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  1. Agreed. Sabine doubles Bomblet Generator down on something you're not really using it for - max bomb damage. The system slot is more valuable.
  2. Well, no, objectively it's a bad mechanic as well.
  3. A few months yet, I would wager.
  4. I think you need to re-read Snap Shot.
  5. Good god, give it a rest! Imps are fine, it's Rebels need help!
  6. FCS, Title, LWF, Pattern Analyser, A Score To Settle - 6pts of perfection.
  7. I beat Tom Reeds triple jumps with Redline after I parked Whisper on a rock and he blew up. True story.
  8. Depends which device I'm on which account is cookied into the browser.
  9. Agreed. Some people have agendas to push and will twist whatever you say to the point where they can sell their dogma.
  10. Right now your maths disagree with the x-wing dice calculation that's never been wrong before, and with an excel table that maps out every possible combination of dice outcomes up to 100%. Are you going quantum uncertainty principle or something? 5th dimensional maths?
  11. Selflessness is a good addition and could switch the maths up and keep Biggs alive long enough to fire. Lowhhrick alone wouldn't be enough. I'd still be very comfortable in the matchup, though. There's not a lot of damage coming back the other way. Theres reasons to not play Slaughterhouse but 'oh noes Biggs' is sure as **** not one of them.
  12. I think you're underestimating the squad generally - it was pretty much the premier jousting list of summer 2016, hitting harder and earlier than anything else and removing even large ships before they fire (I was odds on to kill a fully tokened Brobot at R2). It's why the likes of DenTel are a specific problem, they hit hard and earlier. Im pretty sure Biggs would go down before he can fire in most circumstances as he's 2 less health than a Brobot and 1 less green dice. The Lowhhrick token gives you some of that back but not enough. I don't think this list is amazing in the current meta, but it's not the defensive lists that scare it, it's the offensive lists. Biggs is a nothing even with his tricks, but Fenn is a serious problem.
  13. And it's your second attack and know you won't need the focus for defence. Look, I'm not saying the ability is blank, but I AM saying that it's way worse than I think ppl are assuming, especially on TLT. Against Fenn, for example, it's a 72% chance ineffective if you rolled 1 hit, 40%+ chance ineffective if you rolled 2 hits (i.e. He'll just dodge the shot anyway).