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  1. I'm not saying that there aren't good combinations here. But the game wasn't designed for these hybrids and as such they break a lot of synergies not just for the character using the class but for the whole party. And not just anyone using these classes but the whole party as well REALLY needs to grasp how things are changing and compensate for the game to be playable. For example, the first time I saw the hybrid classes used. It was four players, each picks a different hero type. But the guy who picked a healer did not pick one with healing as it's ability. Normally not a problem, he'd be railroaded into being able to heal the party. But in this case he's gotten himself all set up to be the scout but everyone else thinks he's the healer. That he's got the healing taken care of so they don't set themselves up to heal either and the result is a party where three of the characters have lower health and no one has any ability to get health back. It was a complete meat grinder.
  2. This sounds interesting, I own the campaigns other than trollfens. What are you looking to play and how long do these PBF games tend to take?
  3. You're right there are some really cool opportunities here. Perfect place to release a druid class for instance...
  4. After watching a couple of people doom their party by taking these classes, I've taken them out of their respective decks and only show them to very experienced players.
  5. Um...that's not obvious. These classes are not what many people were hoping for.
  6. I'd wonder if making a product that's meant to support seven different sources makes marketing have a stroke.
  7. I was actually thinking of a translucent purple token but was skeptical that would provide enough utility to be worth it. Your ideas cooler, I was trying to come up with something like that but couldn't figure out how to get around the problem of the large size mini's. Also, it wouldn't need to be generic, you could certainly monster it up.
  8. I think it's a neat idea though I'd be worried that an intelligent overlord would be over powered in a game which was balanced for a dumb overlord.
  9. I've tried to buy generic villagers, they certainly come up often enough in games. The only villagers I've found are ridiculously over themed, for instance I don't have a lot of use for a blacksmith and his anvil. So if anybody knows of a well made generic mini out there or can design one for 3d printing I'd like to buy a few.
  10. I'm kind of curious why they don't make this product when the lieutenant packs certainly seem to work. I've already proxied some of this stuff, for instance it's not too hard to come up with a skeleton or a wolf. There's a flock of Ravens mini out there and some 3d printed options for the summoned stones. But there isn't a great mini for Brightblaze and nothing at all for the scourge. I don't think they'd be able to replace all of the tokens, for instance how do you make a mini of the shadow soul? I mean it's whole thing is basically other mini's standing on top of it... But there are a number of token that could be replaced and quite a few of us who want that.
  11. Doesn't seem like it makes much sense for them to produce a second version of the core box as well as a widely successful app only to can it almost immediately. Seems to me like V3 has already come out in the form of road to legend, it just remains to be seen how long they will support both versions of the game.
  12. Is it possible to put a sheet of cardboard for tiles in print on demand expansions?
  13. Scenarios, many more scenarios. I don't find these scenarios at all replayable which means I want a bunch more than 4 to justify a $100 game. Same for the expansions, I need content to justify getting them. That said the one dnc that's out I haven't bothered buying because even the "short" easy scenario was long and hard for us. I'm looking for more scenarios about like it.
  14. Well, considering the appalling lack of scenarios for this game, somebody sure needs to write content. So count me in.
  15. Or just say where the tiles are coming from. I've had the same experience with relics in the delve. I've had to go online and look up which expansion I needed to look in to find the cards. Now I suppose I could spend the time and money to reprint components I already have but a more elegant solution would be if the app just told me where to look.
  16. Yeah seems like everybody with a kindle fire has this issue.
  17. Take a look at the descent wiki: http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Descent:_Journeys_in_the_Dark_(Second_Edition)_Wiki Not all heroes are created equal, so look through and find who you want to play and see what monsters are cool.
  18. Did you have to do anything differently? Mine still says 'unavailable' With the newest update I get a slightly different unavailable message but still doesn't work with the kindle.
  19. Use the app. That way you'll both be working on getting the same set of rules straight. Some one won't have to play 2 heroes which would make things more complicated. And the app has a good tutorial level to ease you in to playing.
  20. Every campaign doesn't do that, according to FFG the expansion quests get recycled.
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