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  1. "I mean, I was just getting more into 2E over the last few months, and have expansions on wishlists, but I'm putting those planned purchases on hold so I can save those funds for 3E. " Yep, that's probably going to be the typical response. Having an app run games for my girlfriend and I is pretty great right now. Enough that I bought into Mansions of Madness and bought several Imperial Assault expansions. But if I got news that either was getting replaced I think I'd just wait for the hot new thing rather than getting more expansions that I'd have trouble getting my friends to play.
  2. "but at most that they don't want to announce a new edition of the game that way at this point in time." Also when you announce a new version, demand for the old version plummets. Sure, some of us will race out for that last lieutenant pack or whatnot but nobody's purposely getting into the "obsolete" version as a new one's coming out.
  3. You can have all those (except the music) without an app. Descent 1e did. Those features don't tend to pair well with super competitive overlords, but I think the best fix there is just not to play the game with super competitive overlords. That said there's nothing Gloomhaven does that an app can't, really you can do a ton more with an app than a deck of cards...if they're willing to put the effort in.
  4. Sure a bunch of overlords do, but your average player I don't think does. Even watching FFG's livestream of the people who designed Lost Legends playing Road to Legend, they clearly did not have things memorized the way hardcore fans here do. No, It really kind of is. 1e had a single type of monster to fill a particular niche and that works well. But 2e we already had all those monsters, so we end up with the B list of monsters. Take LoR, we're fighting the spider queen so FFG *should* be selling us bane spiders, but by supporting 1e plastic they can't. So we end up with a weird knock off bane spider and in a heavily tactical game against a human player that works fine. They can fiddle with it to make it different-ish. But in an app where that plastic gets reduced to theme and some flavor text it stops working. Three versions of the same monster are not going to be particularly appealing to their general audience. This is something a standalone game can just plain do better than one that's stuck selling you the ethnic knockoffs of the monsters they actually wanted to include. It's an issue reviews often comment on since the very first big expansion for Mansions of Madness 2e. Gloomhaven is a stand alone game, if FFG did a standalone Descent Legacy and were remotely as unmiserly about the contents and the content they would absolutely have a hit. But I just don't think Financing Fight Games has that in them. I expect every penny to be pinched and the game to be riddled with weird comity compromises that made no one happy. And I don't think that will compete well in an arena where Frosthaven and Jaws of the Lion are the new hotness.
  5. Yes and no, Runebound 3e plus the conversion kit let me add heroes with updated sculpts to Descent 2e. I think starting 3e with the 12 missing heroes could go a long way toward placating some of their more hardcore fans.
  6. Even with the app? Sure there are a bunch of overlords who have horded monsters with minor ability differences to gain an advantage on their players. But to a lot of players (maybe even most) a bunch of the monsters end up feeling pretty darn similar. Once you take the cards away does the average player detect a difference between Giants, Ettins, Trolls, Ogres, and whatever they pick to fill the same niche in 3e? Sure a savvy tactical player can read the difference between say sweep and backswing and plan accordingly but when we're fighting a mindless automaton and those differences are hidden behind an app wall...who even notices? It's a problem that Mansions of Madness 2e started running into fairly early in the games expansions:
  7. Well, my guess is app enhanced full coop. It's been working for them and a criticism of gloomhaven is that the monster system is cumbersome so it makes sense they'd play to their strengths. Ergo it would be fairly trivial to import things, but that's a lot of monsters and heroes at this point. The games downright cumbersome if you have everything right now, imagine if you keep that snowball rolling.
  8. ๐Ÿ˜ž There are some real differences for D2 players to get used to.
  9. I'm trying to picture that? But the only thing I had trouble getting off and on were the arms, so a dissassembly solution that doesn't involve them would be great!
  10. Sigh, I'm afraid that's what's going to happen. I've just got a system for Descent where things go back in their boxes so I don't have to bring a duffel bag to play. I'm hoping to do the same thing with Imperial Assault but Rancor don't fit. Maybe I can find a spinoff of totalnoobs suggestion and use cardboard to prop the boxtop up an inch...I'm so not shelling out $50 for a wood insert.
  11. So just got Jabba's Realm, assembled the Rancor and went to put it back in the box only to notice that it doesn't fit. I suppose I could look for room in the core box but frankly I don't see myself pulling out a Rancor anywhere else. You know like hey your on Hoth, here's a Rancor, don't question it....he's wearing mittens. Or you're in an Imperial base, guess what they were keeping in the closet...Rancor! ๐Ÿค” Ergo, Ideally I'd add the components I use all the time to the main box and keep expansion only components in the Jabbas realm box. Does anyone else do that, have you found a good way of keeping the Rancor partially assembled so that he'll come out quickly?
  12. Wait a second, I never realized until this moment that the dwarves had invented pants!
  13. FFG failed hardcore. They got themselves into a business model where the moment they weren't in the process of releasing an expansion for a line their entire customer base determined that it was going out of print and refused to buy in. Ergo they've been trying to juggle all that progressively badly for years. Everything has noticeably suffered as a result, I mean Runebound is almost completely an empty box for Dog sake. So of course that sort of nonsense hurt sales and their response has been to try and force prices higher ๐Ÿ™„ With the predictable effect. So I think at this point they're trying to prune way back just to get some breathing room as a precursor to fundamentally rethinking the way they go about things.
  14. Except for Mansions of Madness, also war gamers were not whelmed by the soft plastic of Runewars, Runebound was still using the tiny minis descent started with plus sticker dice (what is this the 80's?). And that's just the games I'm still keeping track of, I've largely given up on FFG. I think they get the problem exists but are too into penny pinching to really fix it. I think their plan of releasing half a game to convince people to buy a bunch of expansions stopped working out. It's not just that scheme doesn't compete well. People have picked up on it so the moment they aren't producing content for a line everyone freaks out that it's over and stops buying into the game. I think they got super over saturated trying to keep up with the demand for expansions with the diminishing return that yields and trying to produce new lines. The end result being that they've been botching everything lately. Have they pruned back enough to be functional now, who knows. But getting a rep for being the company that cancels everything I expect to be quite harmful moving forward.
  15. ๐Ÿ˜ž They haven't put in that kind of forethought in quite some time.
  16. Of course Runebound 3rd failed, it's mostly an empty box. Asking top dollar for less than the minimum amount of content of lack luster quality just isn't going to work in today's market, there's way to much competition. It's the same problem with their RPG there are already two big names in the fantasy RPG market, companies that are almost entirely devoted to pumping out content for. So FFG figured it would take a half assed attempt to dive into a saturated market, of course it didn't work.
  17. Alternatively, he might be trying to make the point that FFG scuttling all their other terrinoth products over an extremely short period of time is a bad sign...
  18. Yeah, but that won't be a problem. If you have all the hero and monster packs the game can get unwieldy, it's a lot to sort through whenever the app wants something random. Where you are *shrug* I think you'll be fine and give the game a good chunk of diversity. Just make sure you've got your tiles organized so you aren't slowed down to much by the tile pile.
  19. Yeah, the cores $30 on amazon (and it had dropped down to $23 for a bit there). That's for 48 minis so it comes out to under $0.63 a mini. It doesn't just have a set of uniform guard mini's. There's a bunch of undead in there that I use for all sorts of games as well as a reanimate for the necromancer. It gets you out of buying the Ardus Ix'Erebus lieutenant. There's a much better golem sculpt. And I haven't found a use for this yet other than terrifying players by pulling it out of the box but still worth it:
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