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    This statement is mathematically problematic. By definition there is no smallest imaginable number, because as you yourself note, any number can simply be halved to become even smaller. And then I'm not sure I understand how many craps I'm dividing by. Is it zero? Because then the result is undefined, or in some cases infinite. Is it really small? Cause if it's less than one, that actually makes how much you care bigger. If it's more than one, well, then you do actually have some craps to give. For some reason I feel like you actually don't care very much, but that's the only interpretation not supported by your statement!
  2. Resistance has quite a few more pilots 'cause of HotR, so that accounts for some of the discrepancy. Fundamentally, I think the amount of stuff people will actually want to use in each kit is about the same ?
  3. I've beaten various Ghost builds (one was Ghost/Fenn, one was Kanan/Lowhhrick, and I can't remember the last one) three times out of three with this list. I honestly think it's a pretty decent matchup.
  4. Haha, that was more or less what I thought. I think I'm wrong, though, 'cause the double-arc icon seems to only appear on the pilot cards themselves. It's never referenced by upgrades. Still, I figured it was worth pointing out.
  5. There are definitely distinct icons for single and double arc turrets, and Luke's card has the single-arc icon. Do we know for sure he works on the YTs? Apologies if this has already come up, I didn't see anything on the first couple of pages.
  6. Here's the mistake you're making: "balance" doesn't mean that every list has a 50/50 chance against every other list. It means that, ideally, any list has a 50% win rate across a large number of games against different lists. There has always been an element of rock/paper/scissors to X-Wing. That's good. It's perfectly fine for some upgrades or pilots to be overpriced in some matchups and underpriced in others.
  7. Pretty sure they explicitly said as much on stream.
  8. My local game store says late May/early June.
  9. This isn't necessarily true. The conversion kits will have all of those, sure, but I don't think anyone's said that that's ALL the X-Wing pilots they will have. If anything, the opposite: it's been stated that the kits will include the new pilots from the blisters on top of the existing pilots from 1.0.
  10. Why does reinforce need a die roll?
  11. I can see something like that specifically for ordnance, but I think it would be unbalanced if it worked on anything with a charge.
  12. Also means you don't have to remember whether or not you've used the ability that round.
  13. You're thinking of unofficial streams. The official FFG stream has never had overlays.
  14. I know, right, mentioning it at the launch of the product? I can't believe they'd make the information so hard to find!
  15. I think there's nearly no chance of the Rebel A-Wing being a Resistance ship too. Why do that when they can just release a brand new Resistance A-Wing instead?
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