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  1. I wouldn't say they're typical. While 3 other local game stores collapsed they have doubled in size. They have previously had a ton of space set aside for every single thing descent and imperial assault. For them to be clearancing all of it has to mean that at least in my neck of the woods it just isn't selling.
  2. Oh my Dog, Geddy Lee and Oblivious, the Paranoid Ranger made it into a board game! Also why is Deedlit in there?
  3. Well I have to say I haven't gone all in on imperial assault the way I did descent. In descent it made sense to get a lot of things to give my monster groups more diversity in all my campaigns. In imperial assault the imperial groups tend to be so specific to that expansion that there's no point in buying ahead. And as just a campaign player I definitely haven't bought figure expansions. So I guess people like me make the space they devoted to giving each figure a spot are less than lucrative. But I'm kind of worried that skirmish players moved to legion and that's killed the game.
  4. My local game store is getting rid of it's Imperial Assault inventory. That's been a bad sign for previous games....
  5. I put them in a shallow tray of water and then prime them with a spray paint primer. Then I paint the minis. That way the base is masked and stays unpainted.
  6. You know the only thing surprising about oops the orc is that nobody else has a single scar... I would think that venturing into small spaces to fight large dragons would be dangerous business. Tahlia is a good point though....why is she wearing pants AND a skirt? Especially when the other characters make it clear that pants haven't been invented yet?.....? Wait a second...the giants have pants too....is it JUST circus pants that exist in terrinoth....
  7. Do you really want face mask no shirt? He's a real weirdo... Seriously though as much as I'd like Varakas the dead I don't think the heroes should be a priority for them. At one hero per campaign there's already way more heroes than almost anybody will ever play.
  8. It's good to see them trying to be more interactive with fans. Fingers crossed about new management.
  9. I hope not, seeing that they're experimenting with print on demand expansion for the game is promising. That said my FLGS just put all of their dwindling descent collection on sale...
  10. I haven't even had a chance to own it yet. Their shipment to my FLGS was delayed... 😥
  11. June 21st according to amazon!
  12. Well it is different than I'm used to but at least FFG is telling us about something for descent sooner than the day after it comes out and fans didn't even have to corner them to get news.
  13. Because everybody checks out and starts playing phone games if I sort through two bookshelves full of descent content. And just plain forget about trying to bring it somewhere else.
  14. I was at Gencon50. Legacy of Dragonholt was still fairly new and they were still betting heavily on the success of Runewars. Therefore Legacy of Dragonholt wasn't present at all and while they had the Runewars tables there I couldn't actually get somebody to even explain the game to me. They really are that bad or at least they were... Also big changes so it's completely plausible that a bunch of balls got dropped and picked back up and/or that decisions about the future of product lines has suddenly changed drastically
  15. That's really unfortunate, I don't think I'd want the games scale to vary anymore than it already has.
  16. What the scale of the runebound red scorpian compared to descent?
  17. Descent has a wraith group(left) in manor of ravens and a shade group(right) in Shards of the Everdark
  18. Has anybody looked at Battlelore? If the scale is reasonable there's a lot of relevant plastic
  19. Bilehall has reanimates, broodwalkers and bonehorrors.
  20. Banshees never made it to descent.
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