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  1. BVRCH

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    Rebels; A-wing (+ talent) YT-2400 (- gunner) VCX-100 (+ sensor) Imperials; Phantom (crew > gunner) Punisher (- mod) Decimator (gunner > crew) Scum; Escape craft (- crew) Scurrg (+ gunner) Jumpmaster (+ gunner) The generic Y-wings have only just become useful due to their current form. Taking the gunner slot away would stop me from playing the generics. I think the gunner slot is fine, its more so a particular gunner *cough* Han *cough* that needs to be addressed.
  2. BVRCH

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    I've got a strong feeling we'll be seeing the return of seismic torpedoes in the ARC-170 pack to balance the vulture shenanigans out a bit.
  3. BVRCH

    What happened to the Scurrg Bomber?

    Clearly I was generalising.. 13 instances is basically untouched. Your pedantry doesn't confute my theory. Again you're way off. I didn't say I wanted bombing to be stronger, not anywhere. I want the Scurrg to be more capable at bombing, because right now a Y-wing is a more capable bomber and turret platform, hence the gunner suggestion.
  4. BVRCH

    What happened to the Scurrg Bomber?

    Personally I don't think so, as once you put a 9+pt upgrade on it you might as well take a firespray. I think they need to improve its bombing capability and ensure it has a unique archetype. I think the gunner slot is a better choice for its current kit.
  5. BVRCH

    What happened to the Scurrg Bomber?

    I think it's just the hivemind hasn't got on to it yet. It's not bad per se, just not many have tried it. Same goes for the K-wing. They got nerfed so nobody touched them, but that doesn't mean they're inherently bad. Its definitely worse than it was, but I don't think its as bad as people make it out to be either. I really like the look of this; Captain Nym — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 52 Trick Shot 1 Dorsal Turret 4 Cad Bane 4 Bomblet Generator 5 Shield Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 70
  6. BVRCH

    B-wing lists? X-wing 2.0

    I had some fun and success with this double B-wing/U-wing list; Blade Squadron Veteran w/ Selfless Blade Squadron Veteran w/ Selfless Cassian Andor w/ Selfless, Tactical Officer, pivot wing Magva Yarro w/ Selfless, pivot wing It's quite tanky and very easy to move damage around. Magva keeps them all a little safer in formation, and Cassian allows you to manage the B-wings stress a little better, or allow Magva to stall almost continuously.
  7. BVRCH

    Tali is Heart, Tali is Hope.

    Optics is solid on any RZ-2. I have however been running Elusive and Markmanship on Tallie. Many dislike elusive, but I find it useful on her.
  8. BVRCH

    How many ships

    3 and 4 are the norm, 2 doesn't seem as viable anymore. I personally didn't like 2 ship lists in first ed. so I definitely don't like them now. I'm going to be flying 5 ships this week at the local.
  9. BVRCH


    As @svelok said below; it's mathematically worse (due to it having trigger restrictions) than a shield upgrade which is 6pts, so there is a low chance its going to be more expensive than that. Giving the ship effective extra hull and an immunity to most of the crits in the damage deck is powerful, but it also relies on the variance of being dealt those crits in the first place. I think that is what will keep its cost out of that 6-8pt window, as its not a definite benefit every single game like shield upgrade for example. It's also unique to the ship, which lowers its value in general and therefore its cost. Who knows what its really going to cost, but I like the potential strength of this card without thinking of its cost. Its a fun mechanic, that has intrinsic value as well.
  10. BVRCH


    Totally agree, most people will be hoping they don't roll crits against this. It's a great card, not only does it stop double damage but crit chaining as well. Fuel Leak and Hull Breach don't matter with this upgrade. With the 2 shields it can effectively negate the effects of 4 crits, and ignore the damage of 2. With the dial and both reposition options I think it'll be quite tanky without the base stats being stereotypically tanky. Kylo will be able to mess it up, but ISYTDS is the only thing I can think of that can really circumvent the plating easily.
  11. BVRCH


    I'm loving impervium plating, this is way cooler than what we were thinking in terms of beefing it up. Being able to just discard a direct hit is nuts!
  12. BVRCH

    Can Scum please have a small ship force user?

    Whether its possible or not I see no need for it. Scum has a distinct feel about it and that's a good thing. Start muddying up the waters with 'everyone gets the same' and factions mean nothing. Force users get stuff that others can't through the force. Scum gets stuff that others can't through scummy means. The mechanics are still there even if you don't have a fancy purple token. I'd be fine with it if we did get a scum force user from some new canon. However, it doesn't seem likely as Scum represents the normie criminals "making their way in the galaxy" without the knowledge of the force, for the most part.
  13. BVRCH

    Your predictions of Wave IV

    I NEED THE TIE BRUTE! I don't know why, but I just want it. Something like this;
  14. BVRCH


    60% of the time, every time...
  15. BVRCH


    "In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not." - Albert Einstein Heroic is a card designed to alleviate variance. Basing its usefulness on averages not a conclusive method of determining its (or anythings) value.