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  1. I feel like you ought to include giants in that list... Heavens no, the ogres have never gotten table time.
  2. Is it? I'm not familiar with the warhammer card game but after having bought into larger names in this niche such as Pathfinder ACG, Dragonfire, LotRLCG I wonder what about this is different and interesting enough to buy into yet another big coop card game, especially given how unhappy I've been with how FFG's been about supporting my other recent purchases?
  3. I like it when a card game is consistent. When dragonlance back in the day recycled their best art and then added to it with subpar work that really bugged me. I don't mind at all if they use art more than once, so long as it matches. That said I'm not the biggest fan of the 2e art, it's a big step down compared to 1e or some of the art showing up in realms.
  4. Yes, they have been questioned at an event since frostgate. They promised new stuff. I guess this is how we have to get news about descent from now on....
  5. So after doom and gloom handwavium on the Imperial Assault forum turns out they're getting another expansion for their traditional style of play. What does this mean for Descent?
  6. I'm using the terms same and balanced as synonymous. My point being that this time the groups are supposed to be balanced, last time the "groups" were not supposed to be balanced. There was no rolling for defense last time. Both games use the exact same number of dice. The previous system didn't balance based on random chance. The OL had to use more of his resources to get stronger groups on the board and the strongest monsters originally could not be placed via cards. Expansion rules created a sort of pre-game buy system that allowed the OL to bring a limited amount of OP stuff into each quest. It's worse in a sense as reinforce one member of an open group heavily favors the smallest groups.
  7. I think there's a more profound problem with their system. Ask yourself if monsters in 1e had this tendency to feel the same? Once you've noticed that they didn't take another look at the 1e dice: they're even more fixed than 2e and yet the monsters were less prone to feeling identical. Perhaps some of that has to do with there being fewer monsters but I think a lot of it has to do with the monsters actually not being identical. Once they made the design decision in 2e that monster groups should be equivalent instead of purposely making some groups way more powerful than others I think the game's doomed to run into this problem. Monsters end up feeling the same because they were purposely balanced to be the same.
  8. Meh, there are already vampire lieutenants and as for werewolves what makes them more than just another blue+red? As for the rest, I don't think we're talking about Terrinoth anymore...even werewolves are pretty obscure. What I like about their last appearance are the consequences which means it would best shine as a hero or at least a condition.
  9. Sure we have a bunch of undead at this point, but is butt head really the undead that you want? I mean sure reanimate on stilts has grown on me some but it took some real getting used to. Barghests are fairly B list and Zombies are not exactly my go to monster. Really....it's just bug puppet and flaming skulls that I'm particularly into. I'd still love to see banshees and necromancers. Also, to me carrion lancers are a pretty cool concept. I want them to keep pumping out campaigns period. And sure flesh rippers are cool but I'm rather meh about the Uthuk Y’llan. I would very much enjoy a werewolf hero though...
  10. Gold rush could let her go farther if used in conjunction with trail of riches.
  11. So...picked up the carrion lancers last night. Everything Runewars is on clearance at my local game store...
  12. You can still pick that expansion up new in shrink wrap for a fraction of it's original MSRP. Really cool idea but suffered from way too little playtesting though there are some fan made solutions on how to fix it.
  13. I have mixed feelings, every time someone gets confused by shadows in the corners and thinks they can't shoot through there I wish the tiles were more generic. And the amount that lighting colored the whole tile can get downright wacky. That said they *tended* to calm down in the expansions. And it's hard to argue that these tiles don't give the game a very different feel: But where it's already a bit noticeable that only having about 30 highly specialized tiles to depend on hurts them I wonder if it might be worth it to release a road to legend expansion with some terrain and some of the super useful basic tile shapes that they left out of the base box.
  14. I definitely use proxies, especially for Splig.... Well, this mini is also super old and not actually cheaper so I'd suggest a different one. But the good news is there are a ton of female vampire minis out there and you could just use a female noble. ****, why wasn't this out before I bought Merrick...
  15. Well I don't think that sorting through over 100 tiles is actually faster than putting out the occasional piece of terrain. I do think that having smaller maps, not having to specifically place all sorts of different monsters and the inability of just about every monster to show up in every quest speeds things up considerably. The fiddly part I was referring to is how the terrain has a tendency to get knocked around during the game.
  16. People not only still play D1, people such as myself are still buying it up on ebay to play while we wait for a new RtL campaign.... P.S. I can't help pointing out that people still make those comments about D2...
  17. They have been going back and forth between releasing campaigns and adventures. So I'm optimistic that we will get something more substantial this time around.
  18. They have taken to not giving much notice for DLC. Heck the last MoM2 DLC was released for a day before they announced it was released. I think this has a lot to do with not managing to meet the release dates they announced for several digital releases in a row and people responding by freaking out. Ergo I expect that this type of response confirms that either the next release is digital only or that the release is significantly far away and since it's almost 6 months since a release I'd bet on the former.
  19. Well the uncharitable guess is that they can sell more tiles this way. The charitable guess is that they were trying to make things less fiddly as well as have cooler/less generic tiles.
  20. Wel.....unlike 1e where the tiles were generic and therefor super reusable and the terrain consisted of separate cardboard that sat on top, 2e uses more specific tiles with built in terrain which makes them less reusable. I've already heard of a stage in the delve that fakes terrain by having tiles near each other. Which arguably means that despite all the tiles we own that they still need to make more tiles...or maybe just some terrain to put on the existing tiles.
  21. So my eyes aren't bad enough to have his issue but I do need someone else to read the italic text boxes. Being able to make the text bigger or change the font would be magical for me...
  22. Heating the bases in boiling water and then putting them in ice water. In extreme cases you may have to reposition things by hand before the ice water.
  23. Community expansions completely exist, the thing that I found super shady was porting Shadow Rune over to valkyrie. I would have gladly helped with that if I wasn't too worried about getting sued to go anywhere near it.
  24. I've got to contest this. It's super easy for me to pick up a chess set. I've had a hard time getting all the expansions for Descent 1ed and have simply come to accept that I'll never have the lieutenants for it.
  25. Bucho


    No the term is entirely applicable to subjective assessments, all it would require is that you think it's the best.
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