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  1. It's dropped on the ICv2 list "Top 5 Non-Collectible Miniatures Games" published in March 2019 for Fall 2018 to 4th place from 1st place Fall 2017 (and 1st nearly every time prior). It fell off the list entirely in Spring 2018 so you could argue it is up but seasonality and conversion to 2.0 are at play in the spring numbers. Overall non-collectible miniatures games were up 7% from 2017 to 2018 implying growth in the segment overall while X-Wing dropped in ranking. Someone called out that you don't need to buy every faction to have relevant cards, which would hurt sales. This would mean you could have higher overall participation in the game but less overall sales, which is what drives the ICv2 list. Personally I think there has been an increase in players where it was already popular but they have to buy less stuff. Also note that people who don't play or live in areas where it died out don't likely read forums and reply to this question so it's somewhat biased.
  2. I want a frickin' raptor. What do I need to do to get a frickin' raptor?!
  3. I loved Z95s in 1e and think they are relevant in 2e but my experience with 2 attack dice ships is initiative and high hull values of other popular ships. I always feel like I need 2 more rounds in every game or one more block that I just don’t get.
  4. I had two play groups, one of 6 and the other of 4. All of the 6 quit and 1 of the 4 hasn’t converted. Those of us that converted are keeping our 2.0 collections small. We had stopped playing completely but are up to probably once per month.
  5. “You will be told the odds.” After years of being dissed for telling odds, C3PO makes you sit down and hear his math lesson or you get C3P-owned.
  6. Not in this specific list but I’ve run Tie Bombers with Ion Missiles and found they don’t put out enough damage and with changes to the way ion works it’s less reliable to get ionization as well. Ends up being the worst of both worlds rather than somewhere in between damage and control. I’d assume same is true here.
  7. What, the alien cameo from The Explorers (1985)? 🤣🤣🤣
  8. How about a rule that there will be no errata or rules changes for tired or bad decision making? Seriously, turn off the bumpers when you bowl.
  9. Knave Squawk


    ^This. Everyone with Elite talents can be a baby "Biggs" and have other, better pilot abilities too.
  10. Planetary Sentinel Skilled Bombardier Proximity Mine Shield Upgrade Use the inherent abilities to get ahead, Prox Mine and Bombardier are because stuff and Shield Upgrade is because more stuff.
  11. You read through this post to read this comment. Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 As for this topic, just read the rulebook. It tells you what to do.
  12. I was in the same boat, out of about 10 people nearly everyone used my stuff. I was buying 2-3 ships per month during 1.0 (have 300+ ships) and now I've only bought the starter, rebel and imperial conversion kit in 2.0. I stopped playing in tournaments and haven't attended one in over a year now. I recommend getting at least the starter box and one of each conversion kit. I recommend this because FFG may not produce the kits in future years and you'll likely get the itch to buy new ships but they'll only be 2.0 compatible. The game improvements are good although the requirement to use the app sucks. If your group is casual the new game doesn't offer much if you like it as-is. It does offer the following good things if you want changes: system phase keeps bombs sensible use of charges for many upgrades that were 1-shot medium bases linked actions keep certain ships balanced pilot abilities are balanced support ships generally get Coordinate simpler initiative without veteran instincts upgrades are less mandatory
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