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  1. FFG designers come from an RPG background so their approach to rules is to allow TOs a gamesmaster-type level of authority to interpret the rules for their group at a local level, and if that doesn't solve a problem immediately you just roll a dice to decide who's right and get on with the game. Consistency of ruling across the game is not really an FFG goal, and as a judge you should feel you have the authority to rules things as you see fit and that your players will accept that.
  2. Fair enough. I took mine back to the shop after a couple of weeks, got a full refund. I've got a friend who didn't do that and his are still screwed up six months later.
  3. The sky is falling/has fallen/will always be falling/or is the ground rising?
  4. So, somehow, this started out as my 'Two TIE Strikers' squad. You may have noticed it no longer features any TIE Strikers. 1st Gen - Duchess (Pred, Ailerons, LWF), Sabacc (Pred, Ailerons, LWF), OGP (Palp, Collision Detector), Backstabber This list was a blast to fly, swooping about the place with my twin Strikers. Unfortunately I rapidly realised it had a pretty major problem - I had four ships that all wanted to flank and none that were happy taking fire. Unless my opponent placed his ships facing upwards off the table he wasn't going to expose all four flanks at once. 2nd Gen - Nu Sqd (HLC, Linked Batteries, XG-1, LRS), Sabacc (Pred, Ailerons, LWF), OGP (Palp, Collision Detector), Backstabber Swapping 28pts of Duchess for 28pts of Gunboat helped the list out a lot. I immediately found that running the Gunboat and Shuttle side-by-side at PS2 gave me some good control over how slow the shuttle needs to move (it can sit on my baseline until turn 4) and I had a tougher central force to hold enemy attention while Sabacc went hunting a flank. The balance was a lot better, and with Sabacc and the HLC I could hurl a lot of red dice at things, but after a few games I realised I was constantly racing to win the game before I was reduced to a Backstabber/Palp endgame. 3rd Gen - as above. Inquisitor (PTL, v1, Autothrusters), Nu Sqd (HLC, Linked Batteries, XG-1, LRS), OGP (Palp, Collision Detector), Academy Pilot I threw this onto the table expecting it to fail and I had Kylo/QD queued up to play in the next game. I've still never played it, because this has kept on winning for me and I love flying the mix of ships in her. You can short form this into 'it's Howard Aces but with Nu/Academy in place of QD' and what I expected to find was these two guys wouldn't match up QD, and I think they certainly do, or can if you fly them well. The HLC Nu is just a sledgehammer that flattens anything it sees, and in a squad with so many other pressing threats the Academy Pilot consistently slips through the cracks to do more than his 12 pts worth. More than that, though, the mix of ship types and tactical flexibility in the squad is great fun. The Gunboat and Shuttle run together and can slow roll or sprint off if needed. I constantly try to create an 'L'-shaped engagement with Gunboat and Shuttle on one side and the Inquisitor and TIE on the other side, and it works either way depending on how the opponent tries to engage. You can slow-roll the shuttle really well and give the Inquisitor and TIE time to flank, or if the opponent makes a beeline for the Inquisitor you 1-turn/barrel him and the TIE on your baseline to buy time for the Gunboat to SLAM up and around, and the shuttle to move into position as well. I'm pretty sure the correct target priority against this squad is: Gunboat > Shuttle > Inquisitor > TIE. I'm equally sure none of my opponents have ever correctly decoded that and lost games chasing the Shuttle or Inquisitor first, leaving the Gunboat to run wild. Better than Howard Aces? I make no such claim. In the ballpark and a lot better than you'd expect? Yeah, almost certainly. Also: Academy Pilot is Harry Potter, the Palpshuttle is obviously Dumbledore, the Inquisitor is Snape and the big hammer HLC Nu is Hagrid. FYI.
  5. Of the two, if either is really worth is it's Fenn. People are happy enough running a 26pt Sheathipede with R3-A2 and Hotshot Copilot and this combo is no more expensive than that, and in a lot of ways it's very similar. Without Hotcop your Fenn can only meaningfully nerf one enemy ship, not two, but the ship you're nerfing is probably hurt a bit more as you're not just denying their mods but degrading their dice rolls on top. It's worth a try.
  6. It's likely beyond repair. The 3rd generation mats are thinner than 1st/2nd gen so they're much more prone to creasing. They also roll up more tightly as they're thinner, but the box is the same size. When stood on-end in the FFG display box they've both got less internal structural strength to avoid slumping in the box, and more space to slump into. Its entirely a fault on FFGs part for reducing the spec on these mats to save money but not changing the packaging to allow for the changes they'd made.
  7. X-Wings are far far stronger. You've given the X-Wings some of the strongest and most reliable upgrades in the game and the TIEs have been given garbage.
  8. I'm a massive fan of A Score To Settle, it's my favourite upgrade card in the game. But not on Nym. I would drop the VI on Fenn down to Adaptability and buy a point to put VI on Nym, so they're both PS10. Then I'd be looking really hard to scrape a point from somewhere to add Trajectory Simulator to Nym - it's basically the only thing missing from the Nym that I fly. M9-G8 might be something we can tune down to a cheaper astromech. Maybe R2-D6 with a EPT? TBH I'd be tempted to give him Plasma Torps and Chips to support your initial strike with a mid-combat target lock. That's the Nym I'm flying, just the wingmen are different.
  9. I'm not trolling and I'm not diverting, because it's all part of the same picture. Its about paradigm shift.
  10. The game has been broken since I started playing it, and people who have played longer tell me it used to be worse. Ive played other FFG games. They've all been broken. This is the game we have. It's never going to be 'fixed' it will just stumble from issue to issue like all FFG games I've seen have done. This is the game we have. Accept that and find a way to enjoy it, or don't and be forever miserable. If you talk about removing player agency then, there, I just gave it back - the choice to be happy or angry is yours and yours alone.
  11. There's just as many of those glittering superstar gods among men, or more, who disagree.
  12. I do have a fun game, because I choose not to be trapped by negativity. The only person who can make you enjoy playing x-wing... is you.
  13. I think you're wrong right about here. That's just, like, your opinion, man. Its CLEARLY not a consensus.
  14. WE are players. WE don't make decisions about FAQs. FFG have completely different aims to you, completely different measures of success. And they ARE succeeding, which is why there won't be an FAQ. They don't care one iota that you're sulking about Miranda or TLT. They care that they're selling x-wing faster than ever and Organised Play is reflecting record levels of interest in the game. Im sorry you're unhappy. It just means you're approaching the game the wrong way.
  15. No, YOU focus on the wrong things. Its a business. Any gameplay issues are only a factor if they affect profit.
  16. Yeah it is, because it gives you nowhere for the game to go in future and you just narrow and narrow your design options down into a dead end. While there are 2 red dice ships you can design cards that are good against them or weak against them, you can cycle them in and out of importance. When everyone has 3 red dice ships all you're doing is reducing variety and design space. If the fix for a TIE Fighter is to stop it being a TIE Fighter and make it an X-Wing instead because X-Wings are better right now then why bother fixing it? Just play X-Wings.
  17. The forums live on a diet of salt and drama. Every Monday people come in and find something from the weekend that they can stir into a storm of nonsense and get them through to the end of the week.
  18. 2 attack dice are fine, it's an important distinction to keep in the game to then have it wax and wave in usefulness. Seriously, all this sub ever comes up with as suggestions is ways of making things that are different and add variety into more like a big amorphous blob that looks like whatever is currently good in the game.
  19. I'm getting such good value from 28pts HLC Nu Squadron that I struggle to see how much better it can be in missiles and having to faff around reloading. PTL Vynder IS good jank, though.
  20. Yeah this definitely happened. Scum came out in Wave 6 and was basically crap, because they had an X-Wing (the Kihraxz) but the game was about B-Wings. So they designed a B-Wing for Scum (the Mist Hunter) but by the time it came out the game had completely changed in Wave 7 and B-Wings were useless too, so the Mist Hunter just sat around looking lonely.
  21. I came at this a while back in a bit of a curveball solution: a Crew upgrade that deploys a couple of Academy Pilots for no cost as a escort, and which don't contribute to MOV. Something like... Captain Slavin Crew - Imperial At the beginning of the 'Place Forces' step you may add two Academy Pilot TIE Fighters to your squad, without paying their squad cost. At the end of the game these TIE Fighters do not count towards either player's MOV score. 6 What this solution does is thematically bring in that TIE Fighters are cheap (6pts for 2!) and the Empire doesn't care about them (no MOV risk), but by tying it into a Crew slot you're avoiding a lot of the risks that just reducing the points cost of the TIE would feed into huge swarms that just slow the game right down.
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