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  1. They've had trouble rolling out DLC in the past. There response has been to stop telling us anything. Expect new DLC to be out for like a day before it gets announced.
  2. No, FFG's made too many weird decisions for me to trust their products sight unseen anymore. But whether we'd support them is the wrong question. Most of us will keep playing 2e, it's whether the next generation of gamers would be willing.
  3. Hey there was that Marvel thingamajig that I shut the video off on before it got to the Descent reveal. Plus I remember they were making some new cards for a whatever, they're still making the cards right?
  4. Honestly yes, getting the balance just right in competitive descent was always fiddly and took more playtesting than a lot of the fan content would do. I'm not saying there aren't people hanging around 2ed forums that couldn't do it. Honestly some of you all are more qualified than the people who made the last official expansion. But my experience with Descent is that most of that experience is going to stick with 2nd edition. If Legends of the Dark succeeds it's because a whole new generation of gamers takes it up.
  5. Here's the thing, if this message had come out saying that the forums were closing 2022, because BGG. Well 🤷‍♂️ that does seem like reasonable, well planned course of action. But these sudden 180 degree course changes end up looking like flailing.
  6. I think the complaint is more that it's surprising to see blatant errors make it through play testing. Mansions of Madness for instance, I've seen versions of a couple scenarios that just don't work. How the heck did that make it into the final product? Let alone hang around for years despite the bugs being reported.
  7. FFG has a history of being great at not giving out information. They noticeably tried to turn over a new leaf on that front, so I wonder if we're back to radio silence or if we'll start hearing from them again when they get their **** together. I did get excited when I saw the box but so far the contents have been a let down. As such I'm not in a hurry to hear more, but I would really like to know whether Descent, Imperial Assault, and Mansions of Madness are going to get reprints.
  8. True story, Runebound 3rd really could have used the sales pitch 😭
  9. This is completely a thing, Paizo does something similar with drivethrucards. https://www.drivethrucards.com/browse/pub/5549/Paizo Which makes me particularly sad about how lost legends has been lost. I'm not surprised that FFG isn't changing gears to do it here. The only thing which makes me sad is that they stopped cross promoting their games.
  10. Exact same problem on steam with Windows 10 laptop.
  11. This! So exactly zero of my Descent 1st edition friends made the jump to 2ed. ZERO! I probably wouldn't have either except I never actually owned any of 1st and got a craving for Descent. They're after the next generation, this isn't a game that was made for you and me.
  12. A game doesn't have to constantly be getting new additions to stay in print and be played. I've been playing Betrayal house on the hill for a long time at this point. FFG could just create complete product lines and keep them in print. The only reason everyone freaks out and jumps ship when they stop releasing expansions for a line is because FFG is in the habit of canning that line. If FFG changes it's behavior, they could just do fixed product lines that stay in print.
  13. If memory serves, instead of the 2 kinds of attack in 2e there were 3. 2e has the short range high damage attack and the long range low damage attack, there used to be an option in between that did mid range mid damage. I mean things were actually more complicated in both games because weapons have individual flavor and 2e did end up adding a 3rd sort of attack using the green dice. But it really did feel different in 1e than ranged attack or other ranged attack.
  14. I'll second the lieutenants, it made sense in 1st edition that they were separate as those expansions were entirely plastic free and most of the lieutenants didn't get used. Cutting a portion of the game out in 2nd edition for me to buy separately is just dumb. Please stop it ffg.
  15. Just like Mansions of Madness and it lets them change the properties of monsters from one scenario to the next making things more versatile. . It works fine, it's just not the style of game you're into.
  16. It's awesome (especially during the pandemic) that there are female characters for my girlfriend to enjoy playing. I think the complaints are that there aren't characters THEY want to play.
  17. True that, I'd traded Mansions of Madness very quickly after getting it. Disgusted with the quality of components and the stinginess of scenarios. I've re-bought into the game pretty heavily over the pandemic just because my girlfriend likes the theme and it's an easy game for us to play together.
  18. You know what they're doing could be fine for a 3rd edition, I mean I'd prefer if they'd spent a little more time adding color to the tiles and picked a different style of art. But whatever, the art in 2nd edition wasn't my favorite and the core box tiles where so obsessed with light sources that some look downright bizarre. Those are things I can probably get over, I mean I have before so *shrug* Anyway the thing that would need to be different is content! I'm willing to pay $175, I've payed more than that before but that price bought me the core, 2 big boxes and 1 small box last time. Now it buys me 16 scenarios !?! I mean I don't actually mind a universal generic tile system but for the price they need to use it. Until then I'll be playing Frosthaven.
  19. Yeah, though Imperial Assault just stuck with the core terrain types so maybe they figured out a dozen types of terrain is confusing to the average player. I figured the new cardboard would be more 3d scenery. But at the end of the day coming out and saying there will be 2 big box expansions and planning the story arc out is a better idea than haphazardly throwing expansions out until the product line collapses. It's one of the few things about this they may have gotten right.
  20. The up side of a universal tile system is that you don't need to keep buying it. Since players already own an infinitely versatile tile system act 2-3 *should* be cheaper on account of not needing to buy it again.
  21. Actually the hardcore fans didn't want 3rd because that kills play in 2nd. The assurances that it's not are meant to placate the hardcore fans. "Same negativity happened with JiME and today's is one of the best sellers for FFG. Follow the sales, not the comments of the same 4-5 old grumpy guys." There is something to that, go to the 1st ed forums. There's still a handful trashing 2nd. That said there were a bunch of people who were excited that aren't anymore. Some of it was bound to happen, over loosing the overlord, having to use an app and whatnot. But a lot of people seem put off by the quality of the art and that does seem like an unforced error.
  22. Off I don't think cutting a bunch of corners on a $175 game was the best plan.
  23. Oh my goodness, getting more of a look on FFG's site. This does not look good.
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