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  1. I doubt it's realistic to expect ffg to change it's culture in order to sell a particular game but at some point hopefully they'll notice that certain markets are already saturated and their halfhearted attempts to break in are bound to be unprofitable and just alienate their fan base...
  2. I've never understood this decision, why sell a hero separately that's so nerfed? How did that seem like a reasonable business decision?
  3. As I understand it both books contain core rules about how things work ergo people have to buy two $50 books ($100) in order to play in terrinoth or both $20 pdf's ($40). Pathfinder on the other hand has one $50 core rule book which also comes in paperback for $25 or a pdf for $9.99. D&D has a players handbook everybody needs $50 and one person would have to get the dungeon masters guide $50. It's also worth mentioning that the core rules for both pathfinder and D&D are open game license so potential players actually have access to all the core rules for free as long as they are willing to use the internet. The cost to get into D&D/pathfinder is actually as low as a set of dice.... Yeah.....yeah... Absolutely, once you get seriously into the other games there are a ton of things you can get AND that doesn't register as a bad thing. It registers as a supporting your game thing (you know the thing ffg is typically bad at doing). With ffg's game all you can get 2 adversary decks of 20 cards with information that you already have.....right?
  4. I've also heard that Runewars is very nice. But trying to break in to a saturated market by charging too much money, making it convoluted to get into and doing a garbage job at advertising also ends up not being financially viable. So it's also an atrocious business decision. Looking at the RPG it takes multiple books and costs 3 to 5 times the cost of the big name fantasy RPG's to get into and the reviews frequently say there's not a lot there....
  5. As bad as the quest vault went I can't imagine having the adding another hurdle would make things better....
  6. Seriously, I also facepalmed when they announced the terrinoth RPG....
  7. I just got home from pre-ordering through my FLGS so I can confirm it's possible. Good luck!
  8. There's a new expansion not even out yet, excellent reason to panic that the games over. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the perpetual panic thread for all of your perpetual panic needs.
  9. I'd suggest seeing if your favorite local game store can order it.
  10. I do get that the delve with it's short stages and inability to look ahead is kind of worst case scenario.
  11. That's very common in board games because every expansion that you require locks exponentially more people out of the game. Honestly having played the delve that was kind of a train wreck. There's a lot of game here, having to hunt through all of it doesn't make for short setup times. Honestly this is a common rule adhered to by game designers far and wide. To reiterate there's really nothing wrong with the way most game designers operate. I think it's just an abnormally large and obvious problem for Descent because they made some mistakes regarding too few health and stamina tokens, a lack of obviously common basic tile shapes and some weird monster choices in the core that have haunted them ever sense.
  12. Honestly how much more plastic and cardboard are you looking for? We already have a ton of heroes and a huge amount of monsters and tiles not just a few of which feel very VERY similar. I like that they're breaking out of the mold where every release has to check off the same boxes to give their descent fan base something that they've been asking for and hope to see more of the same going forward.
  13. I do wish there was more though toward the future in the core. I haven't been the biggest fan of having to buy the same cardboard over and over...
  14. That's not entirely true because of road to legend
  15. I've heard of people playing these app driven games solo and to me that's a real head scratcher. On my own I would much MUCH rather play a video game. But when it comes to playing with a group of people this will do something that video games don't, it will get you around a table facing and interacting with each other. That said perhaps in the not too distant future virtual tabletops will be more accessible, delivering the same experience while relegating the cardboard of games like this to the trash bin of antiquated and overly elaborate nonsense... https://www.tested.com/tech/3275-dd-of-the-future-why-virtual-tabletop-gaming-is-going-to-be-awesome-video/
  16. Seriously, the jump in difficulty is significant and it's lack of classes and heroes isn't great until you already have plenty of diversity. That said Mists has my favorite small box monsters of the game. Yeah the items in this expansion are awesome, which made Chains that Rust so disappointing.
  17. I managed to get Runewars for $30 which while I never expect to actually play it, at that price it was worth it for the plastic... Anyway the Ardus out of it is pretty cool but I was disappointed for my playthrough of MoB/CtR not to be able to get a hold of Zarihell.
  18. Bucho


    I'm finishing up chains that rust on account of having started the combined campaign for halloween. Therefore I haven't even had a chance to more than click through the intro text to embers of dread yet. As such I thought this would be an appropriate time to restart the perpetual panic thread...I mean there's no new content in....I don't know like days!!!
  19. I don't have the impression at least thus far that FFG expects you to pay more than once. Yes the Kindle has tended to have some bugs after updates but that's made me inclined to glare at amazon over their proprietary nonsense as opposed to blaming FFG. I'm just glad FFG is willing to support the kindle, not everybody does.
  20. I think this really depends on how much RtL is appealing to old Descent players verses how much it's created it's own new following. If the reality is this new game is being bought by a new demographic that doesn't already have it all: 1: a new campaign would sell old expansions. 2: a MoB+CtR release would be less optimal because of the lack of heroes and the weird classes...
  21. I guess if you'd like to understand where I'm coming from read some reviews of realms of terrinoth.
  22. That's a little better than I was thinking, I just looked on amazon which has now dropped to $10.99 That's part of my point. The fantasy rpg genre is really saturated, ffg has a lot of work to do to catch up and instead of doing that.....they're doing this *face palm*
  23. I'm looking at $14.99/20 cards Not really sure how that ends up being $0.35..... but that's not my point. My point is that the pathfinder bestiary 1 is 328 pages, The D&D monster manual is 352 pages. Heck D&D has a very equivalent card based product to this but it's 268 cards.... https://www.miniaturemarket.com/gf973923.html?
  24. JK about it being anything we care about though, they're just spamming us to try and boost runewars sales... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/5/change-of-heart/
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