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  1. Looking for thoughts onthe below list. Last local tournament here inSouth Korea I went 3-0 with Norra, R4D6 Biggs, and stress bot Nien. This time I wanted to tweak the formula and have some fun. What do you all think? TIE Fighter: · Ahsoka Tano (17) Veteran Instincts (1) · Captured TIE (1) · Sabine's Masterpiece (1) · Sabine Wren (2) Scavenger Crane (2) Proton Bombs (5) ARC-170: · Norra Wexley (29) Push The Limit (3) Seismic Torpedo (2) · R2-D2 (4) Vectored Thrusters (2) Tail Gunner (2) Alliance Overhaul (0) X-Wing: · Biggs Darklighter (25) · M9-G8 (3) Integrated Astromech (0) -- TOTAL ------- 99/100p. --
  2. Buy everything just make sure not to tell your Wife and hide all your models at work... Seriously though everything has its merits, fly what you think looks cool
  3. Can you ship to APOs? Sort of stateside and its domestic shipping prices...
  4. All of it because theres always more room for more ships even if your Wife says there isn't...
  5. The rebel alliance is a small rag tag group of freedom fighters who will ultimately prevail in the fight against the evil imps and fully restore order to the galaxy when they push the scum back into the outer rim where they belong! After there's an X-Wing fix that makes their flagship more viable...
  6. Stationed there now and order most things through Amazon Prime (don't hate have to feed the addiction somehow)
  7. I have it dropped off at work so my Wife just thinks its part of the collection I brought in to hide the fact that I secretly buy XWing stuff while im at work... The addiction is real...
  8. Theres no reason not to buy multiple sets of everything ever made for this game... Its crack
  9. Any ideas on when HoTAC is being updated again? 1.0 release or am I dreaming?
  10. Had no need for more than one but after all this put in for another one anyways... #addict
  11. So I have never gone to a tournament and frankly have only ever played with my friend who showed me the game. I was wondering if I could get some pointers on a list that may seem a little crazy... Lothal Rebel - R2D2, Hera Syndulla, Shield Upgrade: 44pts Poe - R5-P9, VI, Autothrusters: 37pts Roark Garnet - 19pts Total: 100pts Really looking to push forward quickly and keep the HWK behind to push the PS12 onto Lothal to take advantage of the 4 dice hitting first. Not really sure if there is a Meta here in South Korea as the game unfortunately isn't that popular. Other options ive looked at are the Double Daggers with FCS, Extra Munitions, Proton Torps, Guidance Chips, Nera with the same loadout but add in deadeye and switch in Advanced Sensors. Overall im a straight get in your face as quickly as possible player and would welcome some veteran advice as I am new to the game.
  12. A good friend taught me how to play this past April and he started off with three asteroids, gave me Luke with no upgrades and he took two Academy Ties. Second game was two Xs for me and he upgraded to an ace and some ties and then third game I stole a list I liked from the forum and was wrecked by his Tie Swarm. Loved every moment of it and have been hooked ever since. So far have bought at least one of everything except the Raider. Still cant convince my wife to play though...
  13. Completely agree with you it would be a great way to mess with opponents (Scum illicit?) but anything beyond ordnance or an illicit would be overkill IMO
  14. My buddy recently got me into XWing and we are going to try out Epic this weekend, really looking forward to it. Once we try that out though we may give this a try (other buddy we are trying to hook is a Soccer fan) thanks for the idea!
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