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  1. The Toku Bushi is a Force to be reckoned. Very solid party. Very flexible and adaptable. Wish you good luck.
  2. If you're planning to play an high honor character the extra bonus and attack and damage can help you.
  3. That's if there are any Otomo and Seppun survivors... We know that Iweko II wasn't too fond of Imperial Bureaucracy, so he might disbanded the Otomo and we don't know how many Seppun may have survived Kanpeki's assault... Now, as a side note, a while ago I started toying with the idea of a Campaign settled 25 years in the Colonies during the Empire in Exile timeline. At first I thought a lot of how to use the Iweko Loyalists. In the end, I replaced the Otomo (disbanded) with the Susumu, with the Susumu taking charge of Imperial Courts and as a repository for the second in line heirs...
  4. I did humbly request the Different School advantage for my character, just in case... if that doesn't fly then I have decided to play a Matsu Bushi, buy Prodigy some Ranks if luck and maybe HoV, and kick butt in duels to the death. Thank you for your support guys!
  5. Yeah and believe me I appreciate your guys help! I like the school.
  6. Well, you can't go with Different School it's a banned Advantage. I assume that eventually it will be available through a module and earn a certificate that grants it. I guess it's not bad to start with a 4 in Awareness, since it will help you the Assessment phase, and rank one will give you a +1 in all duel phases. The rest of the Ranks will not help that much, well only Rank three with the Strike Phase...
  7. Hi guys, After been away for a looong time I have dusted my dices off and I am ready to play again, this time in HoR4. I'll be playing in an all Lion party where most roles are taken, there is the Tactical Leader, the Matsu Nuker, the Shugenja/ healer and the Face. Since my original intention was to play a ronin duelist I was thinking of adapting the duelist concept to a Lion School. However since I never played a Lion I do not know which Bushi will be the best suited for dueling. I haven't decided between the Akodo Bushi, taking Kenburo's Way (is it a good tech????) in th looong run, or a Matsu Berserker... I do will take Heart of Vengeance, Ranks in Luck, and the Kata: The Empire Rest on it's Edge to improve my chances. So in your opinion which one will be the best and most important why?
  8. Check The Court of the Minor Clans thread and download the document by DroidScotty, you will find the Tanuki Mon in it.
  9. Thanks Droidscotty, and I need to give a big thanks to Okuma! Who helped me a lot. Hope you guys like the Lynx as much as I do and find a place in your Rokugan for them. Now move to the Hawk!
  10. Not necessarily: "Hedgehogs are common through most of the valley, and peasant children sometimes take them in as pets. They are seen as a benevolent animal due to their tendency to prey on snakes and insects, and as such are the topic of many stories. Indeed, the common people of Naishou Province sometimes use the image of a hedgehog to represent themselves: peaceful and hard-working, but prickly if threatened." Naishou Province p. 62
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