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  1. Lore says it has a gunner, so it really ought to have one in game, too. Special Forces Gunner is TIE/sf-only, so it would have to get its own gunner ("Elite Forces Gunner"?) anyway. If FFG didn't want to make it simply better in every way, they could make the linked rotate actions red. Spitballing: The extra agility and evade-jam combo represent its stealthiness. The gain in survivability means it would be more expensive than the SF, leaving that ship a niche as the heavy swarmer. The gunner: Gunner leans into jam-as-stealth. It'll still die to massed fire. Since it's limited to the mobile arc, the pilot will need to think carefully about those red rotates. And Kylo's special TIE: Between the bullseye requirement and the purple actions, you'll really want to give this to Kylo. Evade-jam-boost-Force would be extremely powerful, so boost always costs Force.
  2. It's a double-sided Raider/CR-90 extended-art card that came in the S3 2019 store kits. Here's a Facebook link with pics.
  3. That’s the way it’s always been in 2e. First hit/crit result deals one damage, the rest deal ions.
  4. It works when defending against any attack. The ability says “while you (defend) or (perform a primary attack)”. It does not say “defend against a primary attack”.
  5. To clarify the previous post, YASB is Yet Another Squad Builder and LBN is Launch Bay Next, available on your phone's App Store.
  6. Since wing mates add or remove stress based on the difficulty of the leader’s revealed maneuver, they don’t benefit from abilities that change the difficulty of the leader’s maneuver. So even though Ello can execute a white talon roll, he revealed a red one, and his wing mates gain stress. Ditto for R2 Astromech. On the flip side, they don’t suffer from increases in difficulty either. You can use this to your advantage with Ryad or a Seasoned Navigator.
  7. Ordnance Tubes does not add any slots. You do have to pay to equip the missiles. Currently, the Raider and C-ROC with refit are the only ships that can make use of Ordnance Tubes. That’ll likely change as more ships are released.
  8. I’ve fixed the wording so that it works as intended.
  9. My intention was that charges would be recovered on flipping the card. I’m not sure how charges and multi-sided cards work. So it should go: * [Round 1] Engagement (damage > flip) * [Round 2] Systems: Lose charge * [Round 2] Activation: chance for action * [Round 3] Systems: Lose charge * [Round 3] Activation: chance for action * [Round 4] Systems: Explode
  10. If the Razorcrest comes with IG-11 as crew, I’d love to see his sharpshooter and self-destruct abilities represented. My idea: IG-11 [Calculate] Setup: Equip this side face up. After you perform a calculate action, gain a calculate token. While you perform a primary attack, if the defender is in your [bullseye], before the Neutralize Results step, you may spend 1 calculate token to cancel 1 evade result. When you are dealt a damage card, flip this card. IG-11 (Self-Destruct Protocol) [2 Charges] [Edit] When this side is revealed, recover all charges. During the System phase, if you have no charges remaining, each ship at range 0-1 is dealt 1 critical damage. Then discard this card. At the end of the system phase, lose one charge. Action: flip this card.
  11. The rules reference states: a wingmate is treated as having fully executed the maneuver on the wing leader’s dial. How does this interact with Leia (Rebel)? From my reading, Leia would still effect the wingmates, as they are executing a red maneuver, and she reduces the difficulty of all red maneuvers for the round.
  12. Ah, that makes sense. It'd be nice for them to specifically address this in the document, as they have with the other examples.
  13. The rules don't specify. If it were my call, I'd say they can join, but are not moved into formation until after the wing leader activates (and if they still don't fit, would execute the maneuver on the wing leader's dial as usual). Technically, it's a missed opportunity. If it's immediately after picking up dials, though, I'd expect that most people would be fine with splitting/joining a wing, especially on game night or a store tournament. At high-level competition, once planning has started, even if no dials are down, splitting/joining would still disrupt planning. You can always ask your opponent, but they might say "no".
  14. Correct, which I think is just the Raider or the C-ROC with one of the titles.
  15. The mobile link is really pixelated, but it looks fine on desktop. Must be a FB thing. Here’s an imgur album.
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