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  1. I love Strange and X-Men but sadly they do not exactly have private lives and are superheroes all the time.
  2. Marvel not in base set? I thought base was Iron Man, She-Hulk, T'Challa, and Spider-Man?
  3. True I mean everyone knows T'Challa is Black Panther cuz you can't rule Wakanda without being Black Panther
  4. I feel I must point out I'm not dissing the choices just as I hardly know anything about most of em just surprised figure they pick more movie featured heroes.
  5. Er as a superhero Strange has no identity beyond being a mage his accident renders him unfit for operations and he's since abandon the desire to go back even if he did fix his hands (I think he did)
  6. Frankly I don't read marvel comics very much but I love Dr Strange sadly he HAS no alter ego so can't be playable sadly...
  7. So we got She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Black Panther as playable heroes and Klaw, The Rhino and Ultron as bosses. Also it's interesying to note there are no resources in this game instead your hand is your resource. Also not sure I understand Thwart it seems to be "destroy x doom on agenda where x is thwart value" but bad guys seem to start game with scheme on it and advance per hero in civilian mode. Seems like agendas will progress really fast... I donno but I do like Marvel and hope Dr Strange becomes a playable hero.
  8. I love the fact the dinos aren't ruthless it's quite the new take on lizardmen.
  9. Shadow Puppetry and Nazca Lines are what I think of when looking at Arcons they look really strange.
  10. I know nothing of Arkham 2nd edition or 1st but I barely won Elderitch other day. So I get the feeling 3rd is a mix of Agenda/Objective Decks from LCG and Elderitch Horror cards?
  11. They say you start with a goblin invasion and don't really imply you can do any level you want so while you probably can it's just some be brutal unless you do cam[aign and have 'leveled' cards
  12. Yes... But they said you level up so my question is do cards like Geomancer come into play during one session or do you get xp at end of the session and then 'buy' new cards for next session if your doing the quests as a campaign?
  13. Is the game like Arkham Horror you level your deck every scene or do you level up as you play?
  14. Are there any campaigns that bother with the Dead Men of Dunharrow/The Oathbreakers? I never played the game or pay attention but I wouldn't mind trying it just wanted to know.
  15. I'm just pointing it out really course anything is allowed in casual.
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