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  1. CEOWolf

    Card Game Meets Elder?

    I know nothing of Arkham 2nd edition or 1st but I barely won Elderitch other day. So I get the feeling 3rd is a mix of Agenda/Objective Decks from LCG and Elderitch Horror cards?
  2. They say you start with a goblin invasion and don't really imply you can do any level you want so while you probably can it's just some be brutal unless you do cam[aign and have 'leveled' cards
  3. Yes... But they said you level up so my question is do cards like Geomancer come into play during one session or do you get xp at end of the session and then 'buy' new cards for next session if your doing the quests as a campaign?
  4. Is the game like Arkham Horror you level your deck every scene or do you level up as you play?
  5. Are there any campaigns that bother with the Dead Men of Dunharrow/The Oathbreakers? I never played the game or pay attention but I wouldn't mind trying it just wanted to know.
  6. CEOWolf

    Lost or Damaged Cards

    I'm just pointing it out really course anything is allowed in casual.
  7. CEOWolf

    Lost or Damaged Cards

    It is in a tournament. I believe the deck's name is where all the copyright is on the front side of cards
  8. CEOWolf

    Lost or Damaged Cards

    Though it would have the 'true' archon on it. The cards deck are printed on both the back and front of it
  9. CEOWolf

    Humor of Game....

    The names seem really immature and really smack talky and 'street' With a card called Yo Mama Mastery shown in trailer and all the Archons names being things like "Artemis The Guy Who Makes The Thing" The humor of the game is slightly off-putting.
  10. CEOWolf

    The One Issue

    I don't care about the random factor I just want Dis lol
  11. CEOWolf

    The One Issue

    I know everyone is annoyed but can't they post a logo on boxes or maybe make seven colors for the boxes but still be random? I mean it solve a lot of er arguing with making us know we can least get x House but other two are unknown till we open it. Would that be too hard to accomplish?
  12. I could get into this game but there is the issue of not knowing what I''m getting... Booster Pack the CCG is a bit... The only issue I have is the no way to get any faction I want without luck of the draw and there is the possibility of getting a deck that is just dead and can't work.
  13. CEOWolf

    Promo Cards

    I can see that I suppose
  14. CEOWolf

    Promo Cards

    Due to the model it'd be impossible to make promos
  15. CEOWolf

    this is a cheater's dream

    Your you can cheat would require more money then any tournament be able to give in prizes. Not like they'll have 60k$ tournaments....