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  1. Hi guys. We've been trying to do this quest with two players the last while and having trouble with it (even on Easy). The part giving us the most trouble is the traitor who deals 2 damage to all allies when he engages (or 1 if you can optionally engage). Are our deck archetypes off? Or is it a matter of persistence? Our card pool includes; - 2x Core Set - Shadows of Mirkwood (complete cycle) - Khazad-dum - Dwarrowdelf (complete cycle) - Heirs of Numenor - Steward's Fear - Druadan Forest - The Blood of Gondor - The Morgul Vale -Against the Shadow (Complete cycle except Encounter at Amon Din and Assault on Osgiliath) - The Voice of Isengard - Ring-Maker (complete cycle except Celebrimbor's Secret) - The Grey Havens -Over Hill and Under Hill - On the Doorstep - The Black Riders - The Road Darkens - The Treason of Sauruman The decks we're using; Gondor June 2019 Main Deck Hero (3) Beregond (Heirs of Númenor) Bifur (Khazad-dûm) Boromir (Heirs of Númenor) Ally (22) 3x Citadel Custodian (Heirs of Númenor) 3x Envoy of Pelargir (Heirs of Númenor) 1x Gandalf (Core Set) 3x Gondorian Spearman (Core Set) 3x Guard of the Citadel (Core Set) 3x Hunter of Lamedon (Heirs of Númenor) 3x Ithilien Tracker (Heirs of Númenor) 3x Warden of Healing (The Long Dark) Attachment (12) 2x Citadel Plate (Core Set) 2x Elf-stone (The Black Riders) 2x Gondorian Shield (The Steward's Fear) 1x Horn of Gondor (Core Set) 1x Self Preservation (Core Set) 2x Spear of the Citadel (Heirs of Númenor) 1x Steward of Gondor (Core Set) 1x Visionary Leadership (The Morgul Vale) Event (18) 2x Anchor Watch (The Grey Havens) 2x Behind Strong Walls (Heirs of Númenor) 2x Feint (Core Set) 2x For Gondor! (Core Set) 2x Gaining Strength (The Steward's Fear) 2x Radagast's Cunning (Core Set) 2x Secret Paths (Core Set) 2x Valiant Sacrifice (Core Set) 2x Wealth of Gondor (Heirs of Númenor) 3 Heroes, 52 Cards Cards up to The Grey Havens Sideboard Event (2) 2x Mutual Accord (Heirs of Númenor) Deck built on RingsDB. And: 2019 Rohan Deck Main Deck Hero (3) Éomer (The Voice of Isengard) Éowyn (Core Set) Théoden (The Treason of Saruman) Ally (14) 1x Elfhelm (The Dead Marshes) 1x Éomund (Conflict at the Carrock) 3x Escort from Edoras (A Journey to Rhosgobel) 1x Gondorian Spearman (Core Set) 1x Guthlaf (The Blood of Gondor) 1x Háma (The Treason of Saruman) 2x Horseback Archer (Core Set) 2x Westfold Horse-breeder (The Voice of Isengard) 2x Westfold Outrider (The Voice of Isengard) Attachment (15) 2x Ancient Mathom (A Journey to Rhosgobel) 2x Firefoot (The Dunland Trap) 1x Herugrim (The Treason of Saruman) 2x Rohan Warhorse (The Voice of Isengard) 2x Spear of the Mark (The Morgul Vale) 2x Steed of the Mark (The Morgul Vale) 2x The Favor of the Lady (Core Set) 2x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) Event (21) 3x A Test of Will (Core Set) 2x Astonishing Speed (Return to Mirkwood) 2x Feint (Core Set) 2x Forth Eorlingas! (The Morgul Vale) 3x Hasty Stroke (Core Set) 2x Helm! Helm! (The Treason of Saruman) 2x Mustering the Rohirrim (The Hunt for Gollum) 2x Ride Them Down (The Antlered Crown) 3x The Galadhrim's Greeting (Core Set) 3 Heroes, 50 Cards Cards up to The Treason of Saruman Deck built on RingsDB. Any insight appreciated, we're still fairly new to the game despite what our card pool suggests (picked it up in bulk through sales etc); we've completed everything up to this quest deluxe-wise (except HoN, it was suggested to do it after the cycle for difficulty reasons) and the three LotR Saga Expansions listed. But something about this quest (or our decks) is throwing us for a loop.
  2. Just thought of this guys, but I see the actual scenarios are still available to buy. When my Attack on Dol Guldur kit arrived, the alt art Galadriel was actually included in tue wrapped bundle of cards. Is this tue case for the rest? If I were to buy previous scenarios, would the alt arts be in there?
  3. Hi guys My idea is to basically set up Vessery's ability with the Long Range Scanners on the gunboats (they can use their Linked Battery for their re-rolls if need be). Vessery fires first with the Tractor Beam and reduces agility and attacks *again* with his primary; while the Rho's hammer away at the target with follow-up HLC's. My only hangup is whether to downgrade to Nu's and outfit Vessery with Expertise or an Ion Cannon. What do we think? Is it worth losing the Crack Shots and buffing Vessery instead? Colonel Vessery (35) Adaptability (0) Tractor Beam (1) TIE/D (0) Rho Squadron Veteran (21) Crack Shot (1) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Linked Battery (2) Long-Range Scanners (0) XG-1 Assault Configuration (1) Rho Squadron Veteran (21) Crack Shot (1) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Linked Battery (2) Long-Range Scanners (0) XG-1 Assault Configuration (1) Total: 100
  4. Thanks for the tip, Chris! I'll check it out. And shoot me a private message; let me know what price you'd be looking for each; I'll see if I can swing it
  5. Just off the top of my head. But what if it was either... 1) Unique Or 2) "You cannot equip this card if your Pilot Skill is 8 or higher" So a PS7 can get to 9 and compete, but 9 is essentially the upper limit across the board. Haven't considered all the interactions but I do agree that sometimes taking VI feels compulsory when I would really rather put something more fun in that slot.
  6. Hi guys, Newer player here; we got the game last Christmas and are now neck-deep in expansions! So, my Attack on Dol Guldur tournament kit is arriving soon, but I was wondering; what is the easiest way to get alt art cards of years past? They all look great and I'd love to get my hands on them. They seem to have almost zero presence on eBay (I've been checking the last 4-ish months). They were either *really* limited, or the people who got them are very attached - which I would understand What do you guys think? Are they lost to time?
  7. Hi guys, I'm a bit of a graphic design feller and I'm interested in printing some custom alt art cards for home and casual use. What do you guys use? Can anyone recommend a UK-based site/business that could print art on card stock of similar quality to the stuff we get from FFG?
  8. ^What is the second image from?
  9. What was that Karsabi build, if you don't mind me asking? I've only got *one* (like yourself, I intend to get another one when momey is less tight) so this intrigues me. At the minute my build is just a Rho Squadron Vet with XG-1, LRS, HLC, Linked Battery and Crack Shot. I just slot him into various Defender lists (Vessery pairs well with LRS), but would love to have two SLAM-ing around.
  10. Why not both? Treat yourself; it's a special occassion
  11. Aw man, you're breakin' my boomas...
  12. This is the only use that makes it worthwhile imo. I just think that there is a *better* choice for the salvaged astromech slot over this 90% of the time.
  13. That's how I read it. Even though action bombs are also technically "after"... just a little MORE after
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