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  1. Knave Squawk

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    Initiative should've been red, black, blue, green and white cubes. Also, two cones - one is brown and one is yellow. You spend your cube to determine what order you go in, cones go first except green cubes which go first instead. No wait, it should be rock, paper, scissors. Yes, definitely greek characters like Alpha, Beta.
  2. Knave Squawk

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Legit tip - if they are leaving / left, they won't be on the forum.
  3. Knave Squawk

    Your Favorite 1.0 Memory

    ^^this^^ #pewpewpew
  4. Knave Squawk

    Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?

    Yes, my group is staying with 1.0, which is six of our players and another six have quit altogether. Some of us are picking up extra ships, especially epic, where it makes sense. We've cut back on X-Wing a lot though since the announcement and stopped participating in local tournaments (even 1.0).
  5. Knave Squawk

    Aftermarket thoughts

    The concept reminds of the Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt card game based on White Wolf's Changeling game from the 1990s. You could buy a booster pack and play just from those contents with each booster being different or combine for a deeper game. To my eyes this is packaged in a bigger form factor. In that sense the secondary market was / is viable but the game never took off in my area as it wasn't every deep with just a booster pack. You can still buy packs for a few bucks on eBay.
  6. Knave Squawk

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Personally I don't think it will see play. Balanced =/= interesting and it comes across as balanced. We already have docking and escape ships so that's not new and with all the 2 dice turret options does this really standout? You could now have Millenium Falcon + Slave 1 in a list together, so that's ... valid.
  7. Knave Squawk

    Stop Clicking on 2.0 Threads that end with...

    i just want this thread to hit two pages
  8. Knave Squawk

    Full Collection Conversion Survey

    Ok so I guess what's the point with the survey then? Why not just ask how many boxes people intend to buy? Why all the extra detail? Are you trying to learn what pieces people will actually use from the conversion kits and what they won't use? I guess I'm confused what you are trying to learn from the survey?
  9. Knave Squawk

    Full Collection Conversion Survey

    It might be better if the questions were "own" vs. "intend to buy". I have a collection used by 8 players and plan to buy maybe 1 conversion kit and we're going to continue to play v1.0 because my collection is too big to convert. This survey as worded assumes my collection is small because I don't intend to buy a ton of conversion kits.
  10. Knave Squawk

    X-Wing 1.0, what would you like to see in the future?

    Missions from expansion packs Preserved "last, best" timing chart Squad build templates (even if PDFs) from tournaments Cut Tie Punisher points to 10 and allow it to equip all titles from other ships (haha)
  11. Knave Squawk

    Happy Friday what was your best 1.0 moment?

    Once when playing BBBBZ, I realized I didn't have to 100% kill a list to win. I suddenly felt like I had learned something important.
  12. Knave Squawk

    If you dont have a smartphone you can no longer play

    as the rest of my post stated...so yeah there's that?
  13. Knave Squawk

    Why do people quit because of the conversion set cost?

    I 100% agree with you. I believe it was broken as indicated by the success of Loopin' Chewie but I have no idea if the new game fixes anything.
  14. Knave Squawk

    If you dont have a smartphone you can no longer play

    Not really, over 51% of consumers download no apps in any given month (source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/25/majority-of-u-s-consumers-still-download-zero-apps-per-month-says-comscore/) There's a retraction of sorts happening in certain aspects of mobile adoption. Many consumers are keeping their app adoption restricted to a small number of high impact apps (Amazon, Facebook, Google) and relying more heavily on web experiences for other things - "if it doesn't need to be an app, don't make it an app" is a common saying. If a consumer plans to buy the box but sees an app is required, it creates a new friction point that can cause a person to second guess the purchase decision. The move across web and mobile development has increasingly become removal of friction points from the consumer experience, app downloads being one. If the website is really good, it solves this problem and would be usable on both iOS and Android. Still a friction point, though. Changing the physical nature of the game and then adding a mobile app without a ton of test & learn means it is likely to be a crappy experience day one. FFG would be well served to release a v1.0 version of the app now and get feedback cycles going so it has less chance of being a friction point at the launch of v2.0. Alternatively they could buy an existing 3rd party app provider (i.e. Aurora), clean it up and push an update to get more learnings immediately.
  15. Knave Squawk

    Why do people quit because of the conversion set cost?

    That's one of the reasons I'm not really sure that FFG should do anything different. Many of us are unhappy but FFG has to do what they think is viable long term. Clearly tournament play was broken and that became a focus. The challenge for some of us though is we'll be watching the new movies, be excited by the ships and know there is content but we really can't participate without more big investments and that's where the rub comes in. The assumption is we'll make the big investment to jump to 2.0 with hope for long term payoff but that payoff may not come. I'm seeing a lot of "wow, play is totally fixed!" and keep thinking, "how do you know?" The demo game I saw seemed to have a lot of the same issues just the pilot names are different. The jump to 2.0 is clearly an informed decision but requires faith and those of us with big collections are highly skeptical of the big initial ask to move to 2.0. Game play seems more complex with extra symbols on the dials and templates, extra abilities to track, complexity between physical cards and an app, etc. It's a lot on faith and some of us decided this is the time to jump. Some pieces I really love (Back to Dials had a great take on draft play) but its just too much at too high an initial cost.