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  1. Bought the Quason-e Ion Tempest cruiser to use for a scenario idea. Love your SW ships,and turbolaser turrets.
  2. Wondering if anyone knows of/is working on any solitaire rules for playing Armada. Have seen the AI for X-wing ships used in the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster campaign and thinking same thing could be done for Armada ships+squadrons. Any help is appreciated....thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tip on the flight stands--I have Krylon matte black so will use that. Just hope at some point I can paint fighters somewhere as good as you.
  4. How are you blacking out the clear plastic flight stands please? Really like your work,especially the B-wings and metallic Gozantis--hoping my stab at painting my ships doesnt go horribly wrong as not really a good painter.
  5. Cardhaus has Nebulons for 9.99 and today only the VSD for 19.99. Picked up 3 more frigates from em.
  6. Can we see your campaign rules please???? Or are they posted at kdyards.com? Am working on a small solo campaign of my own.
  7. Great looking campaign pack---downloaded the pdf of it for some ideas for my solo campaign. Am learning how to play Armada using just core set to start,and these will be the ships/squadrons used in the first scenario of the campaign (need to paint some fighters up first before play.) As campaign progresses will use ships from expansions for follow on scenarios. Working on system similar to yours for adding/upgrading forces to each sides order of battle. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
  8. Used it just now on my android phone to create opening rosters for my solo campaign. Bit of a learning curve but played with it. Just need to get Internet connection to open the updated data files.
  9. Nice video,easy to follow. What type mats yall playing on? FFG ones?
  10. https://armadashipyards.com/2015/09/28/grand-admiral-thrawn/
  11. I have a Thrawn card that is part of a set sold by specialty printer....DA Shipyards iirc.
  12. Great advice here! I want to paint my squadrons but get intimidated when I actually sit down to try. One thing I do not understand is about washes.....I bought a few pre-made washes but am wondering how do folks apply it to foghters please---any suggestions??? Also how do you make your own wash? Thx, Mark
  13. Collection shown---have another MC30,Home One, two more Nebulons,and 200 more mini American size card sleeves coming. Not shown are the plaster models of the asteroid space worm,destroyed frigate,and Death Star/Yavin 4 game clock that need painting. Think this is enough to get started???
  14. Was able to file down back rounded end of the peg enuff to fit into the Gladiator---took off a good bit of plastic! But it does work. Thanks for all the advice on this with the Armada ships.
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