest is weird, as I don't often see Strategic (or a lot of heavy squadron builds, for that matter) up here. Given that it gives you distance 1-3, how often do you end up not getting to fire off most of the ion cannon tokens when your opponent brings strategic?
  2. I just watched the s3 finale yesterday and in the penultimate episode you can see a big starburst on it. You know, before Sato and his nobility makes me want to play him again. As I laugh at Konstantine.
  3. Well, we still always have the Rogue Squadron series.
  4. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. As much as I'll complain about having to kill them, this IS why I'm glad that the Imps are getting new ISD models next wave, ISDs that both bring back commanders that we haven't seen in a while (Screed) and make others viable (Cymoon Tarkin). Yeah, it's going to be a hard few months of fighting ISDs every week or so, but trial by fire is a viable method of learning!
  6. That's not a real title, you just misspelled Demolisher!
  7. Hobbie was on Hoth, and according to the old canon (pushes up Harry Potter style glasses) he survived for years after. If you want to get into it (pushes up glasses again), Wedge never was in the Imperial academy. Biggs was, and he got his entire class to defect with him, but Wedge was flying for the Rebellion early, after his parents died (adjusts pocket protector). In fact, Hobbie, Janson, Tycho, and Corran all joined up post-Yavin (Corran post Endor, but Tycho can be seen in Jedi as the A-wing pilot who doesn't die/escapes the Death Star). The only other pilot who was at the first Death Star (sucks on inhaler) was Keyan Farlander in that lone remaining Y-wing. I mean, technically Dutch was there too, but you know.... "lost Tyree, lost Dutch......" This has been "Information you didn't care to know but I wanted to tell it anyway!"
  8. I was actually ok with your Blockade Run argument. I've considered it in my own carrier lists just to minimize where your squadrons have to get to in order to start attacking things. And with speed 5 on a lot of them, that is one **** of an alpha into your opponent. And I've used Planetary Ion Cannon as a default yellow. They might move the tokens once, but if you get the alpha then on their VCX/Lamda, that's a most likely dead (or at the very least, stuck) Strategic ship. I know when Raddus drops I'll be contemplating a 3 ship fleet. I can't promise it'll be GOOD, but it'll be interesting, that's for sure.
  9. Thanks! I think my friend was playing something similar, but his Sloane issues stem from, and I'll quote him here: "The squad killing hasn't been an issue with my Sloane fleet. It's been Sloane herself. You build this really cool squad list but then you have a weak ship list. I used Sloane more in my game yesterday. I never felt like she was a game changer. I think I changed 2 crits into a hit and a lockdown during the game. I spent a few defense tokens but it didn't seem game changing. But in both games both my Avenger and quasar were killed with the exact points to kill them. So, had I had Motti (same points) they would have both lived till the next turn and who knows how the games would have turned out." He might have been using an ISD-I, though. I assume the II is to keep you at distance in order to just push damage in without taking much back?
  10. @Ardaedhel, I assume this is Sloane based? What's the rest of your fleet with this build, may I ask? I have a buddy who's trying to make her work but he can't get the ship damage to be worthwhile with her, so I figured I'd ask.
  11. It was pointed out to me yesterday that with the cymoon ISD coming out, Tarkin might actually be worth taking in the future. Him and a shields to max cymoon are 2 shields restored a turn if needed. I'm glad he's potentially worth playing now. (Side eyes at Tagge....)
  12. No Yavaris for you. Use your Quasar and push 6 squadrons with flight controllers instead of having 3 twice.
  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again: As a Rebel player, I'm looking forward to killing Thrawn. If I'm lucky, I do it before he gets off all 3 of his commands, too. He's going to be good, but he won't be an automatic win.
  14. I can't disagree with your statement about a second Medium ship. However, Pelta or Nebulon are your cheap Rebel carriers. Given what they can do with a few upgrades, we don't need a Quasar.
  15. I just recently reread the Rogue Squadron/Wraith Squadron/Dinner Squadron books, and they are just as fun as I remember. I had to put down "I Jedi" but Starfighters of Adumar still made me actually laugh out loud while reading it several times.