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  1. Frankly I'll read the thing through the cover a bit awkward imo.. But is the cards 'first print' only or just every copy? I'll probably buy it next month
  2. I hope Rex Jim and Lola have a novel. Also how much is this?
  3. I not beaten a single campaign but I play a lot
  4. Says on the campaign pdf "Slain and Interviewed." So it'll come up
  5. So I have a few inklings after playing both scenes. 1: You must defeat The Stranger/Man in Pallid Mask a certain amount of times to get a good final resolution. 2: Reality Warper powers brought to you by Hastur! So given the very disturbing scenes in both levels I feel reality is bleeding with another dimension. 3: I'm going to say those VIPs will come around again..... So what are your thoughts?
  6. Also the "There is no reason to flip to act 1b...."
  7. So FFG thanks for designing The Last Curtain. The theme of attending a party and talking to all the guests is pretty fun and gives it kind of a survivor atmosphere where you try and interview as many guests before they transform into unholy abominations from heck. The Story Cards are a really interesting new detail and I can't wait for future sets. I am praising in a kinda rude way but I can't articulate it any other. The art on the encounter cards and Evil Assets are rather horrifying but it's the first set I've played of Arkham that had art to actually make me jump.
  8. Artwork wise The Last Curtain (second level as it were) IS UBER CREEPY
  9. I jjust got mine and ordered Echoes And my god are some of these cards GRUESOME!!!!!
  10. Anyone like Book or just me...?
  11. Is Book of Shadows level 3? If so she can abuse that card if it's in play with Scrying...
  12. Mine said I can buy it starting at midnight
  13. Bonus points if you exclusively play Path in character
  14. Hand you mean hand....