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  1. that’s how I’ve been playing it. we just realized how the wording and the rules actually are and I wanted to clearify things before the next quest. it’s a bit weird that they didn’t cover this in the LL errata. anyway, thanks everyone for the input! :)
  2. @rugal it was more a question of what the order of things was. because in the rules and the turn summary cards it says that refreshing cards comes after the "start of turn" step. This would mean that I couldn't use the skill after it was just refreshed in the same turn. But at the same time it doesn't say anywhere that the skills like Zealous Aura remain exhausted during the refresh step that follows after you just exhausted the card. Going by the rules, you would have to refresh the card right after exhausting it, because it doesn't say otherwise anywhere. This kind of suggests that it was more meant to be played during the turn and not necessarily at the start, similar to what @wyatt606 said. I would ask FFG directly, but I don't think they will respond to Descent questions anymore.
  3. Hello, I have a question about Zealous Aura: "Exhaust this card at the start of your turn. While this card is exhausted, each time a hero within 3 spaces defeats a monster, that hero recovers 2 Heart." As I understand according to the rules (page 7), you're supposed to refresh your cards after the "start of turn" step. Does that mean you can use Zealous Aura only every other turn? it would still be exhausted in the "start of turn" step after using it the turn before. Seems a bit weak. But then, wouldn't it technically refresh again in the "card refresh" step right after exhausting it? The rules state that heroes must refresh all exhausted cards. This means that the card effect wouldn't be active. I find this a bit confusing. Same goes for Arcane Healing and Dark Recovery.
  4. makes sense. it's not actually healing, it's giving a token that does the healing later on. so yeah, you're right of course ah right. I still don't really get why you would need an extra action at the beginning of an encounter. Sure, it's nice to have, but encounters usually start slow anyway, which gives plenty of time for recovery. Also, if you were to use the class in Road to Legend, the one extra action at the beginning would be pretty useless. The first part of Primal Wrath is awesome, but all in all it's quite weak for a 3xp skill. you really only use the first part during the encounter and that seems more like a 1xp skill or 2xp max. Primitive Heart gives you an extra attack or a revive action for just 1 fatigue. If you add Misty Step, you'll essentially get 1,5 extra actions (0.5 being "move up to 2 spaces") each turn for just 1 fatigue and 3xp. Doesn't seem to be justified to gain 1 extra heart every turn for 3xp. I'm not trying to mess with your hard work. These are just things that stuck out to me looking at the cards. I'm obviously late to the party and it's your project. Dungeoneer actually indicates the action to search with that arrow and it does say "you may perform 1 attack during your turn without using an action". I think Lurk is more what we're talking about. Adding "this does not require an action" (like on Lurk) might make it clearer. I like both actually. the one I proposed and "revive action" plus the part from Lurk. The latter might actually make it more obvious what to do, because a revive action is defined in the rules. This is pure esthetic. It's perfectly clear what to do here. Lost Legends even introduced new ways to word things, either on purpose or by accident. So, who am I to judge I hope I didn't offend anyone. I can imagine how many changes these cards must have seen in the past 7 years. So it already feels weird to come in at the end and add my two cents. and yeah, it's too much. maybe for a group who can work on it full time, but for the other mortals with normal lives and limited time, it seems impossible. sadly. So, hat off to Rugal for his dedication!
  5. Hi, first of all, this looks really cool and it's crazy how much work you guys put into it. I would love to try it out. I have a few questions though. Gift of Nature: Does the first part work on knocked out heroes? Primal Wrath: to the second part of the card, this means you get 3 actions each turn, is that right? But why at the beginning of each encounter as well? Does that mean on my first turn in an encounter I would have 4 actions? What's the point of that? Primitive Heart: I find it a bit confusing that it says "revive action" and not something like "revive and adjacent hero", since it does not require an action. I guess you did it, so you won't have to add all that "roll two red dice" part? Primal Force: I would probably re-word the first part to "Exhaust this card after you revive a hero, that hero gains 2 rejuvenate tokens", just to keep the wording more in line with the rest. Apologies if some of it has already been discussed before, I've only skipped through the thread. I've been thinking about making a druid as well, since that was my favorite class in my WoW days. after looking at all the spells and abilities, it looked too much of an undertaking to me. so, I didn't do it. you can probably create a druid for each archetype using the different druid specs. But who has the time, right? Anyway, great job guys!
  6. so you're saying, if a monster dies from the initial attack, whether it's the target of the attack or the ones affected by the blast, the Blasting Rune effect will trigger? And it can even trigger for each monster that was defeated by the initial attack? Sounds great, but wouldn't that be a bit over-powered?
  7. Hi all, something came up the other day during a quest and I was wondering if you guys could clarify this for me. My mage was shooting at a monster with multiple monsters adjacent to it using Exploding Rune and Blasting Rune as the weapon. One of the monsters was defeated. Does this trigger the Blasting Rune effect taking 2 hearts off the adjacent monsters? Or can you only have one blast effect per attack?
  8. Hey guys, I'm playing Andira Runehand as Crusader and was wondering if her hero ability can trigger the Zealous Aura skill. Her hero ability says: "Each time a hero within 3 spaces of you suffers 1 or more hearts from an attack, the figure that performed the attack suffers 1 heart." Zealous Aura: " While this card is exhausted, each time a hero within 3 spaces defeats a monster, that hero recovers 2 . " So, if the monster dies because of the damage from Andira's ability, does that count as being defeated by Andira? Will that trigger Zealous Aura? Any thoughts?
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