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  1. Depending on the technology base used and nature of the original app, it is usually more efficient and cost effective to scrap an old app and build a new one than migrate old app content. This is especially dependent on their content management system and any use of outsourced labor. With apps you get what you pay for and if they tried to cut corners on the original app they may be heavily restricted and need to cut their losses and start from scratch. Good apps require more work than people realize especially as it relates to maintenance and ongoing management. Bad apps are easy and cheap to make but hard to maintain. My relevant experience - I've lead mobile app development teams that have deployed over a dozen apps to production for retailers and banks.
  2. I haven’t tracked data but I’ve noticed less turns, more likely to go to time and things die faster. This means the length of a turn for me is longer due to all the different tokens and rules to check for abilities as well as more late turns with solitary, limping ships and little happening. My group is more casual and I only did tournaments in 1.0 not 2.0.
  3. I think it adds too much complexity to an already complex game and mechanic. I get it thematically (pilot fighting the tractor) but feel too much is going on.
  4. Stats are self reported but FFG board games show up on this list quite a bit: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/267667/bgg-top-50-statistics-01-jan-19-01-jan-20-2019-ove I'm willing to bet they see most product sales from an IP perspective and use different ideas to push multiple uses (i.e. products) of a single IP (LoTR vs. 5Rings vs. Star Wars, etc.). X Wing does well because it has repeat transactions, which would put it as a golden goose in the product world. Keep in mind they pay royalties and have high logistics cost so probably make less per transaction than other games, made up for in sheer volume.
  5. I thought that at first then realized this is so flavorful and different mechanically that I want to buy several and just have fun blowing up. No idea if good in tournament but at home with beer and chips this would be a great ship.
  6. The epic post about the App implied it won’t get updated again but it could just be epic b/c ‘shrug’ I guess?
  7. To be clear, he can’t go ‘anywhere’ he wants, he has to be in Range 0-1 of an enemy for this to work which means he can go to 0-1. I’d just plan around the fact you dumped time, effort and points to being within 0-1 and make you pay extra for the trouble. As per prior post, I’d like to see you pull it off but I’ll add... and make it worth pulling off.
  8. We’re there sufficient pew pew noises? If yes, win!
  9. It's dropped on the ICv2 list "Top 5 Non-Collectible Miniatures Games" published in March 2019 for Fall 2018 to 4th place from 1st place Fall 2017 (and 1st nearly every time prior). It fell off the list entirely in Spring 2018 so you could argue it is up but seasonality and conversion to 2.0 are at play in the spring numbers. Overall non-collectible miniatures games were up 7% from 2017 to 2018 implying growth in the segment overall while X-Wing dropped in ranking. Someone called out that you don't need to buy every faction to have relevant cards, which would hurt sales. This would mean you could have higher overall participation in the game but less overall sales, which is what drives the ICv2 list. Personally I think there has been an increase in players where it was already popular but they have to buy less stuff. Also note that people who don't play or live in areas where it died out don't likely read forums and reply to this question so it's somewhat biased.
  10. I want a frickin' raptor. What do I need to do to get a frickin' raptor?!
  11. I loved Z95s in 1e and think they are relevant in 2e but my experience with 2 attack dice ships is initiative and high hull values of other popular ships. I always feel like I need 2 more rounds in every game or one more block that I just don’t get.
  12. I had two play groups, one of 6 and the other of 4. All of the 6 quit and 1 of the 4 hasn’t converted. Those of us that converted are keeping our 2.0 collections small. We had stopped playing completely but are up to probably once per month.
  13. “You will be told the odds.” After years of being dissed for telling odds, C3PO makes you sit down and hear his math lesson or you get C3P-owned.
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