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  1. Hey I wanted to use if I may one of the Dim Carcosa's cards art as an avatar. I tried googling artist but couldn't find it. The art is from, Figment of Your Imagination where Stranger is disintegrating into Hastur.
  2. CEOWolf

    Novella Speculation

    Wonder when we'll get Norman's 'original' cards and Mary is also seemingly coming in a new set? I doubt either are in Age it makes no sense.
  3. That makes no sense.
  4. CEOWolf

    La era olvidada

    I think it's just when x happens do x.
  5. CEOWolf

    Newbie Question

    You just er meet em can't play as em?
  6. So are all card game mmos except a few... HS clones?
  7. Is there a set that involves The Dead Men of Dunharrow? I find them awesome but they don't seem to get a lot of attention....
  8. CEOWolf

    Digital Card Game Announced!

    Wonder if Arkham will get this treatment.. (or Twilight Imperium..) I never played the physical but I seen all 6 movies so I might try once I get a PC that can handle steam again...
  9. CEOWolf

    Terminal Opinions

    I hope we see a second Legacy set using Anarchs (Shapwers..?) Jintiki and NBN
  10. Okay with little to no spoilers how is the first (hopefully not last I want me some NBN legacy plot..) Legacy set?
  11. CEOWolf

    Roleplaying Your Gators

    Frankly my definition of RPing isn't anything like Buh heck I could Roleplay Red Dragon Inn or Sentinels if I were inclined (which I would honestly not hesitate to do so). To me RPing is where you act out as the character and try as often as possible not to break out of character.
  12. Hey I'm Wolf/Nathan and I was hoping to try TD as Haas-Bioroid. I don't have the er expansion and I never played but I know the basics of NR and I was told by reading about TD that it's a great choice for someone who wants more cards and only has core set. Not that I'm asking for cards just as a newbie it sounds like a great 2nd step to play. Guard Tower, Table Top Cafe, Soldiery, or Beyond The Board could all be decent options for meeting.
  13. CEOWolf

    Roleplaying Your Gators

    I personally feel LCG Arkham is an RPG how the articles been going on describing Arkham I haven't the mind to disagree and find it a nice take
  14. CEOWolf

    Roleplaying Your Gators

    Oy vey stead of arguing all day let me clarify what I'm talking about in my OP. Roleplay I meant as in staying in character as much as possible barring scrapes about mechanics like did we use this Treachery right or rule contridictions like "There are several options for most clues as they have same number of clues... Rules say choose the worst option hmm..." (or not if they overlooked Grim Rule) Roleplaying as in this kinda thing. Lola moves to Locatyion B starting in a unique to her Location A then everyone else. (In best female voice if a boy playing her) "Oh.. Who are you lot? I just woke up.. Did my understudy go one what time is it? Seems I messed the curtain call!"
  15. CEOWolf

    Roleplaying Your Gators

    I didn't expect the thread to get heated...