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  1. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    Dotswarlock is correct - the community is there to help you as well as to fight you. This is a live issue that FFG know that they need to correct in their games, and it's why they added rotation to their Living Card Games in order to reduce the amount of back product that new players need to buy. I think the X-Wing approach is similar, which is a 'soft' rotation by making the new stuff so much better than the old stuff that you can ignore the older sets and don't need to waste so much money on them.
  2. Any double Silencer experience?

    Just finished playing around. Squad Leader could be quite hot on QD to reposition your silencers at PS9. Primed Thrusters & Squad Leader?
  3. Any double Silencer experience?

    Thing I didn't like about QD was they'll ignore him and hunt the Silencers. I wonder if Threat Tracker would be good here, instead of Optics?
  4. Any double Silencer experience?

    How about... Blackout - Trick Shot, FCS, Optics, Autothrusters (37) Sienar-Jaemus - FCS, Optics, Autothrusters (32) Backdraft - Trick Shot, FCS, Spec Ops, LWF (31)
  5. Any double Silencer experience?

    I now have two Silencers, so I need to think of something to do with them. :-/
  6. Showcase: TIE Striker

    I have been summonsed!
  7. Any double Silencer experience?

    Very different to what he's posted up top. I have seen two of those Silencers paired with Vessery as an option that intrigued me. It's interesting - a lot like Triple Defenders except you've traded the free Evade token for FCS/Autothrusters. More aggressive, less tanky. Probably a ton of fun to fly though.
  8. Any double Silencer experience?

    Depends how much you're trying to make him a gimmick or just an all-round good ship.
  9. FFG had their chance to fix the x-wing and they missed it

    Forget the past. Kill it if you have to.
  10. Nym + Genius + Trajectory Bombs

    One of the key takeouts from the whole regional suite this weekend is that you need a fat ***. Anything with low HP just can't handle the meta.
  11. Nym + Genius + Trajectory Bombs

    I'm not so sure about that. This Nym gives the aces huge problems in how to even get across the table to engage - you've no chance to remove Nym before he really gets to be a problem with his bombs dropped from behind him. Plus with Ion & Proton bombs the penalty for getting caught it significantly worse than it was. I'd say it's probably worse for aces.
  12. Noob question! Why Deadeye is so good?

    In that instance I would probably LRS. Sol is doing a lot more than just flinging missiles and VI helps him do that while Deadeye does not.
  13. Nym + Genius + Trajectory Bombs

    4 times.
  14. Nym + Genius + Trajectory Bombs

    Summer 2019
  15. Nym + Genius + Trajectory Bombs

    I don't see how you can rule it doesn't work, seems very clear.