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  1. Hold on there, seems like the goal posts are moving. A moment ago we weren't talking about wins we were talking about "cheap wins". Furthermore while the original D&D didn't handle combat as a tactical mini's game, most RPG's these days do. It is not at all necessarily as different as you're making it out to be. Certainly pathfinder (the RPG I'm most into) advises it's "overlord" not to coddle players and I've lost numerous quests and had numerous characters die as a result. But the other half of that equation is that while the overlord/DM/GM as the only one looking at the hidden rules can completely abuse that position they also have a certain obligation not to abuse their position. And in systems that don't incentivize that kind of behavior I've found that unless someone's a real **** they'll tend to play fair. Where as post RTL1 seems like both sides are heavily incentivized to play cheap and rules lawyer.
  2. Are you sure that you aren't thinking of this? In 1ed the OL wasn't incentivised to show everyone else a bad time. Well until road to legend changed descent into a competitive campaign. 2ed gave up a good deal of epic story and exploration to keep that competition. The new road to legend on the other hand went the other way giving up competition to bring back the epic story and exploration aspects.
  3. Well in the original version of Descent there's an exploration aspect where you need to puzzle out which way to go and how to win as well as a narrative whenever you enter a new area. It's one of the more desired aspects of Dungeon crawls that 2ed chose to give up.
  4. Sure you do. They have stopped producing new physical expansions and done a significant amount of work to get us to move over to a new version of the game. Sure It's called Road to Legend but it's effectively the third edition of the game.
  5. The app's a different game with a different set of rules. Sure it's compatible with the 2e expansions but MoM2's compatible with the 1e expansions too so *shrug*
  6. No, 2ed was 2012-2016. 3rd editions rather different it's got a new core box and is an app driven co-op.
  7. I'm not super optimistic about more physical content in the near future. Having transitioned to Descent 3rd edition they have a ton of physical content to port over and abandoning Descent 3rd edition for a 4th edition at this point makes no sense unless 3rd edition wasn't selling. Which I find unlikely as they brought Imperial Assault over as quickly as possible. I suspect what's happened is they are REALLY concentrating on the starwars IP right now. That's the sense I got at gencon and it would be fairly dumb not to try and capitalize on the new trilogy's hype. What I'm expecting is DLC to support an existing expansion and considering how they seem to still be getting the hang of how software releases work I wouldn't expect much pre-publicity, heck the last MoM DLC was out for a day before they said it existed.
  8. Man people didn't stop panicking for long after the last DLC.
  9. The monsters in the boxes are new. The ones in the hero and monster collections are recycled from Descent 1st edition for those who don't have it and the conversion kit. So the question is how many of your favorite monsters are from the H&M collections....
  10. Yeah, sometimes I got the feeling that we were getting 2nd string monsters such as barghests instead of hellhounds and ettins instead of giants. Not sure I want to see what the 3rd string looks like...
  11. Seeking first edition

    *sigh* people keep selling complete sets when I'm just looking for tomb of ice and road to legend...
  12. That's awesome, I've always hated 2ed had lower quality cartoonish artwork.
  13. They JUST did that, they'd have to be fairly incompetent to turn right around and do it again.
  14. I don't know that I'd actually advise you to get anything at this point. You certainly have enough to run through a campaign. If after that you're still super into RtL Labyrinth of Ruin would be an option that would give you some fun new classes to try, build up your shop deck a bit and add some heroes and monsters to the mix. Other than that, or if you're enjoying the classes you have just fine take a look through the hero and monster packs and pick up what looks cool.
  15. Yes, RtL IS the third edition of Descent and if they continue the current pattern we're due for a campaign.