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  1. I'm done. I'm tired of having it thrown back in my face, both online and in 'real life'. I shouldn't have to be made to feel bad about having a young family just because I write about plastic spaceships.
  2. Not any more, it's not worth it for all the extra crap that goes with it (like responses like that).
  3. Haha, the opposite. If I don't value my own opinion I don't know why anyone else does! I know nothing, I barely play the game, I barely talk to anyone who plays the game... and yet people think I'm something. It's baffling.
  4. I don't know why you care what I think at all?
  5. SOME Rebel ships but not others are dominating SOME games but not others SOME of the time but not others, in SOME cases played by SOME players against SOME other players, but in other cases not. So, back to the original post: who gives a ****? We're all going to die anyway so make up whatever stuff you want to think if it make your stay on this earth a little more tolerable.
  6. Along with Biggs, Dash, Lowhhrick, Jess Pava and Captain Rex...
  7. Aaaaaah, you mean for generic ships. Yeah, generic ships are ****.
  8. You understand that Rebels are completely dominating the game at the moment, right?
  9. Just FYI, there was a quote from the LFL guys where they said that the relationship is the other way around, and they sometimes go to the X-Wing team to find out what a ship should be able to do.
  10. This. And if those ARE the rocks on the table you should have mirrored your deployment into the bottom-right corner, not bottom-left.
  11. I'm a big fan of all the benefits that rotation brings to a game. But there's definitely issues in implementing it in X-Wing.
  12. Not true.
  13. At the time Paratanni felt like a mountain of insurmountable power creep. We now understand it was just the first base camp in our ascent.
  14. I don't think it's anything to do with LFL as the same design/balance issues persist across pretty much all FFG games, whether they're connected to Star Wars IP or something else.
  15. Two wrongs don't make a right.