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  1. Knave Squawk

    Let's fix turn one.

    How about a rule that there will be no errata or rules changes for tired or bad decision making? Seriously, turn off the bumpers when you bowl.
  2. Knave Squawk


    ^This. Everyone with Elite talents can be a baby "Biggs" and have other, better pilot abilities too.
  3. Knave Squawk

    Mario Kart Ship creation!

    Planetary Sentinel Skilled Bombardier Proximity Mine Shield Upgrade Use the inherent abilities to get ahead, Prox Mine and Bombardier are because stuff and Shield Upgrade is because more stuff.
  4. Knave Squawk

    Is Nashtah pup worth 7 points?

    I like this idea!
  5. Knave Squawk

    Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.

    You read through this post to read this comment. Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 As for this topic, just read the rulebook. It tells you what to do.
  6. Knave Squawk

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    I was in the same boat, out of about 10 people nearly everyone used my stuff. I was buying 2-3 ships per month during 1.0 (have 300+ ships) and now I've only bought the starter, rebel and imperial conversion kit in 2.0. I stopped playing in tournaments and haven't attended one in over a year now. I recommend getting at least the starter box and one of each conversion kit. I recommend this because FFG may not produce the kits in future years and you'll likely get the itch to buy new ships but they'll only be 2.0 compatible. The game improvements are good although the requirement to use the app sucks. If your group is casual the new game doesn't offer much if you like it as-is. It does offer the following good things if you want changes: system phase keeps bombs sensible use of charges for many upgrades that were 1-shot medium bases linked actions keep certain ships balanced pilot abilities are balanced support ships generally get Coordinate simpler initiative without veteran instincts upgrades are less mandatory
  7. Knave Squawk

    Frustrating Tournament

    I’ve been at a tournament where a TO played to make it even and cheated with “play casual bro” attitude when caught (he won the tournament too). No one to complain to since he was the TO. I prefer they don’t play TBH.
  8. Knave Squawk

    《Spoiler alert》 the new ownership of Millennium Falcon

    It belongs to Chewbacca and his Porg army. No spoilers, just clear in TLJ that no one is uprooting those Porgs.
  9. Knave Squawk

    More proof this game is dying

    I love TLJ. I'll buy it twice just for the salt scene.
  10. Knave Squawk

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    The video includes the explanation. There is no TO, the players via their team captains made the decision. The decision was applied evenly to all teams as there were multiple mistakes.
  11. Knave Squawk

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    Initiative should've been red, black, blue, green and white cubes. Also, two cones - one is brown and one is yellow. You spend your cube to determine what order you go in, cones go first except green cubes which go first instead. No wait, it should be rock, paper, scissors. Yes, definitely greek characters like Alpha, Beta.
  12. Knave Squawk

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Legit tip - if they are leaving / left, they won't be on the forum.
  13. Knave Squawk

    Your Favorite 1.0 Memory

    ^^this^^ #pewpewpew
  14. Knave Squawk

    Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?

    Yes, my group is staying with 1.0, which is six of our players and another six have quit altogether. Some of us are picking up extra ships, especially epic, where it makes sense. We've cut back on X-Wing a lot though since the announcement and stopped participating in local tournaments (even 1.0).
  15. Knave Squawk

    Aftermarket thoughts

    The concept reminds of the Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt card game based on White Wolf's Changeling game from the 1990s. You could buy a booster pack and play just from those contents with each booster being different or combine for a deeper game. To my eyes this is packaged in a bigger form factor. In that sense the secondary market was / is viable but the game never took off in my area as it wasn't every deep with just a booster pack. You can still buy packs for a few bucks on eBay.