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  1. I don't quite know where to put 4ed questions, a couple folks suggested to put them here. My question is, can the Lioness Legion tech (Charge of the Pride) circumvent the normal maximum movement per Round? (Water Ring x20). Here's the tech in question: "When in the Full Attack Stance, any movement you make during the course of the Round gains an additional 5 feet (this benefit is only gained once per Round). Additionally, as a Complex Move Action, you may move your Water Ring x25 feet." For example, in a Round (if you do nothing but move): 1. The Matsu Rank one tech allows you to move + 5 ft per Round while in Full Attack Stance. 2. Lioness Legion (Charge of the Pride) allows you to move + 5 ft per Round while in Full Attack Stance. 3. Full Attack allows you to move +5 ft per Round. Lets say my Water Ring is 3. 4. As a Free Action I can move 15 ft per Round (once per Round). 5. As a Complex Action using the Lioness Legion (Charge of the Pride) I can move 75 ft per Round (Water 3 x25). Now, I'm moving 105 ft! (But to me seems right, it's only movement afterall). My normal maximum movement per Round is 60 ft (Water 3 x20). My thinking is, yes you can, otherwise, the tech seems quite useless (unless I'm missing something), because I could use two Simple Actions/Round to move 60 ft (which is my max). Am I failing to understand something correctly?
  2. My group wants to get a l5r gaming going, but, like a lot of folks (seemingly) we don't care much for the 4ed rules as stated concerning, weapons, stances, maneuvers, kata (to an extent), and some other things; which is a biggy because we want to do a major military campaign; and good house rules seem hard to come by (and I never know quite what house rules to use given that I've never seen the same house rule twice in 4ed- besides for not counting the first skill rank for insight; nor does it help that the l5r AEG forum is wiped); and we all draw a blank when trying to think of house rules to use for the things that we don't care much for in 4ed; and we were thinking about maybe playing 1ed, but we realize that 1ed is wrought with issues itself and we'd probably have to make 10x more house rules for 1ed than 4ed; but we derno, there is something very sexy to us about 1ed (I think much of it is just cosmetic, as in, we are way more into the naming conventions in 1ed compared to 4ed, the former being more esoteric, namely, using more Japanese terminology). We have access to all the 1ed books, so that's not an issue. Then I came across this Triumvirate Edition here. I do realize it's not stand alone; that it is to be used with 1ed. I'm assuming it's basically 1ed with house rules? But there are a lot of things I see in it that appeal to me. Does anyone have any experience with the Triumvirate Edition? How was it? Also, for 4ed, feel free to share all the house rules you got (I used to find tons, links and everything, when the AEG forum was open; but now I've searched for a week and have found very few). I've also searched this forum. Thanks! http://www.kazenoshiro.com/fiction/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Triumvirate-Edition.pdf
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