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  1. There are a ton of those expansions out there. Hopefully the scalpers will move on and you'll be able to find slightly used copies when things cool down.
  2. Well, it makes sense we didn't see all the sea of blood lieutenants and avatars. As they're out in Torue Albes and I'm happy Descent didn't try to head out there late in the game. I know some fans were pushing for it but trying to move this giant beast of a game out into the water this late in the game would have been even more of a train wreck than it was the first time around.
  3. If you don't have it Imperial Assault is excellent and I don't know how much longer it will be around.
  4. I expect the biggest problem to be either air bubbles or which side is up in the mold.
  5. So the x being a little bigger isn't the biggest problem. The dice aren't even square.
  6. Casino dice are quite different. They're machined instead of injection molded, so they don't shink unevenly in the mold as the plastic cools. Nor do they need to go through a rock tumbler to get rid of the mold marks (which makes the dice even more uneven). Casino dice are translucent, your dice are not which means there could be an air bubble in there and you'd never know. And that X is a whole bunch of missing plastic which casino dice with their perfectly filled pips don't have.
  7. On sale at walmart https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mansions-of-Madness-Beyond-the-Threshold/895964064
  8. "Still it's a minor frustration to me that if they just printed on the other side" Like I said before it's just a pet peeve that they could make things better without spending any more money just by changing which side they print on. My actual complaint is that I bought a box of air, with a little bit of game in it. Still the insert thing is one of many signs that routinely make me question how much playtesting actually gets done over at FFG.
  9. App. People complain about running the monsters in Gloomhaven. I liked the monster cards in the D&D board games, they were quite simple but left players with tactical decisions. FFG's system for descent was less enjoyable on account of being more busy. But I get the problems with tacking an AI onto a finicky tactile game were likely responsible. Mansions of Madness has a simpler system for monster movement that's quite enjoyable. The narrative elements of combat are great though it sucks when they repeat. But the amount of things that happen during the mythos has turned my player groups off from this game pretty hard. I think they went to far away from the story experience in Lord of the Rings, hopefully they find some middle ground in this. Hopefully, it would be great if that was a full self contained box. Please no. The moment FFG starts trying to figure out how to get more money out of us by cutting up a game into little parts everything ends up being worse for it.
  10. Every single non FFG game I own has them. But the cardboard would be perfectly fine, if they'd spent a second figuring out how it would work for me. Like I said, they're printing on the wrong side.
  11. Still it's a minor frustration to me that if they just printed on the other side of the insert or made it easier to reverse the folds, a lot of the time I'd have a nice looking divider, at least unless/until I filled the box with expansions. My major point is the box is not that big, it's the size of an expansion box and most of it is empty space.
  12. Other board game manufacturers have figured out how to do exactly that, it's not hard.
  13. I bought Mansions of Madness despite what a low opinion I have of a lot of things about it during the pandemic because my girlfriend loves the genre and there just aren't a ton of games in that genre that do two player coop well. Fantasy is a much more competitive genre, they will have to show up gloomhaven and frosthaven but if they can most people are pretty desperate for a something to do and at least in the US that won't be changing for a while.
  14. How much money do you have in expansions in there? And I don't have an issue with leaving room in the core box for expansions, that's a good thing. My issue; ok there are actually a bunch including that inserts ought to be useful, but on this point; my issue is that almost all of what I bought turns out to be insert. There was some real empty box shock. Compare this to something like Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion where $49.95 buys so much content that there are tutorials on how to get the content back in the box because people can't manage to get it to all fit on their own.
  15. Runebound was mostly an empty box. My board won't sit flat and doesn't seem that durable. The mini's are mostly recycled from 2e, the cards are quite bland and I'm not really sure how the sticker dice escaped from the 80's. 🤷‍♂️
  16. FFG alway does that stuff, to the point that a bunch of the comments on their live twitch were people flat out heckling them. But at the end of the day both products sold like hot cakes once the prices came down.
  17. Yeah that's why Runebound and Runewars failed.
  18. Descent ran into this same thing for several years. No announcements or a very coy response if asked. And then sometime later a new DLC would pop out of thin air. Especially where a MoM DLC had been out for a day before they said anything. I don't think we can conclude no announcement means nothing.
  19. Sure Frosthaven's $100 but if you notice they also list the MSRP as $160. Likewise FFG puts Descent 2e at 79.95 but you probably end up paying $50 for it. I would think this is the same way. They'll ask for the moon, because they don't tend to be great at reasonable price points. Then it'll actually sell for $125.
  20. They did that some in realms of terrinoth and it turned out ok. Here's hoping they didn't screw up that gimmick this time.
  21. The idea that FFG might just have actually made a single self contained game is exciting.
  22. It's better than Shoulderpads Mclantern. Not hero focused which is a real change and surprisingly not busy which is also a departure. Erm.....just got a good look at the side. That looks weirdly low quality
  23. The app has a tutorial and campaign for the core, another for Return to Hoth, and a third for Jabba's Realm. The other expansions don't add campaigns, you get some heroes, enemies and items. If you already own Heart of the Empire, cool the minimal inclusion is better than nothing. But if you're buying into Imperial Assault just for app play a $60 expansion for the minimal support it currently gets 🙄
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