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  1. What pack is the solution identified?
  2. So I bought a ticket to this event next month at Origins. Can somebody tell me stuff? Also can I bring my own deck (Rex) or will I have to use what they give me? I can bring only zero level cards.
  3. Minus their co-ops it seems FFG wants no multiplayer card games
  4. I did not know that just trying to help
  5. I meant when I got into it it recently came out had like 4 packs out. I not bought anything now they have like 37 sets and 6 deluxes.
  6. I thought only Pheonix's would cause burns. (I am not trolling just perfect oppertunity)
  7. Shouldn't you guys assume these clans are playable? Their logos are avatars gotta mean something
  8. I used to be into Netrunner but eesh I lost track of it. I hope to keep track of this better.
  9. As someone who only heard of this game via seeing deck boxes I know jack crap bout anything. I'll just stick with the pretty honorable people who focus on magic and courtly intrigue honestly.
  10. I meant by politics as nice about it... I know Scorpion are political just bastards....
  11. So who among us besides myself will want to focus on Political conflicts? Frankly I like Politics in a fantasy or medieval setting so I think it be fun to read all the cards flavor text. Also Crane seems to be the go to political faction with Pheonix a close second. I might have to try both.
  12. Ah I will probably focus on politics cuz Crane. I do wish there were more movies or TV shows that are exclusively political and little action... Most movies with a political theme only have it as plot devices and plot isn't ABOUT Politics...
  13. Don't hate me for asking such a question... Mechanically speaking Political and Warfare are same thing right? So having them is just flavor? Why bother though...
  14. This is what Munchkin means by 'kicking the door down.'
  15. Columbus Ohio. If you want specifics without saying my address South Side about 10 minutes away from where Origins is held.