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  1. Nope, Rules Reference, Page 13: “A ship cannot acquire or have a lock on itself.”
  2. Redacting the whole thing. librarian101 is right.
  3. Initially, the Phantom had a crew slot, but Whisper with Vader onboard proved to be overpowered. So, they changed the Phantoms to have the gunner slot.
  4. Auto blaster has its own (forward) arc. The turret does not need to match. No different than missiles or torpedos.
  5. Rules Reference 1.0.5, page 19 (emphasis added): "The first time a ship becomes tractored each round the player whose effect applied the tractor token may choose one of the following effects …" The way I see it, you'd have to resolve the tractor condition on the A-Wing at the start of the next Planning Phase. Beginning of End Phase: , Ketsu Crew chooses an A-Wing in her carrier's firing arc. Round Ends, A-Wing still has the tractor token Next round starts Start of Planning Phase: The A-Wing is tractored for the first time this round, so you resolve the tractor condition (boost/barrel roll). @thespaceinvader is also correct (of course!): this is helpful for tractoring medium and large-based ships.
  6. I agree with @thespaceinvader that it is two clauses, but selecting a ship without a face up Ship Damage Card will still result in an unsuccessful clause two — and no Tractor Token. There are two clauses: 1. Gain a Disarm Token to choose a friendly at range 1-2. 2. Friendly gains a Tractor Token to repair 1 face up card. If you chose a ship without a face up Ship Damage Card, only clause two would not succeed, and that ship would not gain the Tractor Token. Clause one was still successful and you still have the Disarm Token. However, if clause one is unsuccessful, you do not get the Disarm Token.
  7. No, if there is not a friendly in range 1-2 with a ship damage card, then you can not use Gorgol’s ability. I can not find it in the Rules Reference, but “1 means 1”. Of you can’t find a valid friendly in range, the action does not succeed, and no consequences are incurred. First, even though the card doesn’t say “must”, it is inferred everything is a “musts unless it explicitly says “may”. Rules Reference 1.0.4, Card Interpretation: The word “must” is used to mean “is required to.” Although all effects that are not “may” effects are mandatory, the inclusion of “must” is used to reiterate a mandatory effect that could provide a drawback to the ship with the effect. I can’t find it in the RR, but I know it’s in there: “1 means 1”. Also note, under Abilities/Paying Costs, the RR says: A ship can pay a cost for an effect only if the effect can be resolved. And, there is a specific list of actions that can fail: A ship can fail when it barrel rolls, boosts, coordinates, decloaks, deploys, jams, locks, or SLAMs. So even if Gorgol’s action doesn’t succeed, it doesn’t count as a Failed Action.
  8. You are not looking in the wrong place, the conversion kits do not include Quick Build cards. They are only available in released products including the core set and each ship expansion.
  9. Wow, that’s clever. I agree; as written, it works. It’s going to be better as a bonus attack (less likely the target will have a focus or evade token), but better than nothing.
  10. Look at the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance Expansions: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/ I’m sure there will be more to come. Personally, I want to be able to park AT-TEs on asteroids
  11. The rules for Buzz Droids do not make special considerations for “once per round”, so they reposition every time a ship overlaps them. So, the droids should have relocated to the next ship to overlap. And, then the next. Depending on how everything bumped, the droids would have ended up on the rear guides of the i6, as the droids cannot be relocated into an overlap. If that was not possible, the droids and the i6 would have suffered one damage. (Rules Reference 1.0.4 page 23)
  12. If it makes it any easier, the Dice steps of Attack follow a Attacker/Defender, tick-tock pattern: 3.a.1 Attacker rolls Attack Dice 3.a.2. Defender modifies Attack Dice 3.a.3. Attacker modifies Attack Dice 3.b.1. Defender rolls Defense Dice 3.b.2. Attacker modifies Defense Dice 3.b.3. Defender modifies Defense Dice 4. Neutralize Results Evade Tokens are spent at step 3.b.3, while Crack Shot take effect before step 4. It feels like 3.b.2, but the card specifies “Before the Neutralize Results step”. (Rules Reference 1.0.4, page 5)
  13. Rules Reference 1.0.4 page 11: “A ship flees if any part of its base is outside the play area after it executes a maneuver. A ship that flees is removed from the game.” And: “Before a fleeing ship is removed from the game, the only effects it resolves before being removed from the game are effects that trigger when it flees.” So yes, the Reaper / Striker is “removed from the game” when the compulsory maneuver takes it off the board, causing it to Flee.
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