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  1. perhaps use both rolls but just succeeding isnt enough but he must also produce a excess 2 total success? due to it hard to climb quick/efficiently and also being quiet? idk lol
  2. that being said though according to raw triumph and despairs never cancel each other out anyways apart from success/failure count which is an avenue a gm could set perm difficulties anyways this would just increase his.. choices
  3. well seems like your parents or at least your mom anyway has no problem with the darker aspects lol.. perhaps give them a hidden bunker? something along the lines of, yea they had a community, empire found them sent a platoon of troopers, their leaders sent them to escort the children and elderly to some sort of underground safehouse or something like that, and when they secure them they could find their leader being killed and in a frenzy they wipe out the battalion and capture their ship ;3. would ground their group together and give them an active reason to explore and cause massive havoc, and plus could always do missions to "recolonize" or strengthen their colony, and the bunker can be their "homestead"
  4. i believe the special mod podcast stated that according to raw they do cancel each other out in crafting, but he also stated that is a fun idea and itd be up to the gm and players
  5. Yeah, Scientist is what I planned to pick up to complement my Droid Tech. Aside from more ranks of Speaks Binary, the ranks of Inventor it provides gives you boost dice on your crafted droids, which will speed up the process of getting the crafting check down to simple through schematics. There's also another rank of Hidden Storage, so you'll have more room to work with when using your droids to smuggle things (like explosive charges). All the way down the left side of the tree, you can get Intense Focus, which is one of very few methods available to upgrade an attempt to craft or program a droid. Outlaw Tech has 2 ranks each of Inventor and Speaks Binary, but most of them are at the bottom of the tree, and that's all that you would really want from it. All the ranks of Tinkerer and Jury Rigged are nice, but not ideal for a character that's more invested in commanding droids around than doing things on their own. id agree with you normally but... jury rigging grenades is awesome besides , you could always beef up your strongest battle droid's gear ;o
  6. aye i suggest using minion groups loads of em maybe 3 groups of like 5-7 gives them 2-3 green/yellows to test the waters, it depends really on how combat oriented they are starting out really although with that many youll probably have to ramp up numbers later on quite abit.
  7. high int high pres droid with droid tech, then outlaw and finally scientist ;o command your own personal death squad of droids with what 7 speak binary? ;o n 4 inventor
  8. personally id just walk around with a jury rigged tinkered longling whip and beat things down to death ;o
  9. if its a 3 hp item, weighted head and stun pulse would be effective enough. if for some odd reason u hr it as a 4 hp for custom grip as well, its a pretty mean pipe.
  10. drop rivals on them, and i mean literally, have them walk around a city and have crazy wookies leap down and beat em to a pulp :3 whatchu goin to do when u got an ally pinned down by a bezerkin wookie
  11. yea thats alot more balanced, might i suggest though? remove the 20 deft maker with Jury Rigged, and then cut off the branches between improved overcharge and utility belt, and overcharge with machine and man, perhaps even the branches between 15-durable and 10/energy transfer, as well as the 15 deft/10 Cyberneticist to essentially "encourage" him to get all 3 machine of men to get his dedication.
  12. in terms of balance its too specialized IF your going to house rule it imo you should remove alot of the "juicy" pickings that the specializations have. such as supreme overcharge, supreme speaks binary, probably at least 2 of machine and man. and as for career skills id probably have the specilization only have Mechanics, Streetwise as well.. as it is this is probably the "strongest" base specialization. period possible replacements would be, Gear head, Machine mender, Redundant Systems, Utinn! Technical Aptitude to offset the non-computers career,
  13. So only because the devs mentioned it , thoughts on using second chances/ double or nothing while crafting?
  14. could also just give it 1 rank in fearsome and intimidating talents ;o
  15. i know almost no lore to start with.. but id imagine you would wear said mask go to world/ worlds that said culture is predominant and if they are a warrior culture you could just have him visit the clans, defeat their challenge whatever it may be and once hes crowned throw in groups of bounty hunters wanting to have the title of assassinating the king ;3 or old ancient grudges vs the mandalorian leader
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