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  1. So I know this isn't strictly a rules question, but something... else. I've played this a few times now, and we were thinking, that it seems a bit weird, that your crew doesn't respond to the things you do around the Outer Rim. So even if you have Greedo as a crew, he doesn't care, if you go to negative rep with the Hutts. We were thinking about implementing it as a house rule, which would make sure that you didn't just faff about as much, and actually had to maneuver around in the "political" climate of the game more carefully. Also: If you encounter a bounty, and none of you do any damage. Do you still win? The rules say, that the one who does the most damage wins. It just seems that no damage on either side would mean, that you didn't get it, and had to try again. Maybe even alerting the target, which then moves to the nearest open space of their colour. They're both house rules, obviously, but they just make sense to me to implement. What do you think?
  2. I live in Denmark, and I received the game yesterday, but didn't get the mat, which I preordered from the same retailer.
  3. I just got a confirmation, that the game has shipped from my local store here in Denmark.
  4. Site's been updated. July 13th. So yeah. Still Q2, but only just. 😕
  5. By the looks of it, ships are something you can buy and upgrade, and swap out. So using the ships as markers might be a bit hard to follow. Also: Should FFG decide to make a wide variety of ships to choose from, it gets pricy fast. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  6. Oh yeah. Definetely, Aniron. No decisions to be made yet. But like I wrote in my post, I just feel that the standees could do with a lift.
  7. I apologize in advance, is this is not the appropriate place to ask this question, but I don't think posting in the Outer Rim-forum will get me the answers I seek. Outer Rim is coming out soon, and sadly, the game is delivered with cardboard cutout-standees of the characters you can play, and this lacks a certain... impressiveness. And thus I thought that replacing them with miniatures from Legion would make sense. But seeking advice on the amazing internet hasn't really supplied me with the info I have been looking for. So I hope you guys can help a fellow Star Wars-enthusiast out. My question then, is this: If I were to buy a miniature of, say Boba Fett, which box would I buy? I have seen an unboxing of some of the Legion miniatures, but it looks like it is just parts of the character that can be upgraded, I suppose? Any replies in here, I will take with me to the Outer Rim-forum, for others with the same ideas. Thanks
  8. Might just be me, but doesn't FFG usually indicate how many sleeves you need for their games? I can't find it anywhere. I bought Rebellion, and didn't sleeve it. So when RotE came out, the cards were very worn, and I had to buy another Rebellion, so I couldn't tell the difference on the cards. Not doing this again.
  9. I was playing this game yesterday as the rebels with the expansion missions, I was caught in a bind, when my opponent systematically kept dropping off tie fighters on systems I had loyalty. This, of course, left me without possibilities of producing units and placing them anywhere. Whenever I got loyalty on a new planet, the empire would show up shortly thereafter and drop off one tie fighter. I had the Leia card, that allows me to find a mission of choice, and I figured, that using this would allow me to destroy a Tie-fighter somewhere, and let me get back in the game. But there are no missions in the RotE-deck that let's the rebels destroy ships. You get two cards that allows you to jump from the base to a system with ships, but those are "Attempt" missions, and if you are getting hammered on production, you don't have much to spare. Anyone else experience this? Anyone know how to counter it?
  10. Is it correct that with the new cinematic rules, the attacker doesn't get to save any ships in the first round of combat? This is a HUGE disadvantage for first strike Rebel attacks, and works a huge deterrent for the rebels to even begin an attack... Seems weird to me
  11. Love the game, hate all the sorting and distributing. So I was thinking of a way to sort everything into to "set" that each player can then take and setup his/her faction, and when we are done, pack up and put back into the box. As is I have bags for everything. Loyalty markers, rings, dice, heroes and miniatures... it's a mess, really. So I was looking around the web, and I know that there are places you can buy stuff that works as an insert into the box. This isn't really what I am looking for, as I want to have RotE included in my new setup. The units are in large plastic bags, and the same goes for standees. Loyalty markers, rings and time/rep markers are ok. It is basically about the cars. So I am looking for Card boxes. Boxes for cards of two different sizes, sleeved. The large and the small. I would prefer it, if it was one unit, but I am pretty handy with a gluegun. Obiviously a Star Wars theme would be preferred. Also if I can find a cool box-thingie with room for damage, loyalty, sabotage, time/rep markers as well as rings, in a SW setting, that'd be cool. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Yes. Sort of. This was my idea. When RotE is out, I'll scan the rings, print them and make a version, that will "snap" to a leader.
  13. I love this game, but sadly the design of the standee bases is slowly destroying it. The cardboard standees are being damaged by the bases. The state of the standees gets continually worse when attaching and unattaching rings to the different characters. Have anyone had ideas to counter this? Thinking a lot about magnets lately
  14. This isn't a question about rules, as it quite clearly states in the rules, that damage markers are removed after combat, but why have they included so many of them? It seems like it is supposed to be permanent..
  15. Certain actions cards are meant to be played during the "Assignment" phase. (Our darkest hour etc.) We have been playing them wrong (at least I think we have), since we have played them and resolved them during the assignment phase (Before going to the action phase), but I have seen others describe how they play them as a normal mission. Using them as a regular mission doesn't really make sense to me, as you will slowly learn which cards are available to each leader, so even if you wont be able to counter them (As none of them are "attempt" missions), your opponent will be able to plan ahead, knowing this. Our reason for doing this is the Ozzel-mission (I forget the name) which is absolutely useless, when played in this way, since it is just a "move" card, that allows you to move fleets from adjacent systems into the system where he resolves his mission. How does this make any sense?
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