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  1. Do you move the resource you already have, or does it come from the bank?
  2. I have a follow-up question on this card/ability. If I play holdout blaster on FN, then use the ability to roll and resolve that die, can I re-roll the holdout blaster if I activate FN on the ambush action? I guess the real question is can the same die be activated/resolved multiple time in the same round? I assume yes, since if you move a weapon from redeploy it can be re-used, right?
  3. How does the capture process work? If I choose to capture a character do I roll the spec ops dice of the capturing character versus the spec ops dice of target rebel unit? If the target rebel unit has no specs ops skill is the capture an immediate sucess? Can another rebel leader be placed from the leader pool to attempt to stop the capture?
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