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    Monster Markers

    Duh. Missed that on entirely. Thanks.
  2. I have not been able to find out how to play a certain type of monster marker. Let's say there are 3 tasks. The top task has the white lace design around it. I get a mythos card that say "a monster appears" I draw a Shoggoth and place it on the top task. The Shoggoth has a scroll a tentacle and a -1 sanity. On my first try I get a scroll and a tentacle. Do I take -1 sanity right away or does that only happen when I complete the adventure? Does it happen if I don't complete the adventure ? Since I completed the monster requirement if I fail the adventure do I get to keep the monster for the reward and of course take the -1 sanity? The health and sanity penalty monster markers don't seem to be covered in the rules.
  3. Thanks. I had 3 "At Midnight...." cards out at once. I was hoping you had to set them off some how rather than automatically going into effect.
  4. I could not find a post that covered some questions about the base game. 1. Can you play multiple items per turn: spell, common item and uncommon item? I've been playing only one per turn. 2. Focusing and spells that hold a die; on a failed roll that you place a die on a spell card or focus, do you still discard another die as well? I've been discarding a die (failed roll) as well as placing die. 3. Several of the adventure cards have terror style boxes that read "At midnight"........! Are theses in effect at all times or only triggered if you fail a task like a terror?
  5. The article does not go into detail on the exact nature of the issue. Not too helpful. Never the less there can be an "Android LCG" that can be in the same setting with the same people/corporations, etc that FFG developed. I'm sure if FFG want's to a very similar game could be made.
  6. So they could not renew the license?
  7. Under the prologue for Forgotten Age " If Urusala Downs, Leo Anderson or Monterey Jack are chosen...." Monterey Jack ? Come on guys it's not that hard to do this stuff.
  8. I just d/l the app. I don't see any option to buy the DLC. I've checked both ipad and android phone versions. I don't have the game yet, I wanted to check out the app first.
  9. I find the wording to this card confusing. When contesting a province with an air ring, the ring gains void as well. If I win the conflict I get to use the ring abilities of all 5 of the rings. Is that correct?
  10. Planning to be there. It's a 3 hour round trip but it's the best Netrunner event in L.A. County.
  11. Finally got a reply. Everything from the southern California Regional was accidently thrown out. No results will be available.
  12. Pleasant surprise, I finished 3rd place for the quarterly rankings. Gameology is great.
  13. Wow. They give the regional event to a new store , who gets half the number of entries as last year, and won't even post an entry\results list. Way to go.
  14. Great day of Netrunner as usual. Too bad event only lasted 3 rounds, would have liked to play more. Takes me 90 minutes to drive there but it's the best players/store around. See you all next month.
  15. Unable to find entry\decks,ID\results for SoCal regionals. Anyone know where to find this?
  16. Also listed is Mumbad City Hall, but pictured is Mumbad City Grid. ?? Which is it. This is really bad guys when your correction lists need to be corrected.
  17. When you go to the level 3 cards the header text says +1 universial influence. I think that should be a +3. The text at the top of the list says +1 for each level. So level 3 should be +3, correct?
  18. When will regional events be announced? Netrunner regional was already held this time last year.
  19. This is a great place. Try to get there for a fun day of Netrunner.
  20. That's what I thought. We go, he stays. Rule book does not cover monsters left unattended. I'm also assuming if we tried to go from the attic to the cellar who ever moved from the attic to the hallway first, would be engaged by the monster in wait? In other words we can't run through the hallway going to the cellar and not engage him (overrun).
  21. A minor point of clarification: an engaged Enemy is still considered to be at the location that the Investigator is at. However, once they are evaded, place them next to the Location card to indicate they are not engaged. So even if the enemy is exhausted we can't leave and go to the attic?
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