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  1. if you watch the team cov video they go into all the rules there is also a reddit post that have rules as we know.
  2. i feel that there where some options (you can do the wrong thing) but it was still here is the best option. (not a plug) but if you go to my youtube you can watch some videos (2 solo play and 1 2 player coop) and see how it looked for us. https://www.youtube. com/channel/UCTNCJxTzyUdzvUYQyDZsiaQ?view_as=subscriber
  3. would be nice BUT the reason its not in other games is cuz there will be other packs (hero and villain)
  4. more then one person. and i dont see the issue, that game is 2 months out it was going to happen. the one i use only has rhino lvl 1 and 2. it will not stop people from buying it (i preordered and subbed) its great for testing decks vs the easy mode rhino.
  5. great job FFG! Your playtesters really honed the game out. in those 3 solo games each game came down to that last turn (2 wins 1 lose). Just great job game feels right on the money. Tonight im going to play with some friends and see how coop feels but i think its going to be fun.
  6. ya sorry about that i did change the wording in the first post, after rereading it it did sound a little a**hatish lol
  7. im sorry those words dont sit well with you but i do stand by them. and again dont get me wrong i do like this game and will have fun playing it but its not epic like AH is. and i dont think they can change it now so im not asking for that. all i was asking is what do you guys think, and your 2nd line answered that. i do hope for more long form storytelling also. me and my friends have been playing some games and testing out decks and it is fun just dont know if it has staying power.
  8. it is a shame they did not carry over AH progression. no long stories and just one and done. The reason i dont play LotR but i do play AH is progression. its really the only thing that worries me. what do you guys think should they have added more progression or keep it fast for more people?
  9. also she is in the new MUA 3 game and she rocks the house in it.
  10. looks like someone started a card list marvelchampions . cards also noone has enemy card info (TC did not do an unboxing of those cards)
  11. cheap friends are not really something FFG can fix
  12. funny cuz i was working on an update for overpower (aka a 2nd ed), overpower have alot of 90's tcg gimmicks and could really use a lcg update. some of the biggest issues is board state is so cluttered, heros should just have health. teamwork cards where bad OR super OP. i was thinking of a pod system like star wars with 4 heroes (no dumb backline) would of been a mix of OP star wars and transformers. also was looking at making it more brawl-ly and faster games 15 mins. i still might keep working on it and put it on TTS.
  13. i think they are missing cards just watched the capt marvel one and i did not see 3/15 or 4/15 and some others. they showed Alpha Flight Station 10/15 Captain Marvel's Helmet 11/15 Cosmic Flight 12/15 Crisis Interdiction 2/15 Energy Absorption 8/15 Energy Channel 14/15 Photonic Blast 5/15 Spider-Woman 1/15 so 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 15 are missing
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