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  1. Also Ghost Rider might be after Thor sweet
  2. I mean. I played this game like 8 times thinking Defense was calculated automatically every time your attacked not only when you exhaust to defend
  3. Arg I just realized been misplaying that defense is calculated at all times during attacks.... Still T'challa is great
  4. So I hear people aren't fans of T'challa but after trying him for first time today he is only one I wanna play! I had an entire Enemy Phase go Perfect with no damage! And attacked 5 times or so (counting a minion)
  5. @Hippie Moosen I won't argue people's points more just as far as Alter Ego implies some heroes have none but with everyone's opinions I suppose it can work for the likes of Deadpool (who sure as **** doesn't have one) and Stephen. By the way Doctor Strange facts: He has down time obviously but he just doesn't wear the cape which is effectively the only 'true' superhero accessory as it lets him fly. In The Day The Magic Died Arc it is stated that Stephen no longer can ingest human food and he begrudgingly has to eat bizarre foods from other dimensions which he states several times taste terrible. He is Earth's Sorcerer Supreme yet other dimensions in the multiverse have their own.
  6. It seems that the devs were shut down so Asmodee Digital/FFGI is working on dev
  7. So LoTR Card Game online is doing well far as I've heard I even bought an early access pack tbh. But I'm hoping Asmodee and FGG Interactive will create an Arkham ccg that'll be pretty fun! Have a blank map and as you explore it reveals more and battling various freaky monsters as you collect clues. LoTR and Arkham are effectively the games for LCG model after the rather unfortunate forced discontinuation of Net. I'm hoping to see Arkham Card Game as a second LCG mmo.
  8. Exactly my point some people are defending this choice cuz in one incarnation Thor has a secret identity Stephen Strange a fave hero of mine has none and never DID have an alter ego. He was Doctor Stephen Strange a neurosurgeon and then he gained magical powers and lost his ability to perform surgeries and is now a full time mage who has nothing to do but research help mortals and superheroes in the occult and shop for magic antiques. So lore wise he literally has no alter ego. Stephen Strange lives in New York in The New York Sanctum unlike the movie if you seen it the Sanctum is just a building built on sacred land thus it has a lot of magical energy.
  9. Definitely one of my favorites is it wrong to be turned on by an evil god?
  10. So Rotating houses is fine and dandy and I think Star Trek and Anthro Roman Dinos is awesome for the first 'new guys' however it says in the 'intro to Star Alliance' post that they seek a way to leave. Isn't it odd to make a faction whose sole intention is of them leaving the setting? Will they leave an 'outpost' in Crucible to give em a lore reason to 'rotate back in'? I'm curious of what the heck FFG intends to do with em lore wise.
  11. Hopefully I mean I hardly read any comics (Are there any Ghost Rider comics?? My library only has Space Ghost Rider which is The Punisher as Spirit of Vengeance..) that aren't mangas but I did read The Day Magic Died arc (is there a resolution where Strange revives it..?) and it literally seems that Strange has nothing to do but save Earth from beings from alternate realities evil gods and the occasional mortal plagued by imps.
  12. I can see your point but Stephen Strange literally does nothing but be a superhero he kinda can't have any hobbies when he's a guardian of the dimension.
  13. In Stark's defense he does do stuff besides be a superhero such as being a CEO of a company but Stephen Strange? Not so much. Also I suppose The X-Men do stuff other then saving the day and training but Beast for example he really can't hide his powers and Storm I don't think has a job and just does whatever and mostly teaches at Xavier School for The Gifted.
  14. So I'm excited to see if my favorite Marvel heroes will be in this game. From Doctor Strange to Storm and would even enjoy Cloak and Dagger their neat to play in Marvel Lego Heroes 2. But unfortunately the Alter Ego rules kind of prevents a lot of my favorite superheroes from being used. Doctor Strange has a civilian name Stephen Strange but that's his real name and he's an actually licensed doctor so Doctor Strange isn't really a superhero name but his own. So not sure what exactly his alter ego would be given he literally HAS none. But I mean the box cover shows Dormamu and you can't have an eldritch abomination god fighting against Spiderman and expect much of a fair fight so you gotta include canonically speaking the only dude who can actually kick his butt. Sure gameplay/story segregation exists but I mean to include Dr Strange's archenemy and not him be poor taste. Also effectively speaking the X-Men are 'public superheroes' as in they have no secret identity and everyone whose met Storm has met Ororo.
  15. I played this last night and it seemed to be somewhat quick to play but we lost to Rhino who just kinda gotten too many cards at once and got to 14.
  16. Ghost Rider be pretty cool Also I love Doctor Strange but he doesn't have an Alter Ego...
  17. I love Strange and X-Men but sadly they do not exactly have private lives and are superheroes all the time.
  18. Marvel not in base set? I thought base was Iron Man, She-Hulk, T'Challa, and Spider-Man?
  19. True I mean everyone knows T'Challa is Black Panther cuz you can't rule Wakanda without being Black Panther
  20. I feel I must point out I'm not dissing the choices just as I hardly know anything about most of em just surprised figure they pick more movie featured heroes.
  21. Er as a superhero Strange has no identity beyond being a mage his accident renders him unfit for operations and he's since abandon the desire to go back even if he did fix his hands (I think he did)
  22. Frankly I don't read marvel comics very much but I love Dr Strange sadly he HAS no alter ego so can't be playable sadly...
  23. So we got She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Black Panther as playable heroes and Klaw, The Rhino and Ultron as bosses. Also it's interesying to note there are no resources in this game instead your hand is your resource. Also not sure I understand Thwart it seems to be "destroy x doom on agenda where x is thwart value" but bad guys seem to start game with scheme on it and advance per hero in civilian mode. Seems like agendas will progress really fast... I donno but I do like Marvel and hope Dr Strange becomes a playable hero.
  24. I love the fact the dinos aren't ruthless it's quite the new take on lizardmen.
  25. Shadow Puppetry and Nazca Lines are what I think of when looking at Arcons they look really strange.
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