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  1. Super Dash comes to mind as a potential possibility. PTL, Kanan, Outrider, HLC, EU, and Prockets for good measure.
  2. I get the purpose of Ezra, but I don't think PTL+Chopper is the way to go. R3-A2 and Tactician, plus your choice of cheap elite, gives you a nice element of control. If you're worried about being able to coordinate with R3-A2, you can swap Tactician for Nien Nunb so he can keep up with the other ships while still being able to coordinate most of the time. I might pick Selflessness as the elite slot, since keeping Corran alive on the first pass is essential.
  3. In that case Tactician on the Wookiees sounds like the right call to me. Wookiee Commandos are really bad against Sensor Jammer, but both Kanan and Fenn are pretty vulnerable to stress.
  4. Another option, depending on the meta, could be to swap out the Linked Batteries for a pair of Ion Cannons. Ions are bad against the Ghost and anything else with a turret, but against Wookies and Gunboats they're pretty brutal.
  5. Second the Ezra suggestion, especially with Sensor Jammer Ghosts and Fenn Rau running amok. Kanan's good at freeing up the dial, but Chewie doesn't need a ton of maneuverability - unlike Rey, he couldn't care less whether or not something's in his arc.
  6. In general, torpedoes and missiles have good enough modification on their own now that they don't need Jonus' help, and putting that modification on another ship is risky anyway since your whole squad gets weaker if he gets shot down. That said, he is still a ton of fun with cannon Alphas or turret Aggressors - remember, his ability works with any secondary weapon, not just ordinance.
  7. You'd have to drop one of the crew, but I'd personally go with a YT-2400 here rather than the 1300. Innate barrel roll on a large base makes for an amazing blocker; you'd basically have a rebel Bumpmaster, ableit with a worse dial.
  8. Quickdraw might be a nice compromise between an ace and a TIE/D. It's another high-damage threat that you really can't afford to ignore, and it provides some high-PS insurance with a punch against arcdodgers. VI, FCS, Advanced Optics, Title, LWF comes to 36 points.
  9. If you're worried about Poe and company, you could replace Dauntless on Oicunn with Ion Projector. If you successfully block him head on, you can set up a lock by Palping the Ion Projector roll to a hit every round, getting ram damage on him every round and denying him his actions and regen. Only problem (aside from setting it up) is that you can't use Kylo anymore since you're losing your actions too; just a thought.
  10. I know it's overdone but I really think a Wookie might be the way to go for the Sabine carrier. Just your basic Kashyyk defender with Sabine, 3P0, and Thermals for if anything gets on your tail. The trouble with trying to make your wingman the biggest gun (Keyan in particular) is he will inevitably die first, leaving your mines far less threatening. Just make the carrier a massive pain to kill and fight a war of attrition. I might also try swapping the Clusters for Connor Nets. Clusters cover a larger area, true, but Connors are way more threatening to the ships you're worried about (Dash, Aces, etc.), and the ion can give you shots for your turrets without taking return fire.
  11. "Youngster" (15) Debris Gambit (2) "Omega Ace" (20) Swarm Leader (3) Advanced Optics (2) "Howlrunner" (18) Juke (2) "Mauler Mithel" (17) Juke (2) "Scourge" (17) Juke (2) Miniswarm with serious teeth. Evade up (preferably more than once with Youngster), chip away their shields with Howlrunner, Mithel and Scourge, then burn your extra evades to bring on a bunch of crits with Omega Ace.
  12. If you're going purely with what you have, I'd recommend quantity over quality. You're not going to get a hyper-optimized Poe or Rey out of the upgrades you have, but a Blue Squadron Novice with a cheap astromech and IA is a darn solid ship for 25-28 points. I'd start with something like this: Chewbacca [TFA] (42) Rey (2) Trick Shot (0) Jess Pava (25) M9-G8 (3) Pattern Analyzer (2) IA (0) Blue Squadron Novice (24) BB-8 (2) IA (0) Jess is better with four ships, but her pilot ability is still really good even with 2-3; lock Chewie on round 1 and then fly in formation with the Blue pilot to get your rerolls. If they gun for Chewbacca, you can use him as bait to line up shots for your X-wings while shooting back at his pursuers; if they gun for the X-wings, Chewie gets extra shots when they die. Not an optimized list by any means, but just an idea for where to start. Until you get more upgrades I'd strongly recommend trying to field all 3 of your resistance ships whenever possible. More health, more damage, and gives you more practice in maneuvering and such.
  13. I can't really contibute to the Ghost / Auzituck debate; I know a FCS ghost with Hera is really good, but I haven't had the opportunity to fly the Auzituck yet. I will say that with 16 health it's not an easy ship to alpha even with harpoons; you need at least 4 to reliably kill it, so you're probably getting at least one shot off. Also, I'd strongly suggest FAA on Jess over the EPT droid + Adaptability; besides FAA being a massive help maneuver-wise, I think Jess prefers PS 3 to 4 in this list. It's not a huge deal if you get in Rex's way, since he's mostly just there as a nuisance, but being able to maneuver around the large-base Ghost as needed is a massive help.
  14. I'm a big fan of this Kylo build with ordinance carriers. I used it with bombers, but it should work perfectly well with Alphas too. Kylo (34) Draw Their Fire (1) FCS (2) Weapons Engineer (3) Recon Specialist (3) Weapons Guidance (2) Targeting Synchronizer (3) Nu Squadron Pilot (18) x2 Proton Torpedoes (4) LRS (0) OS-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Total 96 That leaves 4 points - maybe unguided rockets or seismic torps on the Nus, or EU on the shuttle. FCS, Weapons Engineer and Threat Tracker are a great combination with ordinance; since you use Kylo's lock, you have your own LRS lock and/or focus to modify the dice if need be, and it's less likely that you'll need to spend your LRS lock so you won't have the problem of re-acquiring it in future rounds.
  15. Gold Squadron Pilot (18) x2 TLT (6) BLT-A4 Y-Wing (0) FAA (1) Connor Nets (4) EM (2) Lowhrick (28) Predator (3) Sabine (2) C-3P0 (3) Seismic Charges (2)
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