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  1. BVRCH

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    I understand the hate for the swarms maybe, not the ship in general. Resistance only have four ships, one was bound to be 'the best'. I'd prefer a game where A-wings are good rather than terrible. Unfortunately the rebel version is still in the 'terrible' category. I limit myself to 3, in my mind I can justify 2 or 3 being ok somehow don't feel dirty. They're more wholesome than the early meta mush we had to endure before them.
  2. BVRCH

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    Well Resistance don't have Z95's so you might as well have just said "I HATE A-WINGS". It's an equally extraneous comment but at least it says what you mean.
  3. BVRCH

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    I really do think Resistance Han is overpriced for the ship and his ability. I think the Scavenged YT-1300 is overpriced in general. I think they've almost got the Rebel Falcon just right, and I think the the build granularity of the Scum Falcon lends well to the pricing it currently has. I can see it being a hard ship to balance though, as its not particularly strong for a large base ship, but it can't be too cheap as to allow for some really strong wingmates in cheaper frames. I love both the Falcon and Resistance so I've been thinking about how they could tweak this to be more competitively priced. Right now its just too much compared to the rest of the faction to really see play outside of the 2 ship heavy ace lists. I was thinking maybe Han, Chewie and the Sympathizer could drop slightly in conjunction with a drop in cost for the title. I feel like this ship relies on the title, much more so than the other 2 titles. Something like; Han -> 72-73pts Chewie -> 69-70pts Sympathizer -> 67pts Rey's Millenium Falcon title -> 2pts Han suffers most in the Scavenged Falcon (and to a lesser extent Scum) lineup as he's 2 of 3 ships to suffer the 'ace tax' on a large base. Large ships aren't dodging arcs like Soontir or Fenn so the tax isn't as necessary. Han down to 72-73pts with the title at 2pts gets that combo down to around 75pts, which is where I think he should probably be considering his ability; whilst fluffy, is almost completely useless. That also keeps the Han+Rey gunner combo in the high 80's. I think Rey can stay at 80pts. She has no useful force talents available to her right now and with the title dropping to 2pts she still seems fair. That may change with new force talents of course. 92pts for Rey/title/Finn is still high enough that it won't get abused in my eyes. Chewie needs a drop too, since he can only just fit 3 A-wings into a squad with him to utilize his ability. 69-70pts gives him a few extra pts to play with for list building which I think is necessary to get him on board. I would probably lean towards keeping the Sympathizer +66pts as I don't think 3 Falcons is really that good. Right now its probably not an issue, but once we have some commander type crew from the resistance transport, that may change.
  4. BVRCH

    Playing Poe

    Flanking in the early game is best. Most opponents I've played him against see him as a major threat and will chase him. If you can hit his pursuers with the rest of your list then play him as the mouse. If they do leave him alone in the early game then flank with him and take pot shots like others have already suggested. I personally prefer HLC over torps though. It keeps his cost lower and I prefer to run BB astros so he won't have too much issue lining it up. You do really want him as your last ship if possible. I'd only ever want to trade him for a ship if it were significantly more expensive than he is.
  5. BVRCH

    Coordinate Action to a slammed ship

    Coordinating an action to a ship that has already slammed is perfectly legal, just remember you can't coordinate the slam action specifically. All other actions are fair game though.
  6. BVRCH


    Sloane shuts down the A's big time, gyro's are the A-wings big ticket, and Sloane makes them think twice. Especially in a striker swarm. Sloane hurts the Y's too. Apart from a specific card or list, I'd say spread out and keep at R3 of the Y's. Range 3 will win you the game if done right. The turrets won't trigger at R3, and spreading out will hamper any torps or bombs. Conversely hug the edge against the A-wings and try not to lean in unnecessarily to chase, you won't catch them.
  7. BVRCH


    ^^THIS There's just not a squads worth of ships I want to spearhead into things in 2e. Fairship is dead not because of Biggs, but more because squad wide synergy isn't as effective (or fun) anymore. That and Luke, Wedge, Thane, Garven, heck even Kullbee and Leevan are more fun to fly, have talent slots, and more effective on their own. Biggs just isn't a top X-wing pilot anymore.
  8. BVRCH

    Boba Fett? More like Boba F***-up.

    As a huge Mandalorian fan, I'm going to say; you are entitled to your opinion 😄
  9. BVRCH

    Boba Fett? More like Boba F***-up.

    You're going to really enjoy the new season of Clone Wars 😂
  10. BVRCH

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    Its got nothing to do with your particular interpretation; the necessity for the CIS to get ships and fill out the faction trumps the fluff. Han is associated with the Rebels for the most part, but FFG made a Scum character and ship with different stats and dial etc. for that snippet of his life. Jango is much the same; he might of been a Scum character for most of his life, but for the Clone Wars and the years prior he was heavily affiliated with the CIS. Han sets a precedent for Jango having a snippet of his life being represented in the game. Furthermore they won't offer Jango as a Scum pilot as that would mean they'd have to re-release a mechanically identical Firespray within the faction which nobody would be happy with. If Jango is a part of a different faction in the CIS, they have grounds to release a new Firespray with different stats and dial etc. to better represent the Slave 1 whilst Jango was behind the stick.
  11. BVRCH

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    Yeah I tend to agree.
  12. BVRCH

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    Can you imagine the PR? "Dooku's Solar Sailer with fully foldable wings", its just 8 toothpicks with some cling wrap over it 😂 On a serious note, that thing would be a nightmare to model and cast. Isn't the cockpit portion only like 12m long?
  13. BVRCH

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    If Han can be Scum, Jango can be Separatist. I don't think people's interpretation of lore will really come into it. The CIS will need a few large ships in the game and they don't have many to choose from. Maul wasn't a Separatist either but the Scimitar is a CIS ship in game. Outside of the Slave 1 and the Scimitar, they don't really have many ships to choose from that are larger than a fighter sized ship. They'll need to lean on the fringe characters to fill those spots. All the fighters were tiny, the droid gunships were only 12m long (same as the Hyena), and even their shuttles were small. Whilst small suits the faction, I can see them doing 1 large with the Scimitar, and one or two mediums with one of them being the Slave 1. Other characters associated with the Slave like Zam and Hondo suit Scum mind you, so if it does end up being a CIS ship I think they'll need some different pilots. I want a baby Boba either way.
  14. BVRCH

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Yeah the Aus distro confirmed Feb 21st, but he said "The Vulture Class Droid Fighter and the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack", so we're not sure if it will only be those packs and it'll end up being a staggered release, or if the entire wave is due on this date as well.
  15. BVRCH

    Ten Numb: Elusive or Debris Gambit?

    Both are great options. Defensively DG is much more consistent. There is always a chance you don't roll a focus that round and have to keep your stress, but the evade stress gives you one guaranteed evade result every round, leaving your stress to mod attack dice or mod a second green die. I see this as an advantage since Ten is i4. That being said, Elusive doesn't cost an action to gain, which in turn allows for a lock or barrel roll action instead. Elusive allows him to be more maneuverable and stack his offense. This is a more flimsy but more adaptable build. As long as you can keep your arc hot, this build will probably output more damage overall. So I guess it depends on your playstyle. I also think the accompanying upgrades differ as well. FCS is a solid upgrade when paired with DG. It will be more predictable and jousty but it will have solid mods on both attack and defense. AS with Elusive provides a very adaptable build, but is also limited by Ten's i4. It does open up all of your action bar to be used though, so if you're good at the chess aspects of X-wing then this may prove a better build. With more options comes more variance though so it'll depend on how you play and Ten's role in the squad.