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  1. @Elliphino How Budger said, that really depends on the Scenario. You get an Advantage and a Disadvantage deploying a lot of Units. Also if you deploy only few units. So you should consider what you need in your Scenario. Lots of Units: + You may have more Units in every section of the battlefield and more units to get better Profit out of your command cards - You activations are very limited. If you only activate 2 Units, it doesnt relly matter if you have 5 or 10 other Units unactivated Few Units: + You should have strong units that may be activated every turn: double legendary units and/or neutral untis. You get extrem value out of every activation - You will probably get problems with your command cards... - You risk to run out of units when your Opponent fastly kills some of your few units...
  2. were can I order the missing units? FFG page direct or were do I find this Holiday sale? And that BL2 is not more supported isn't surprising or new at all. Still a very cool game...
  3. Really cool, it looks nice. Just for game practibility, you could make such a tower with a flat roof, so you could put the unit on top... Makes me remember to our 20 year ago Warhammer Fantasy time when we have built tons of miniatures for Terrain, also diffenent types of fluff-terrain for every army. Unfortunately... I've no more time for that nerdish kind of occupation ;)))
  4. That's the reason of this thread. We share lot of estimations: Uthuk: We feel exactly identic. Uthuk is strong but have just some bad units, what doesn't appear by Daqan and Waiqar. They would profit most from neutral units, Overall from Giant or Dragon. Have you seen the thread with the Uthuk-Fan-Errata here? May be you can find some ideas you like to make the worst Uthuk Units playable.... I also fear that razorwings may be OP. Flying is just such a strong ability like it affects movement and defense in the same time. Together with the ability to stun (by far the strongest token in the game) they seem just a bit like "best of all together in one unit". When they were released I thought they cost 8p just like the Giant an the Dragon. Giant is strong. The few games we played with him he seems to be worth his Price. How told before, I think Uthuk has the best use for him as both legens have big downsides (Lord: movement and Doombringer is just so much weaker then Roc Warrior for example). Dragon like I told, I think he would also fit fine in a Uthuk army. Daqan may be. Waiqar I don't see a reason to play the Great Dragon if you have access to the Waiqar Dragon... but not easy to say without having played him- Does someone have an Idea how to get the last Units for a fair Price? I don't think I gonna buy them for full price... (which was overpriced also when they were released imo)
  5. tnx! Yes the Scenarios are interesting. Also in the Mountain Giant-Scenario, in our first games Daqan had very hard to deal with... But we'll try it again. Whats your opinion of the units themselves? How do they perform? Which ones are under- or overwhelming, or well balanced? Do you agree that Waiqar Dragon seems to be just stronger then the Great Dragon?
  6. Someone still alive here around?! Hey guys. I know this Forum is quite dead as new expansions hopes are... but lets talk about the neutral Units. I am thinking about to buy me this ones and I would appreciate your opinion! We played with all expansions but neutral units. They seemed to overpriced and not really necessary to me. I received the Mountain Giant as a gift an I pretty like him. I'am thinkin now about buying the other neutral units also: Mountain Giant I think it's a pretty strong unit that matches in a lot of armies. After few games, I think over all Uthuk really profits of a legend like this: the giant isn't as superslow as the Chaos Lord and he has a lot more attack-value then the (in my opinion underwhelming) Doombringer. Daqan and Waiqar own extremly strong legends and will not need the Giant as Uthuk, but they may still want to Play him. What do u think about this unit? Razorwings: Flying, defens-boots against melee, able to stun enemies, strong movement. I think it's a really overall very strong unit just for all classes. What is your experience? Giant Dragon: The unit that i'm very unsure about. After reading the card, i feel like he is a weaker version of the Waiqar Dragon and at least Waiqar will never ever play it (I imagine he costs also 10 Points?). Daqan not sure like they have with the Roc Warrior a weaker but still strong flying legend. Uthuk otherwise will have best use of the Great Dragon, as they lack of a strong fighter with more movement then the Chaos Lord. Also here: What do u consider? regards Phalgast
  7. Condition markers causing movement reduction to 1 would quite eliminate Battlemage's of Daqan. Shielded would be very poor with that affect
  8. Hi folks After quite a Long time without playing BL2 I played some games in the last few weeks and made some similar experiences as before. Still, it's a really fun game and a uncomplicated way to get some tabletop smell. Uthuk: Still I think, the Uthuk expansion is the worst part of the gamedesign. We played with my unofficial errata from last November, without it would have been still lot worse. Affected are just almost all new units: - The Brainbug (aka Doombringer) is just underwhelming. Compared to Roc Warrior, he is just so much worse. I think he might also deserve an errata... - The Chaos Lord is ok, but with his poor movement often a defensiv unit (what doesn't really fit into the Uthuk gameplan. I think he's often the better choice then the bug. - The Blood Sisters we played with my Errata ([heroic] add +1 lore) and they are far away of beeing OP imo - Grotesques... we didn't Play 'em even with Errata - Viper Legion: same as Grotesques... - I know lot of people dislike Obscenes. I almost ever run one or two Units, an they are worth it imo. Waiqar: I still think Undead are the most powerfull tribe. Overall when playing Necromancer/skelleton-armies. But all in all, they are nice. Also, army list's with the other stuff then the Necromancer/skelleton-army are good playable. Daqan: Most flexible tribe. All Units are really strong. Riverwatch still OP, imo also the Roc Warrior. And like I discribed it in an older thread, the possibility of just playing in two parts of the battlefield (when it fits with the Scenarios and while playing 2 units of Ironbound) is just an extremely powerfull option. Often the enemies can't handle this! So just wantet to give a sign of life... hope there are other people still playing this game
  9. As I calculated before, Doombringer has just 0.2 dmg more (intermediate) against kav and inf as the Roc, Barrow, Banshee or Demon Lord. He has 0.3 dmg less against all other Targets per attack (and he rolls 1 dice less to generate lore/moral, what has also quite an Impact). And he sucks completely against flying targets. So best to compare is Roc warrior (similar movement, price and attack). And I really think the Roc is clearly better then then the bug... Yes, beeing in a building, he's quite nice. It's the spot he wants to be in. But he will leave the building with every moral-result so I don't really fear him there. And there are not so much scenarios where you have important buildings...
  10. Haha that's nice Garret :-) But also if the game is NOT discontinued, one can always choose NOT to buy the expansions, right? That's what they tell you. But you know that you will not resist if there is more stuff to get
  11. Do that, it's a good choice. You will have enough diversity for quite a time. And you'll keep a big part of new fun for later (the army building will be set on another level when you get the expansions later...). If you played WH Fantasy, the rules are really easy to learn. They are far away of the complexity of WHF. That's one of the reasons I really like it. The rules are kept as simple as possible, so you may pick the box and start to play (and you won't lose no more an attack because the f**** unit was a half inch to far away ). And there are enough tactical decisions to get motivation. I played WHF a lot, but thats a bunch of years ago. I would never have restartet a tabletop 'cause of its price and also because I just do not more have the time to spend 8 hours just to play a game. With BL2 you get all advantages for fast battles - not as tactically deep or personalised as WHF, but way more girlfriend-compatible ^^ If you have questions starting with BL2, don't mind to come back here. The forum isn't extremly busy, but still alive...
  12. The game is cool as it is. It has a really big replayability with the stuff we have right now. More content would be nice to have, but the game as it is yet is one of my favorite 2 player games. If you like a game with tabletop-like feeling and quite easy rules that you may Play without losing a whole day... go for it!
  13. Hi Bxrrr It's a cool game, you'll enjoy it! I think you've got 2 possibilities going for expansions: > Base game and expansions for Daqan and Uthuk This will give you the full experience of this fractions with lot more options then base game only. But you need 2 Expansion sets to buy and you can't "smell" the undead army of Waiqar > Base game and Waiqar This allows you to test all available fractions and you only need 1 set. Which set is a good question. I think you should just think about what you like more: Terrors of the Mists are the walking hords of Skeletons that are ruled by Necromancers and acompagned by Barghests, leaded by a screaming Banshee The Herolds of Dreadfall are leaded by a giant undead dragon, your skeletons will walk aside of ghostly Wraith's among horrible dead Knights... Both can be easily played as stand-alone expansions. Terrors of Mists might have a little higher power level, but they don't have a Barrow Wyrm edit: I would get the fraction expansion first. They influence the fame feeling way more then the neutral Units imo. If you go for the reinforcement packs, I would at least take 2 of them, so that every Player might chose one...
  14. You're obviously right about the LP. Still, Doombringer feels way more vulnereable then Roc Warrior imo. And I prefer also the attack of the Roc warrior. And I agree, it's kind of a legend cavalry unit. I think it's attack is worse then flesh ripper brutes, but obvious he has more LP. It may be worth, I play the Doombringer also from time to time. But 3 attack without any bonus against half of enemy units is very few. And as told his defense is quite limit also. He just has a great movement, and that is the main reason to play him. I startet the Uthuk expansion at the same time as the basegame and I was sure that Doombringer will be Player over the Demon Lord with his poor movement. But I play the Lord more often. In the right spot, he fullfills his duty excellent. Doombringer is not nearby such a threat, but the bug flexible and from time to time nice spot.
  15. Haha. Now we know the desents of your soul I i'm not so very excited about the doombringer as you are. He has his good moments, but I think he's way behind the Roc Warrior. With his 4 LP, he is the most vulnereable legend of the game (I think flying may be counted as 1 to 2 additional lifepoints). His attack is with with 3x50% against inf/kav intermediate 1.5 dmg and against the rest 3x 33% intermediate 1 dmg. In comparison the Roc warrior has for every attack 4x 33% intermediate 1.3 dmg and one more dice to generate retreat/lore result. Doombringers main problem is: he loses every duel against enemy legends (worst match-up against his bigger brother the Roc warrior were he does just 50% less dmg then the Roc by same other stats!) and he is just on par if he fight against enemy elite, you don't get the best spot to often for the 8 Points, imo. Stays immobilize. In my experience it sounds way stronger then it is. Yes it has won me some games, but in most cases it didn't had much influence. To be on par with the Roc, immobilize must be as strong as the defense Bonus of flying (1), the movement after attacking (2) and the 1 more dice to cause retreat/lore on every attack (3)...! So my resume is: Extrem vulnereable legend unit. It isn't bad, but tends to be overpriced for 8 Points. He is imo definitivly weaker then the Roc Warrior. Also (why have they done that?) it's the only legend without a proper lore card. I chose him over all if there is no spot for the demon lord and/or if I need his movement (lots of rivers or to cacth an enemy VP on T1, prefered in buildings...). He would fit better into the Daqan fraction imo, because devour would heaviliy aproveach of the bonus dices that Daqan is able to generate...
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