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  1. asterborn

    Double-Tap Vennie

    You cannot rotate the bow tie arc 180°. From the rules reference: If a ship rotates a double turret arc indicator, it must select the other two standard arcs it was not already selecting.
  2. asterborn

    Double-Tap Vennie

    Unless you use a coordinator to enable the 2xcalc+focus stack, I think Perceptive Copilot is a better choice than C-3P0.
  3. asterborn

    Arvel and Composure

    For a point more, he can take Predator. If he’s bumping, chances are the other ship’s in his bullseye.
  4. asterborn

    Factions and cards question

    There’s also composure and agile gunner, which are exclusive to Lando’s Falcon for now. They’re not really essential, though.
  5. asterborn

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    Gold Squadron Pilot, Ion Cannon Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner, Selfless, R2/R5 Astromech is 50 points even. Red Squadron Veteran, Selfless, R2 Astromech is also 50 points. Mix and match for a damage-sharing, quad regenerating, control squad.
  6. Correct, so it does him no good if taking a single attack. But it does make it hard to focus-fire him, as he has the tokens for the next ship to shoot.
  7. Oops, squad builder dropped the droid, though he was still included in the point total. Fixed now.
  8. I ran this a couple weeks ago (might have been the one @wurms ran into) and went 3-1 at a Hyperspace tournament: (67) Vennie (7) Paige Tico (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) C-3PO (3) Trajectory Simulator (5) Proton Bombs Points 96 (38) L'ulo L'ampar (1) Heroic (1) Trick Shot Points 40 (52) Joph Seastriker (7) M9-G8 (0) Integrated S-foils (4) Squad Leader Points 63 Total points: 199 Joph can coordinate a focus to Vennie, which along with double calculate lets her reliably evade 4-5 damage against three attacks. He also gives her a reroll on each attack with M9-G8. Joph is a critical support piece, but thanks to his ability, is very hard to focus down in a round. L’Ulo is there as a cheap 3-die attack, and to provide an additional mobile arc to keep Vennie’s ability active. I was a little worried about the lack of Pattern Analyzer, but honestly I didn’t miss it as much as expected. Vennie just has to be judicious with her stops.
  9. I think the wording on the French Devoted and Treacherous was the same (translated “Constrain”), so Devoted probably assigns a strain token.
  10. asterborn

    Double-Tapping Vennie

    Dropping Paige is intriguing, although I’d be worried about having to split fire. I haven’t tried VTG without her yet; has it done much work for you? What do you mean about Zari’s initiative? The other disadvantage of Perceptive Copilot is that you only get two tokens (ff) instead of three (fcc). It’s better if you’re taking two shots, but worse for 3+. I do like the Pattern analyzer suggestion. Maybe dropping seismics and downgrading Intimidation to Heroic would be worth it.
  11. asterborn

    Double-Tapping Vennie

    Here’s a squad I’m thinking about bringing to an upcoming Hyperspace event, built around the Resistance’s theme of supporting a super-ship: (67) Vennie (7) Paige Tico (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) C-3PO (3) Trajectory Simulator (3) Seismic Charges (5) Proton Bombs Points 99 (35) Zari Bangel (3) Intimidation (4) Squad Leader Points 42 (52) Jessika Pava (7) M9-G8 (0) Integrated S-foils Points 59 Total points: 200 Basic strategy: Jess locks Vennie to give rerolls to both of her shots. Zari tries to ram the opponent to reduce their agility, while coordinating Vennie. Vennie ends up with focus and double calculate to tank at least three damage per round. She can fling seismic charges forward to clear a path, and drop proton bombs behind for ships that have had their shields stripped. Thoughts?
  12. asterborn

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Although, sadly, the second Tallon Roll would be red, since Ello’s ability only works for revealed maneuvers 😕
  13. asterborn

    Wave 2 in the App(s)?

    Launch Bay Next is up to date.
  14. asterborn

    Wave2 Open Boxes

    Ooh, with Tallie (who also has a mobile arc) and Perceptive Copilot (assuming crew), Vennie could be quite tanky.
  15. asterborn

    Wave2 Open Boxes

    Vennie’s ability works with his own mobile arc, correct?