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  1. 4 hours ago, Watercolour Dragon said:

    ...I suspect a mere coincidence of timing, maybe that competitive dungeon crawler would be better unleashed when we're not up against an infective virulent sprawler.

    True that, I'd traded Mansions of Madness very quickly after getting it. Disgusted with the quality of components and the stinginess of scenarios.

    I've re-bought into the game pretty heavily over the pandemic just because my girlfriend likes the theme and it's an easy game for us to play together.

  2. You know what they're doing could be fine for a 3rd edition, I mean I'd prefer if they'd spent a little more time adding color to the tiles and picked a different style of art. But whatever, the art in 2nd edition wasn't my favorite and the core box tiles where so obsessed with light sources that some look downright bizarre.

    Those are things I can probably get over, I mean I have before so *shrug* Anyway the thing that would need to be different is content! I'm willing to pay $175, I've payed more than that before but that price bought me the core, 2 big boxes and 1 small box last time.

    Now it buys me 16 scenarios !?! I  mean I don't actually mind a universal generic tile system but for the price they need to use it. Until then I'll be playing Frosthaven.

  3. 4 hours ago, kris40k said:

    Yeah, I expect the expansion boxes to maybe add one or two tile type (like icey floors in Act 2, corrupted ground in Act 3, whatever...), and a few unique 3d pieces specific to that box's quests (an altar, statue, etc.) and then mostly be monsters, heroes, cards, much like Journeys' expansions. They have already referred to Act 1 as the "core set", I don't think there is any cause to expect the second and third acts to be equivalent in size and price. 

    Yeah, though Imperial Assault just stuck with the core terrain types so maybe they figured out a dozen types of terrain is confusing to the average player. I figured the new cardboard would be more 3d scenery.


    But at the end of the day coming out and saying there will be 2 big box expansions and planning the story arc out is a better idea than haphazardly throwing expansions out until the product line collapses. It's one of the few things about this they may have gotten right.


  4. On 10/23/2020 at 12:32 PM, tazman222 said:

    But paying possibly $500+ for just the one campaign seems a bit high. I would rather spend that money on a game(s) that has more replayability.

    The up side of a universal tile system is that you don't need to keep buying it. Since players already own an infinitely versatile tile system act 2-3 *should* be cheaper on account of not needing to buy it again.

  5. 23 hours ago, Raizox said:

    Ignore the negativity. This forum is full of it because all D2E hardcore fans expected a 3rd Edition of the same game. After a few month they won't be around.

    Actually the hardcore fans didn't want 3rd because that kills play in 2nd. The assurances that it's not are meant to placate the hardcore fans.

    "Same negativity happened with JiME and today's is one of the best sellers for FFG. Follow the sales, not the comments of the same 4-5 old grumpy guys."

    There is something to that, go to the 1st ed forums. There's still a handful trashing 2nd. 

    That said there were a bunch of people who were excited that aren't anymore. Some of it was bound to happen, over loosing the overlord, having to use an app and whatnot.

    But a lot of people seem put off by the quality of the art and that does seem like an unforced error.

  6. 3 hours ago, rugal said:

    The game is as worse as I bêta tested it : the art is ugly, the game is almost disconnected from descent universe, the only payable app is a scandal ...

    App only games do fine, I get that some of the hardcore 1vsmany crowd are going to freak out but honestly we all knew it would be app coop. That's the only thing FFG's to set them apart in an over crowded genre.

    How did the app compare to Mansions of Madness?


  7. Well that was....different.

    The terrain in the video looked awful. The close up of a few tiles actually made me feel better about it. I did enjoy the artwork heavy tiles but hundreds of dollars in single use tiles is kind of a lot vs the modular tiles of 1e.

    The artwork really doesn't look great which was disappointing.

    The minis seem nice, what's up with that slit in the base?

    I'm interested in what they mean by narrative heavy? If it's as heavily narrated as Mansions of Madness maybe they've got something.

    So far $175 seems like a lot but then they don't tend to get their asking price.

  8. Sure this year threw a monkey wrench in things. But that doesn't change the reality that FFG has a very noticeable pattern of not growing these games much bigger than it is now. And they've publicly commented that they need to be better about limiting the number of expansion more than they were.

    With covid who knows, but I would have expected a DLC about a year after PoS and maybe one last small box after that. But PoS does not appear to have sold well so even that's a long shot. It's entirely plausible that they will just cut their losses. 

  9. On 10/10/2020 at 11:18 PM, IWasLeft2Die said:

    People really think this is dead?  The game isn't terribly old and the last expansion isn't even a year old

    The original MoM came out in 2011, saw it's last expansion in 2013, and was replaced by 2ed in 2016.

    This version has more expansions than the 1st edition ever got, 2 of them have already been discontinued, and it's not that much longer before 2ed will have outlived 1ed.

  10. 10 hours ago, Nicola Zealey said:

    Using clear bases is without a doubt the way to go.  You can get away with just gluing with superglue without drilling holes - that's what I did. But having them with holes drilled would  be neat.  Very occasionally my figures come off the base and I have to glue them back on.

    Many of the big monsters don't need bases.   They look fine standing up by themselves.

    Other than the rubbish big black bases, my other big gripe is the failure of FFG to stick to the same scale for the investigator figures.

    Even in the base box, some figures are not the same scale as others.

    I've spent a lot of time building up the smaller figure with modeling clay and making some of the larger figures smaller by carefully cutting and filing.  A small but effective trick for some of the smaller figures is just to make their feet slightly larger.  The size disparity is now not so glaring but I am considering replacing a couple which are still too big or too small.  Finn Edwards seems to be a giant compared to Preston.

    It's not good plastic, honestly this is the only game I own that I haven't bothered to paint.

  11. 2 hours ago, doubletapdaddy said:

    We have an awesome game store close to us, but there just doesn't seem to be clear bases that are suitable like the ones in the picture above.

    These are the ones I used. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MNMPCZ6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    I drilled a 7/64 hole in them. Just to obsess some of the holes are more toward the center and some are toward the edge for the minis with their legs apart and those two options seems to center all the small minis well. Weirdly some of the pegs are a little thick, I ended up reaming out the holes on a couple to deal with that. I also didn't make bases for most of the minis. Just enough that I won't run out during a scenario.



  12. On 9/20/2020 at 7:11 PM, Merry Prankster said:

    Funny thing about those old bases that came with the monsters, I cut off the pins and glued them to pennys CA.  That way, they didn't cover up as much of the board/tiles.  The gentleman who introduced me to MOM glued his to clear stands.

    I know right, who would possibly use those terrible bases. There isn't even enough space on the tiles for them.


  13. 20 hours ago, Annette Soleil said:

    If FFG really can't reproduce any of those old minis, it might honestly be kind of a relief to never see any of those again. It's just a shame it means that a MoM3E is even less likely because of it.

    This is a game that was popular enough that even Target was selling it.


    Honestly, if they can't figure out how to produce a game this popular in it's own right and have to rely on having the components already laying around, they should probably find a different line of work.  (which several of them already have)

  14. 3 hours ago, Annette Soleil said:

    Honestly, this right here is one of the most concerning things to me in terms of the possibility of a 3rd Edition. The old 1E minis are terrible, aside from a small handful of the monsters, and a lot of the earlier 2E minis are pretty bad as well. They've gotten better over time, to the point where the most recent 2-3 expansions have some very nice looking investigators. Especially in comparison to the older ones. But unless FFG went all in on revamping the game with a 3rd Edition, they'd be forced to reuse a lot of those crappy early miniatures as well.

    The 1e minis aren't even from 1e. They're from this old universal arkham line which is why they have bases where you can pull out one set of stats and put in another.

    Thing is those are old enough I hear the molds have failed. Which is why we don't have recurring nightmares and suppressed memories any more.

    So I wouldn't worry about seeing the old arkham line again. 

  15. 7 hours ago, Nicola Zealey said:

    What concerns me is  the time to announce such a release would be in time for Halloween.

    Ever since a digital trainwreck they had with descent the company has been extremely gun shy about advertising DLC.

    They have gone so far as to put out DLC with zero publicity and waited until the internet noticed to say anything.

    I'd expect that sort of soft open to happen again and with the games designer having left ffg and the issues they've had with their software people and covid on top of that.

    So who knows exactly when, I wouldn't worry if you don't see anything this year, they just redid the models in the base game, they aren't planning to can the game right after that. They'll try to ride out the games momentum with an occasional nudge for a few more years.

  16. 20 hours ago, Annette Soleil said:

    Yes, eventually people will gradually lose interest in MoM2E, as is the case with most board games. Each new DLC scenario will probably sell less than the one before it. But only FFG knows how much they need to sell to break even and the current sales figures. Maybe the costs are low enough, and demand high enough, that they could keep MoM running for several more years on DLC alone. Although if we aren't getting any more physical content, I wouldn't expect the game to last for more than five years tops before we get a 3rd Edition (or FFG just discontinues MoM altogether). But I'd wager we get at least 1-3 new DLC scenarios before that happens.

    No matter what they do, I don't see the game having more than a few more years. The plastic in it is already subpar and only getting more dated. The last two expansions already point to a big drop in sales.

    Though I would point to at least some of that being a problem with releasing expansions for a haunted house game that don't actually take place in a haunted house.

    With covid and all the people running from FFG and the department shakeups who knows exactly. But I expect a DLC down the road with no notice.

    After that maybe just maybe they might give another small box a try. I'm not super hopeful but it could happen.

  17. On 9/15/2020 at 3:28 AM, Nicola Zealey said:

    All five card packs has sold out at fifteen dollars each.  Many more would be easy to churn out.  If I was running FFG, I know where I'd focus my limited resources.

    And they do a lot of that, it's not random that much of what they were advertising at gencon was either a single mini or a deck of cards. 

    However, new content keeps a game line alive. They strung out Descent sales for years by releasing app content. Imperial Assault, same deal. You'll see the same thing here.

    I don't think you're that likely to see new expansions because there's a diminishing return thing which happens where you should expect to see each new expansion to sell fewer copies. For instance, looking over at board game geek the MoM 2ed core is owned by 35.4K people but by the time you get to Path of the Serpent it's only owned by 2.6K. But you can also see that there's a price point thing, the cheaper expansions do sell better. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/205059/mansions-madness-second-edition/expansions

    With that in mind putting out new digital content to keep the existing product line selling about the time everybody's starting to give up on the game IS what they've done with their similar product lines so expect to see the same thing here. I'm not saying a scenario doesn't take work, but it also clearly isn't as insurmountable a problem as some are making it sound and they will get a much bigger hotness bump off a new $5 DLC than the 1K copies of a new $50 expansion.


  18. On 9/13/2020 at 4:06 AM, Nicola Zealey said:

    Designing a Mansions scenario is much harder than folks think and very hit and miss.

    Software development is hard and expensive and sometimes goes widely wrong.

    It's not actually as hard as all that, a bunch of amateurs have done it and done a good job.

  19. I don't think there's anything more to do. It's a complete game. I would like another one and the creator has said she's open to doing another so I guess we'll see what the future holds.

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