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  1. Give me your ABSOLUTE BEST Miranda list. Ready... Set.... GO!!!
  2. Hi guys, my local meta is still FLOODED with Defenders all over. Anyone have any suggestions of a squad that will destroy these **** things?! In the words of Jar Jar, Any help here would be hot. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, Please post top 8 regional squad lists here. There are several people curious to what the latest meta trends are, and this thread can be used to showcase such latest trends. Any help here would be much appreciated. Post away!
  4. So I dominated a Boba fett, Junno, Omega Ace list with this build. Chewy stole the show with Luke and Predator. Predator was DEFINTIELY the right choice to get rerolls up to twice per round with Luke. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Jan w/... Hull Upgrade Moldy Crow Title Wired TLT Recon Sp. Chewy w/... Hull upgrade Title PTL OR Predator C3p0 Luke Skywalker For fun, non competitive play tonight
  6. Im running a list with Jan and Chewy. Should I use PTL or Predator for chewy. I don't want VI...
  7. Im doing a list with Chewy and Jan Ors. Should I put PTL or Predator on Chewy and why? Thanks guys!
  8. With Imperial Veterans on the horizon, what are some of your guys' Imperial squad ideas?? Let's hear it! ...
  9. Check out this latest idea for a build I will be trying out this weekend... 100 POINTS... Tie Adv Proto - Inquisitor (29) PS 8 Hull Upgrade Tie V1 PTL Tie Defender - Cnl. Vessery (47) PS 10 Engine upgrade VI HLC Zeta Leader PS 7 Wired Zeta Ace will roll an extra die and become stressed immediately after attacking. Wired will allow me to reroll that die on an eyeball result. Same thing on the defense. HLC will make me want to stay in range three and arc dodge with the Defender. The inquisitor will also do his thing in range 3 with his extra attack dice. Let me know your thoughts...
  10. Tell me what you guys think of this range 3 trigger happy list... Tie Adv Prototype - Inquisitor (29) PILOT SKILL 8 Title TieV1 PTL Tie Defender - Colonel Vessery (47) Pilot skill 8 (w/VI) Engine upgrade Veteran instincts Heavy Laser Cannon Omega Ace (23) Pilot Skill 7 PTL The object is to keep the inquisitor and Tie Defender at range 3. HLC will allow me to roll 4 die every time with The Defender, with no extra defense dice for the foe. Inquisitor will do his thing at range 3 as well. Omega Ace is an automatic two crit shot with his ability. PTL will easily allow Omega Ace to acquire and spend the focus and target lock to get the 2 crits, after the other two have already stripped away evades and focus tokens. Thoughts? .......
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