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  1. Games and stuff is about 45 minutes away: http://gamesandstuffonline.com/star-wars/ I thought I heard Gritty Goblin had X-Wing events, but I don’t see anything on their website: https://www.grittygoblingames.com There are a lot of game shops in the area. Check out the Nova Squadron Facebook Group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/543976092311385
  2. Yes. Specifically, because both cards go into the ability queue, but only one gets resolved at a time. QT resolves first, bumping OS-A to Initiative 6. Then OS-A resolves, at which time their initiative is 6, bumping OS-B to i6, as well.
  3. The restriction on locks prevents the transfer of Lock Token 1 to Ship 1. Exceptions to the rules have to be a explicit, like After Burners: “perform a [boost] action, even while stressed.”
  4. Both Leia’s specify when they take effect: “Star of activation” or “when a friendly ship reveals its dial.” R4 does not have a timing window, so it does not go into the ability queue: it is always in effect.
  5. Scanning through the OP pages (which are a bit out of date, but it’s all I can find) I don’t see anything that precludes a store for charging. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/x-wing/ Does the store charge for other casual tournaments? Pokémon, Magic, etc? (I know nothing about these games, do they have anything equivalent? They probably don’t charge for draft nights because they are making a lot of sales.) Will your tourneys take up a lot of room, preventing other patrons from using space? While in store events are supposed to “incentivize your participation by introducing new prizes each calendar season”, there is also a business to run, and if the owner feels the tourneys are going to reduce other income, charging seems reasonable. Try to identify their concerns with making it free, and then look for a compromise: maybe $5 or free with a $20+ purchase within the last 30 days? (Values for illustrative purposes only). Find a way to make it work for everyone. good luck!
  6. Thanks, @Hiemfire, I actually meant to take that out. I thought I was so careful!
  7. Can Swarm Tactics "undo" Torkil Mux (and vice versa)? Background Torkil Mux reads: "At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 ship in your firing arc. If you do, that ship engages at initiative 0 instead of its normal initiative value this round." Swarm Tactics reads: "At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 friendly ship at range 1. If you do, that ship treats its initiative as equal to yours until the end of the round." Engagement Phase (Rules Ref 1.0.4, page 3) does not specify anything about the "start of engagement", so I presume they are happening at the same time and go into the "Start of Engagement Ability Queue" (page 2, Abilities). The Ability Queue is resolved in Player Order, not Initiative Order (page 3, Ability Queue). Scenario Squads Scum: Torkil Mux, and the rest doesn't matter. Imperial: Alpha Squadron Pilot, Soontir Fel, and Maarek Steele with Swarm Tactics Scenario 1 Scum is First Player. Mux takes Fel to i0. Can Steele Swarm Fel back to i5? No. Although Swam replaces Fel's Initiative Value (i6 -> i5), Mux forces Fell to engage at i0. Scenario 2 Imperial is First Player. Steele Swarms ASP up to i5. Can Mux knock ASP down to i0? Yes. Again, it doesn't matter that Swam replaced the Initiative Value (i1 -> i5), Again, Mux forces ASP to engage at i0. Scenario 3 Scum is First Player, taking Steele to i0. Can Steele Swam ASP to i5? Yes. Mux did not affect the Steele's Initiative, only at what initiative Steele will engage, once we are beyond the "Start of Engagement." Conclusion? While Swarm Tactics changes a ship's initiative value, Mux changes when a ship engages. Because these effects do not affect the same element of the game, they do not replace or interfere with each other. Is that all accurate?
  8. Rules reference 1.0.4, page 14: “An attack is obstructed if the attacker measures range through an object.” And page 15: ”Range 0 does not appear on the range ruler, but is used for describing the range of objects that are physically touching.“ If objects are “physically touching”, there can not be an object between them that could be “measured through”. So, a range 0 attack on debris is not obstructed.
  9. Yes. Just like Tactical Officer changes red coordinates to white.
  10. I guess I was presuming you only had one hull left and were thinking “you can’t fire me, I quit!” As @Hiemfire said, you could Maul once, and then EB once (or vice versa), in the end phase. But you couldn’t continue the Maul/EB rage-quit in the same end phase.
  11. Sure? Seems like an expensive way to proc Dead Man’s Switch.
  12. You don't "defend a primary attack" you "defend from a primary attack". So the wording is fine the way it is written, and provides the extra die for both conditions: defending primary attacks
  13. Just to clarify, Finn's "add one blank result" happens at the Modify Defense Dice step of attack, correct? So, an attack on Finn looks like: Finn declared as target Attacker rolls Attack Dice Finn modifies Attack Dice Attacker modifies Attack Dice Finn roles 2 Defense Dice Attacker modifies Defense Dice Finn modifies Defense Dice Finn adds a Focus Result and takes a Strain Token Finn spends a Focus Token to change that Focus Result to an Evade Result Neutralize Results Deal Damage Aftermath Finn removes Strain Token Oof. That's probably not what they intended, but certainly Rules as Written, and without much wiggle room.
  14. Rules ref 1.0.4, page 12: “lock … choose another object at range 0-3” The only thing that normally “prevents” you from locking at range is that, if you bumped, you lost your action. Experimental Scanners says nothing about range 0, so the rules have not been changed. Ergo: the E-Wing can lock at 0, 2, 3 and beyond
  15. Rulebook, Fundamental Concepts, Measuring Range, Page 4: “Two objects (ships, obstacles, devices) that are touching are at range 0 or each other. Likewise, an object is at range 0 of itself.”
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