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  1. FWIW, this edition uses a different system than Genesys/SW
  2. Yes, this is a good game. And like any edition of L5R, that's largely because of a compelling setting. The major selling point of L5R has always been the setting, not the system. I think @Avatar111 made getting into the setting sound more daunting than it really is; don't feel like you *have to* read more lore than the core book provides; if your particular implementation*** of Rokugan looks different than other peoples', that's fine. If you're having fun, you're doing it right. As others have noted, it started with some great ideas, and followed up with mediocre execution--so, it's just a *good* game, not a great game. Recommended for someone that has never played before? Depends on what that person has never played. Never played an RPG? Maybe, if the GM knows the system well. Never played L5R? Sure. IMO, the game shines through 3 main concepts: 1) the setting, 2) the approach system, 3) multifunctional dice. Primarily, though, I think it shines in comparison to past editions of L5R; in my own observation, L5R is the RPG that gets most frequently and extensively house-ruled to try to fix the game (as opposed to just add more to it, like additional classes in D&D). I expect that will be true for this edition, too, but I'm glad they took the game to a different system. ***keeping in mind the major sources of drama will make the setting accessible: different clan "personalities", samurai are servants with lords, and the game is interesting when tenets of bushido conflict; if you focus on those three things, you'll have a good game of L5R. If everyone is new to the game, I'd start everyone in one clan (maybe 1 or 2 PCs on loan from a neighboring/allied clan), focus on conflicts of a provincial daimyo. After a few sessions, introduce a couple characters from another clan, and then as your campaign reaches a climax, introduce a third clan. No need to feature every clan in your first campaign.
  3. sidescroller

    Strife as XP

    Dunno! Maybe give us a shot and tell us how it goes! I think it would depend on what particular relationship between action and growth you're trying to model; what makes the idea appealing to you? As others have said, 1:1 ratio would probably be a little too high, but that should be easy to adjust--maybe figure out how many XP you want players to be getting from strife, then estimate how many they're getting per session, and divide. I'd be inclined to make conflict strife worth less than other forms, because there're so many rolls in conflicts.
  4. sidescroller

    Flaw Disadvantage...

    This is one of the principles of the clan's foundation. But individual samurai are tools of the clan. It benefits the clan to have agents that believe bushido is pointless and that adherence to it is foolish.
  5. sidescroller

    PDF Release?

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaah they don’t show up here much. But this also isn’t the area they’ve created to communicate with them. There’s a different form you can find through their website.
  6. sidescroller

    Critical Strikes

    Does the 2 opp critical stack with a critical that wasn’t defended? In other words, if a target is incapacitated, can an attacker deliver two critical strikes in one turn?
  7. You can also confine the campaign to a single city and 1-2 days’ ride away. Yup. Loved the “places” chapter of 4e.
  8. sidescroller

    Samurai questions

    Do these populations estimate only active serving samurai? Or does it include children and the elderly who have retired to monasteries?
  9. sidescroller

    School advancement

    "RAW = "rules as written" @Tonbo Karasu jinx! you owe me a soda
  10. sidescroller

    School advancement

    Sorry, don't have the book with me right now--does RAW clarify this? I always assumed it was "open availability"... gotta find out for sure!
  11. sidescroller


    Characters can purchase ninjitsu techniques if they're listed specifically in the technique categories for schools, or on the curricula tables as exceptions. In other words, if you can have them, it says so on your school page.
  12. sidescroller

    Scorpion bushi (or lack there of)

    There's a new additional effect in the Bayushi Manipulator ability: exploiting a target's disadvantage is free. Still confined to Scheme actions though.
  13. sidescroller

    CC Confusion

    Right. If they're assigned to you, the prerequisites are waived. Similarly, the school curricula tables allow PCs to acquire certain techniques without fulfilling the prerequisites. These, too, are exceptions, and they're marked.
  14. I've got a couple questions about NPC abilities that I don't see covered by RAW. Does anyone know RAW answers, or can anyone recommend sensible solutions? 1. NPC templates add techniques. I assume these techniques can be from the techniques section? If so, what technique ranks should be used? (my guess would be to use the highest conflict rank as a substitute for school rank when adding techniques to NPCs) 2. Is it appropriate to add school techniques to NPC templates, so that the NPCs feel/play like they're from the appropriate clan/family/school?
  15. Pretty sure the Manifest Fire Kami (p. 324) shouldn't have 6 Earth and 2 Fire....