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  1. Resistance Avalon is literally the worst game you can play with your wife. She will learn your tells.
  2. This might have been covered in the previous 9 pages but doesn’t Deadeye on Harpoonboats get around the target limitation and dice modification?
  3. So back OT: anyone notice that the scene setting is a bit whack? Hera starts out behind the Tie Defender and takes out the wingmen. Then snap to the next scene and the Tie Defenders behind her? That didn’t make much sense.
  4. All. The. Time! Baby!!! er... I mean when I expect a critical round of shooting and defence.
  5. Looks like the canon DX-9 rather than the games' version. Which is totally fine.
  6. Too close for missiles, switching to cannons.
  7. Can't say whether there's a demand for it or not but there is one glaring omission: a bone fide original film ship that even featured in Rebels. The Sentinel class shuttle.
  8. Never say never: something like Bullseye is a great fix to the game and an excellent way to make us all buy ships again...
  9. I suspect that the Bullseye idea is such a good one that it's a precursor to Xwing 1.5. The reprints might be either a final hurrah to 1.0 before 1.5 or, much less likely, a preparation for 1.5 (highly highly unlikely).
  10. The biggest gripe is that I don't have it. Right. Now.
  11. Im still grinning so hard from this announcement that my wife thinks I'm cheating on her.
  12. Normally Shadow345 does a better job of riling up the forums. This attempt's more 3/10 although to be fair this wave looks pretty good so it's harder to get the masses riled up.
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