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  1. I'm looking at $14.99/20 cards Not really sure how that ends up being $0.35..... but that's not my point. My point is that the pathfinder bestiary 1 is 328 pages, The D&D monster manual is 352 pages. Heck D&D has a very equivalent card based product to this but it's 268 cards.... https://www.miniaturemarket.com/gf973923.html?
  2. JK about it being anything we care about though, they're just spamming us to try and boost runewars sales... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/5/change-of-heart/
  3. You can get Ardus Ix'erebus out of Runewars but you should probably just wait for a reprint... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ardus-Ixerebus-kit-from-Runewars-Miniature-Game-NEW-Fantasy-Flight-Undead/232686959529?hash=item362d393ba9:g:j7QAAOSwjL5ZD2ZP
  4. Am I the only one who finds that ridiculous?
  5. Well the designer for this game has quit FFG so it's not looking good.
  6. You're not alone man, I rather think you're preaching to the choir. At least this is what I have to say on the subject:
  7. Well they've built their own rpg (Genesys) which they advertise is "compatible with any setting" so it would make sense to pump out lore books for it. Thing is the RPG market is pretty saturated. I mean there are multiple fantasy rpgs that have whole companies devoted to pumping out product just for them and huge pre-existing fan bases. How does ffg rationally expect to break into that market? And that's before taking a look at their RPG, I mean I've barely scratched the surface on it and have already run into multiple things I heavily dislike, which seems pretty grim....
  8. And that's a big part of my point. The quest vault is largely full of quests that haven't received enough attention to get the bugs worked out and I don't think writing for the app will make that process shorter or simpler....
  9. There's more materials in the big box expansions, that's what you are seeing. Shadow of Nerekhall gets you a new campaign, it's the only expansion that's really worth buying if you want to play road to legend.
  10. I'm real skeptical of that. The current quest vault never seemed to do very well and that's before we're talking about writing for an app... Furthermore the shadow rune project doesn't seem to be going anywhere particularly fast.
  11. I know huh, this clearly wasn't the plan...things must be really fubar at ffg. I sold my copy of mansions of madness and have stopped buying ffg games.
  12. Please, somebody ask! I didn't make it to gencon this year.
  13. Personally I don't like road to legend as much standard 2e. Alot of the draw for 2e is in the tactics. Having the AI "deck" blunder around aimlessly just isn't as good an experience. Now they could make up for that with story, that's a perfectly fine way for an RPG-ish game to go. But a deep story has never been descents strong suit and turning it into a story experience (like mansions of madness) limits the replayability.
  14. Yeah, as heavily clearanced as I've been finding this game....I just bought the core box for $30. So guards and reanimate here I come!
  15. *shrug* they're holding a tournament at gencon so it would be pretty awkward if no one plays....but I've never seen it. My local game store devoted an isle to it and ended up clearencing everything. It's mostly still sitting there at 50% off....
  16. Well on the one hand 2e gets on the table much easier. I mostly play nights at a board game cafe, the circumstances heavily incentivize shorter games *shrug* thusly Imperial Assault gets table time even easier. Conversely I got rid of Mansions of Madness because ffg just couldn't manage to put out content for me, there was only one scenario short enough to be playable but I could buy an expansion to get one more.....2 games for $130....F that. So I could see some utility in having a 3e which was a bit more of an imperial assault clone but on the other hand why the heck would I buy into it when playing gloomhaven with it's tons of content negates putting up with ffg's bad support and communication...
  17. Well you don't HAVE to throw it out the window. I still get 1e on the table and for traditional players of the game there's significantly more 2e. That said I think canning 2e right now would be a poor decision. They just released road to legend in 2016 and a significant number of people bought into the game for that. There are road to legend only players who just recently bought the whole thing trusting ffg's statements that they would be releasing content for RtL. If you're one of those people and the canned date ends up being 2017, do you trust ffg again?
  18. How much of that do you suppose is the line of sight rules along with smaller maps?
  19. 1e and Imperial Assault have already solved this issue. It's just a 2e over simplification problem. I have mixed feelings. Certainly the 1e system adds a lot more game for a lot fewer tiles but I think the custom tiles can add a lot too. For instance these two tiles are functionally equivalent but I don't think you can argue that using them is the same. I think what I'd like too see is a highbred tile system where there are some unique and interesting rooms (especially in expansions) but where every tile isn't so overflowing with artwork that new players can't figure out where it's ok to stand.
  20. Yeah, a bigger base set would help a lot but I doubt that would ever happen on account of price point. But what I'd hope for are more mainstream monsters, ettins for example are fairly obscure.
  21. I don't know...on the one hand I could see how increasing monster bloat could be problematic. But it also doesn't need to be all or nothing. For instance converting the expansions but not the H&M collections would make the game more manageable and let them recycle a lot of the more mainstream monsters. What's your issue with the current system? Personally my expansion content (other than tiles) gets frequent use. As for the tiles, I wouldn't actually want them to change the mechanics to try and mix expansion tiles into other quests. I WOULD like them to plan ahead a little better. Putting extra tiles in the core game in basic shapes to use down the road could potentially cut down on the tile bloat that 2e suffered from. I'd also like enough hearts and fatigue in the core to avoid wasting a bunch of cardboard on that in numerous expansions.
  22. Well, I don't think you really needed to be limited that way. They could have put anything in that kit they wanted, certainly condition cards would have been no big deal. What I found more problematic was the decision to move away from the threat system (which they immediately went back to) meant that every monster group needed to be equivalent.
  23. I get that FFG abandoning the vault has doomed it but frankly it doesn't look like it's ever gotten much use...
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