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  1. Well you're missing Punishing One so you need to strip some costs out to get that in I think.
  2. I already own two Ghosts so I don't need a third one, but the thought of how awesome a Darth Maul ghost would look is turning me on.
  3. If PS in the metagame drops then you would go Engine/Hera. Advanced Sensors is in to keep you Evading and open up the dial - you can 1 hard turn with Evade, lose the stress, do it again. It's totally droppable, depends if you do enough red moves to make it worthwhile as like a multiple use shield upgrade
  4. I'm starting to convince myself that Ezra/FCS may be an upgrade for a Ghost. You get your reroll mod first time you fire, and it's action-free so you can have Evade stacked the whole time. Plus although you lose Hera you gain the ability to shed stress after a red move, which is it's own perk. Dark Ghost Lothal Rebel - Advanced Sensors, Ion Cannon Turret, Ezra Bridger, Maul, Ghost Zeb Orrelios - Chopper Lowhhrick - Draw Their Fire, Breach Specialist, C-3PO Big question marks over whether you're getting enough to be better than Kanan/Low, but it's clearly a functioning build. Plus a Maul-painted Ghost would look badass. With little horns and stuff added? Badass.
  5. I don't think there's a role for Maul in Scum. There may not even be a role for him in Rebels either, he feels like they got so burned on Zuckuss he was tuned down to a very low power level. The Ezra requirement is very flavourful but incredibly awkward from a cost-balancing point of view.
  6. There's a lot of good Imperial builds around 25pts now, a 4-ship list is definitely possible. "Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter, Juke, Comm Relay "Deathfire" — TIE Bomber, Extra Munitions, Harpoon Missiles, Cluster Mines, Long-Range Scanners "Duchess" — TIE Striker, Veteran Instincts, Lightweight Frame, Adaptive Ailerons "Zeta Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter, Wired
  7. Didn't Denym just win Belgian nationals this weekend?
  8. Yes it is. Doesn't mean it's not right, though.
  9. Which is why we expect it's got a 0 stop. And a 0 stop makes sense for the title of 'Trajectory Simulator' because you've stopped but are simulating the trajectory you would have taken for the bomb to fly forwards anyway.
  10. 99% likely it fires the bomb forward. This ship will be dialled a lot lik a YV-666 I think, able to hard stop (red) and throw the bombs forwards. I think it's potentially quite interesting. I'd expect the bottom generic at 23pts, which is Contracted Scout territory for a big large base with a 2-dice turret (obviously other things are not like a contracted scout). They're going to be good for area denial, and I'm actually quite looking forward to this pack.
  11. While I think it's all being blown out of proportion I did like this...
  12. Hmmm, Horton's rerolls do help him close some of the gap to Wedge's agility loss. He'll get 4 hits more often (96% vs 73%). And then he has a turret while Wedge has to BB-8 for arc. He's worse, but not unplayably worse if you've got a Y-Wing fetish.
  13. You could run it with Horton in place of Wedge? Horton Salm - Synced Turret, Plasma Torpedo, Guidance Chips, R2-D6, Veteran Instincts.
  14. I would go for Kanan first for sure, and it's probably a fairly easy matchup I think? You just control range - R3 alpha, then BB8/Nym get into Kanans donut. There will be tough matches but I don't think that's one of them.
  15. 'Two accounts'. It's such an odd thing to latch onto. So many people have multiple accounts on here and I was the most transparent about it of anyone. Stay On The Leader, and then when that one got suspended for running my mouth I had SOTL for a short period, then moved back to Stay On The Leader when the suspension ran out and I figured out how to clear my cookies and log out of SOTL on various devices. Go ahead and keeping hitting it, though. Makes no difference to me!