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  1. I second kyujutsu. Raising your reflexes helps with insight, initiative, and (IIRC) Armor TN or AC or w/e (haven’t played 4e in a year). Bows can be MEAN, esp. if you don’t use a grid and worry about line of sight.
  2. sidescroller

    5Ed NPCs

    TL;DR: no, what are you looking for? I don’t. I’m guessing others don’t, either. The beta book has some stuff in the back for building NPCs. I was able to whip up some NPCs pretty quickly using that, when I actually needed a full stat block. I find I don’t need one for most NPCs, since the book does a good job describing what different ring and skill ranks represent. Usually I only pull out a full NPC stat block for a full encounter. My biggest hurdle for beta NPCs is variety of techniques, since they work differently for NPCs and PCs. Don’t have a great solution for that yet. What kind of stuff are you looking for that you don’t see in the beta materials?
  3. sidescroller

    The silence

    I’ve heard this, but I don’t know the source. Any chance you can point me in a good direction? Also sorry for the weird formatting. Mobile interface is being difficult. The next paragraph is my reply to the quote that follows it. I mean, I haven’t played the game for 19 years, but I was never a big fan of the story. I liked the game for its flavor, namely the personalities of the clans and the nature of their relationships. Other games/settings have similar structures, sure, but none of them have hooked me like L5R.
  4. sidescroller

    BETA FEEDBACK - Assisting - Currently broken

    I’d totally be cool with just one extra kept die, especially if assistants' advantages apply. Except maybe that messes with the arithmetic? Like are the party's chances of hitting TN 3 or 4 better if everyone just rolls separately?
  5. Oh indeed. That’s what I get for posting when I should be sleepin
  6. Huh. Pulling the quote from the book (p. 15): That's an ambiguous sentence. It's kinda unclear whether the antecedent of "those" is "ways" or "checks" If the antecedent is "checks", the text sort of implies that assistance can't be used in narrative scenes, but doesn't explicitly forbid it because of the leniency of "such as". I wonder what the RAI is. If the antecedent is "ways"... then something is missing, because p. 151 doesn't say anything about assistance. (While writing, I wrote "than" instead of "then". Wouldn't that be an ironic mistake to make in this post )
  7. I missed the part in the rules that says variable TNs aren't known by default Page ref? My group has yet to encounter this problem when searching. We might be wrong but here's how we think about it: when you're searching, you know where you're searching. If it's a human-made place, it has a function, and a skill or skills related to that function. Those skills include familiarity with that environment. Examples: Searching a shop or restaurant? Commerce. Searching a dojo? Martial Arts. Searching an office? Government. Searching a house? Maybe Labor or Culture. Searching a shrine? Theology. Searching a farm? Labor. Searching a road? Government. Stable? Survival. If it's the wilderness, use Survival. If you know you're searching for criminal activity, you can always use Skullduggery ("If I was trying to hide a body, where would I put it?"). Also seems like labor is pretty useful for searching, as construction is involved with literally any building Thus, I'd probably give Labor a higher TN when a different skill fits better. My concern is that a general noticing stuff skill doesn't make a good game. My group likes games that feature lengthy investigations, so I want everyone involved. In TAoI, different players can share the spotlight during the investigation, just like in skirmishes and intrigues. If, instead, investigation always relies on just one skill (even others are needed to interpret findings), then it's harder to share the spotlight. I'd hate to see investigations devolve to Perception-spam, like duels originally (still?) devolved to Center-spam.
  8. sidescroller

    Are you enjoying this game?

    1 & 2: Agree. Though to be fair, I'm gonna lump myself in a new group: those that felt 4e was sufficiently flawed that they're very ready to like something that's significantly different. I might be the only member, but I'm guessing not. I imagine it's difficult to determine how large a grain of salt to take with forum feedback. It's not like anyone participating in the forums is a run-of-the-mill L5R player. It's the folks that care enough to show up--be they old L5R fans, current FFG fans, or serial beta testers. Dunno that the forum group is a representative sample of customers. And another thing that complicates assessing forum feedback: folks aren't always great at differentiating "I don't like this mechanic because it's different" vs "I don't like this mechanic, but it works" vs "This mechanic doesn't work". Each is different. And the better people can communicate the difference, the better info FFG will have. 3. Saaaaaaaame.
  9. sidescroller

    Are you enjoying this game?

    My group's enjoying it. Busy preppin the next session now. Will post more later, if I finish my prep in time. (Wish me luck--adding a city & it's inhabitants....) Not perfect. Some stuff I hope gets changed. I think the timeline is a little optimistic.
  10. sidescroller

    Experience - Too high

    There are other levels listed with it though. Am I missing something? Not at my table I really like this approach, actually, for a couple reasons. Schools don’t (and shouldn’t) give credit for everything, just stuff relevant to the school. Just like IRL. You don't get a physics degree by taking mostly literature classes. Second, char advancement as-is offers players a dramatic choice--will I be a carbon copy? How much space can I give myself to be my own person? Plus, now there's no race to get to rank 3 for a second attack. The pressure to advance is much lower. You don't win the game by going up in school rank Being a well rounded character is its own reward. The following is a response to the quote below it, because mobile forum formatting: Assuming the tables are in different campaigns, it doesn’t matter if they have different XP rates. It matters that they both have *fun* XP rates. No need to be consistent across tables, just within a table If both tables want to go from rank 1-5 in one year, and one group meets weekly and the other monthly, of course they’ll have different advancement rates.
  11. sidescroller

    Experience - Too high

    @AK_Aramis I think it seems high, too. If we assume a 4 hour play session (which gives 8 xp/session RAW), and a significant milestone (3 to 5 xp, avg = 4) every 4 sessions, we can average 9 xp/session. At 9 XP/session, you go from gempukku to rank 4 in 7 sessions. Seems quite quick. But that's assuming you only buy things off your advancement table, which could be boring. @nameless ronin I do. The rules updates already have guidelines about how much starting XP to give depending on how experienced the characters should be.
  12. Aha! Excellent analysis, @Exarkfr thanks!
  13. No, AFAIK. Check the Resistance sidebar on p. 145 By a conservative reading, no: Open Hand Style inflicts a condition. Though forcing the target to change stance doesn't seem to be a persistent effect, technically. So who knows. By a strict reading of the main opportunities table, you can, but it costs 4 <OP>. Also, "I should not have to turn a sword into something other than a sword to do this" is a simulationist argument, but there aren't a ton of simulationist mechanics.
  14. sidescroller

    Rules system question

    I’m guessing it’s mostly that the beta has been out for over a month, and there’s not as much to talk about with updates. *Especially* for those in the polished-4e-or-bust camp I’ve got threads I want to follow up on, but I’ve got other gaming stuff on my plate, too I’ll get them eventually. I imagine others are in a similar boat.
  15. sidescroller

    Does PVP work? Well? Poorly?

    Isn't it up to the player though, if their character would bargain or be convinced? It's the same problem, just lower stakes. Like if the player wants to kill the NPC, but they make their life-bargain check, the player just lost agency. Similarly, if the character now believes something new that the player didn't want the character to believe, the player has lost agency. Huh. Considering this... maybe the first two conditions for a check ("Could a character succeed?" and "Could a character fail?") preclude any persuasion checks that target PCs in a narrative scene or conflict. Here's my thinking: Assuming that the GM cannot tell the player who their character is, what they believe/think, or what they do--only the player can decide if a check against their character could possibly succeed or fail. If it cannot succeed, there's no check required. If it can succeed that means the player has an idea of some argument/form of persuasion that would convince their character. In which case, there's still no check required; the would-be-persuader only needs to make the right argument. Which kind of answers my original questions--by this logic, social-oriented PCs get a bit of a PVP nerf because their persuasion mechanics become ineffective. Though persuasion checks could still be used in a downtime scene (as long as success is possible) in lieu of roleplaying.