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  1. Well it is different than I'm used to but at least FFG is telling us about something for descent sooner than the day after it comes out and fans didn't even have to corner them to get news.
  2. Because everybody checks out and starts playing phone games if I sort through two bookshelves full of descent content. And just plain forget about trying to bring it somewhere else.
  3. I was at Gencon50. Legacy of Dragonholt was still fairly new and they were still betting heavily on the success of Runewars. Therefore Legacy of Dragonholt wasn't present at all and while they had the Runewars tables there I couldn't actually get somebody to even explain the game to me. They really are that bad or at least they were... Also big changes so it's completely plausible that a bunch of balls got dropped and picked back up and/or that decisions about the future of product lines has suddenly changed drastically
  4. That's really unfortunate, I don't think I'd want the games scale to vary anymore than it already has.
  5. What the scale of the runebound red scorpian compared to descent?
  6. Descent has a wraith group(left) in manor of ravens and a shade group(right) in Shards of the Everdark
  7. Has anybody looked at Battlelore? If the scale is reasonable there's a lot of relevant plastic
  8. Bilehall has reanimates, broodwalkers and bonehorrors.
  9. It's already been done, twice. This rule set needs a third threat system about as much as it needs another page of damage tokens. Oh yeah, the problem lies in that he'd have to rewrite (and do a ton of playtesting) on each encounter that he'd want to port over to a different system.
  10. I suppose you can reinvent the wheel if that's what floats your boat.
  11. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/oxford-comma "Oxford comma a comma between the final items in a list, often preceding the word `and' or `or', such as the final comma in the list newspapers, magazines, and books "
  12. I can answer that, the answer is no. Because it's not ok to swipe someone else's intellectual invention and sell it. Lawyers have been pretty clear on that.
  13. I can answer that, the answer is no. Because it's not ok to swipe someone else's intellectual invention and sell it. Lawyers have been pretty clear on that.
  14. It's called threat, descent 1ed had that system and ffg brought it back for Imperial assault, they just canned it for 2ed along with a number of other things because of the criticism that the game was too complicated. Unfortunately for 2ed the threat system does work much better, giving even the weakest monsters a good reason to hit the table.
  15. Well I'm not super into a ton of new weapons just for the sake of a ton of new weapons. BUT a bunch of hybrid classes are about to come out, I kind of wonder if they wouldn't benefit from some support...
  16. Thanks Nick, it's great to see FFg moving out of the rut of every expansion having to check off specific boxes in terms of content. I love that the Elementalist class doesn't fall into the same card pattern that we're used to and I love seeing that FFg is looking at print on demand content to continue physically supporting what I expect to be descent's largely digital future.
  17. Seeing Trenloe as a scout really blew my mind
  18. There won't be new physical content in the near future, if there was releasing lost legends this way would make zero sense. This is to tide us over for a while.
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