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  1. asterborn

    Double-Tapping Vennie

    Dropping Paige is intriguing, although I’d be worried about having to split fire. I haven’t tried VTG without her yet; has it done much work for you? What do you mean about Zari’s initiative? The other disadvantage of Perceptive Copilot is that you only get two tokens (ff) instead of three (fcc). It’s better if you’re taking two shots, but worse for 3+. I do like the Pattern analyzer suggestion. Maybe dropping seismics and downgrading Intimidation to Heroic would be worth it.
  2. asterborn

    Double-Tapping Vennie

    Here’s a squad I’m thinking about bringing to an upcoming Hyperspace event, built around the Resistance’s theme of supporting a super-ship: (67) Vennie (7) Paige Tico (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) C-3PO (3) Trajectory Simulator (3) Seismic Charges (5) Proton Bombs Points 99 (35) Zari Bangel (3) Intimidation (4) Squad Leader Points 42 (52) Jessika Pava (7) M9-G8 (0) Integrated S-foils Points 59 Total points: 200 Basic strategy: Jess locks Vennie to give rerolls to both of her shots. Zari tries to ram the opponent to reduce their agility, while coordinating Vennie. Vennie ends up with focus and double calculate to tank at least three damage per round. She can fling seismic charges forward to clear a path, and drop proton bombs behind for ships that have had their shields stripped. Thoughts?
  3. asterborn

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Although, sadly, the second Tallon Roll would be red, since Ello’s ability only works for revealed maneuvers 😕
  4. asterborn

    Wave 2 in the App(s)?

    Launch Bay Next is up to date.
  5. asterborn

    Wave2 Open Boxes

    Ooh, with Tallie (who also has a mobile arc) and Perceptive Copilot (assuming crew), Vennie could be quite tanky.
  6. asterborn

    Wave2 Open Boxes

    Vennie’s ability works with his own mobile arc, correct?
  7. asterborn

    Let's share some good rebel lists

    Four ship Rebels has been working for me, also, though I’ve only played at my LGS’s casual nights. Squads I’ve enjoyed: Four Ship Synergy (42) "Dutch" Vander (9) Proton Torpedoes (2) R4 Astromech Points 53 (38) Kyle Katarn (12) Moldy Crow (1) Trick Shot Points 51 (47) Garven Dreis (0) Servomotor S-foils Points 47 (48) Biggs Darklighter (0) Servomotor S-foils Points 48 Total points: 199 Fly ships in pairs of like initiative and form a killbox. Dutch gives Garven a lock, Kyle gives Dutch one of his focuses and takes a lock himself, for three double-modded shots round 1. Garven’s ability is used to top off Kyle’s focus stack. Cassian Control Ys (47) Cassian Andor (0) Pivot Wing (5) Informant Points 52 (38) Horton Salm (6) Ion Cannon Turret (8) Veteran Turret Gunner Points 52 (36) Arvel Crynyd (3) Intimidation Points 39 (43) Norra Wexley (6) Ion Cannon Turret (8) Veteran Turret Gunner Points 57 Total points: 200 Arvel and Norra like to get in close, which gives Horton rerolls. Arvel’s debuff makes the Ys primary attacks more potent, and increases the likelihood that you’ll put ions on the target. Not sure yet if I really like Informant, though.
  8. asterborn

    New Force Cards

    This kind of list would be great if Kanan’s ability worked on himself. I built something similar thinking that a ship could be in its own arc
  9. asterborn

    Deadeye Norra Works, correct?

    "An attack" is anything that has the Attack: header. Norra's ability does not have the header, so it is not "an attack"; it merely triggers while attacking. If this combo worked, it'd be hilarious with Recon Specialist though.
  10. asterborn

    Let's discuss BB-9E (TLJ Spoilers)

    As BB-9E is BB-8’s evil counterpart, I’d kinda like to see him with an ability that’s the inverse of BB-8’s: •BB-9E Crew. First Order only. 3 points. When you reveal a red maneuver, you may perform a free boost action. It’s nothing to do with his in-movie role, but it would be very useful for keeping the Upsilon’s guns on target if you dialed in a 1-turn.
  11. asterborn

    2 X, 1Y and a Z!

    Flight Assist specifies that you cannot attack out of arc, so it unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective :P) won't help with kiting.