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  1. I think there's kind of a catch 22 here. The problem for me is that I game with avid gamers. When we're picking what to play we're choosing between hundreds of games. As such when I bring a game I like to the table is has to go well or it almost certainly isn't making it to the table again. So if the content in the quest vault had been fan tested enough that I could be confident of the quality control that would be one thing but when I'm looking at the top rated quests and find things like: "Version Notes Hey guys, this quest is broken. It only has thumbs up because it was the third quest ever in the Quest Vault. Avoid playing until I do some serious fixes. " *Seems like that message has been there for years* or "how much life does the bishop have?" *killing the bishop is the OL's win condition, kind of important to know* or "has this been play tested?" See where I'm going with this? I just don't dare bring this stuff to the table...
  2. Well you're certainly welcome to add content for Descent. There's a Quest Vault portion of the forums that FFG setup to support fan made content, sadly it's not getting too much use. Personally I'd love to see these guys in a campaign:
  3. Well, competitive is the way the game works. You find synergy in monster, OL and Plot combinations; to exploit their weaknesses and crush their dreams. If you're not playing to exploit their weaknesses and crush their dreams you will get left behind and your options and actions are going to end up feeling progressively pointless and impotent.
  4. In that case I'd suggest looking as some plot deck reviews. Those are often not considered some of your stronger options: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/205588/guide-descent-2ed-plot-decks
  5. Well, which plot deck? Because this is a game where all options aren't necessarily equal.
  6. It wouldn't be. They'd just give you scenario specific info and expect you to already know the general rules. I'd suggest this fan made guide the purpose of which is to put all the rules and errata in one place: https://descent-community.org/index.php/crrg/
  7. I don't need to know the flavor text, just what the map actually looks like. Physically, on the tiles, what is this chasm?
  8. *Disclaimer I haven't played this level. However, here are some ideas: 1. Did that actually block the token, or would a hero simply appear in the closest empty space? (Keeping in mind that a two player game would have 3 spiders) 2. It's entirely possibly to move into the pit and kill the adjacent spiders. 3. Climbing out of the pit just takes an action. So instead of moving to the passage and spending an action to cross. Move into the pit somewhere a spider isn't on the other side and spend an action to climb out on the far side.
  9. Seems to me that if anybody kept track of when the expansions left the printer to when they sold out a pretty decent guestimation would be possible.
  10. I think Road to Legend is a good way to teach the game and then I'd suggest mini campaigns or the delve. A full campaign can be a lot to get a group to commit to right off the bat these days.
  11. It's a complex game. One route to find people is to establish a group on a site like meetup or at your local game store. Another option is that it's possible to play games over the internet. One way to do that is play by forum over at boardgamegeek: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/forum/1064199/descent-journeys-dark-second-edition/play-forum
  12. No, it's got a tainted mechanic. But you were also asking about mercenaries, there are allies. Both Serena and Raythen throughout LoR and other allies intermittently in other campaigns.
  13. Except for the Co-op expansions, Road to Legend and the last physical expansions which have you play as one of the undead...
  14. Fair point, for whatever reason I blame the not a big box weirdness on chains and just think of mists as a small box expansion.
  15. You could give the Delve or the game night kits a try. No overlord but they are made to be played in a single night.