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  1. Okay after reviewing those sections, I guess I'm still curious about how shadowlands taint progresses within a character. Based on: the narrative--that the taint infection grows over time and eventually consumes the person, and the afflicted condition, which is how new taint-related disadvantages are added, I would expect there was some mechanism by which a taint-related disadvantage re-applies the Afflicted condition--otherwise, I don't see how it could grow over time.
  2. I remember in 4e there were rules by which a tainted characters' corruption got worse. They had to periodically make earth ring checks to resist further corruption. The Shadowlands supplement for 5e describes how the taint gets worse over time, but I don't see similar mechanics. Am I looking in the wrong spot? Specifically, I'm wondering if there are mechanics for the following: Acquisition of taint Progression of taint Jade's protection against taint Jade petal tea's suppression of symptoms House rules are welcome too, if there aren't rules for these things.
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