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  1. BVRCH

    Sticker Shock

    I don't believe that is exactly true, but I do believe we are seeing the benefits of better profit margins with the newer models. It look a while, but its happening. I think passing the buck to Asmodee is an easy excuse. I'm not saying its incorrect, but if we're paying more, the quality should be higher. Flippantly saying its *insert corporate overlords fault isn't constructive. QA has fallen and whether that is Asmodee's or FFG's fault is irrelevant as the buck stops with FFG to ensure their products are up to a consistent standard. As I said the average level of quality is higher, but QA and distribution are key issues with FFG right now and that can't be understated. It needs to be improved for consumers to be accepting of the higher cost.
  2. BVRCH

    Sticker Shock

    Whilst I agree that overall the paint jobs have been much better than 1st ed, I can kinda see his point in a way. Saw's X-wings s-foils were sticky as **** and didn't work properly due to poor assembly. I can call that even since the addition of the moving parts is awesome. Every single one of my RZ-2 A-wings aren't straight on the peg, and I've had to cut and re-glue them to sit straight. My TIE Baron has a huge glob of wash on the cockpit hatch that I had to repaint to clean up. Basically what I'm saying is, I think the details (and specifically paint jobs) overall are much better than 1st ed. but the 2nd ed. models are not without defects, and assembly seems to have less QA these days. I will say that each wave of new ships seems to get better. The Fireball looks fantastic, and the rest of my friends Barons look really good as well. The new Ghost is awesome, and having new paint jobs for stuff like the Scyk and Headhunter is well worth it.
  3. Now that Ember exists, we won't see Carnor, not with his old ability at least.
  4. Adelaide. No stock in any stores I've seen. My LGS sent us all a message today saying the supplier has given him a date of the 11th Feb for Wave 6 stock though. Whether that is the full wave is yet to be seen.
  5. BVRCH

    Norra with C-3PO odds

    The answer is; 3,720 to 1
  6. If I were talking exclusively about MtG I would have said that. There are many other games that operate this way, and the points you've made (whilst valid) are not the only reasons games do this. The increase in ship counts for this hyperspace season suggests FFG are possibly gunning for an uptick in sales as well. That being said it could also be argued that they have done this to try and balance out Ace play. We can't assume there is a sole reason for game devs doing anything in terms of competitive structure. Take your own advice maybe? Or just take my comment for what it was, a means to give weight to my over-arcing point, just as yours was used. Pedantry aside, I'm not against Hyperspace, I've made that pretty clear. Nor am I against a choice for players. For casual games my local community avoid these archetypes too, but when the prevalent and primary competitive format is the less restrictive format, you can't expect to walk in to your LGS and have everyone one of your opponents heed your request to play the more restrictive format. It's totally fine if your entire community is in total agreeance (and frequent communication), but you can't press that agenda against a stranger that just wants to have a game, nor can you expect a competitive player to stop practicing for tournaments when your preferred format is the lesser used format. If it were the other way around, with the more restrictive format being the primary format, this would be much less of an issue. As far as the store champs goes, I agree there would most likely be some player backlash at varying levels in most cases. My point was that they aren't premiere events. They are in no way adjudicated by FFG directly. With the minimal and delayed correspondence FFGop that we're seeing out here, if a store decided to run it as extended, there would be minimal if any repercussions on behalf of FFG. They most likely wouldn't ever know it happened. The management structure of the lower tiers of competitive play is too loose for this to have any real bearing on stores and local communities. I'm fairly sure if my local stores were to poll their players on which their preferred format would be, the majority would vote extended in this new/current season. The only repercussions stores would feel would be that of the local players. It could be argued they are doing exactly what you outlined in your first point. 5 X-wings, 4 Fearless Fangs, 7 Fireballs etc. etc. the ship counts are going up, and that will most likely lead to increased unit sales. I don't personally believe that's the case (or at least their sole goal) but it could be argued that it seems that way. In regards to your second point, I think that is a major issue regarding of which format is king. Their distribution is also terrible in Asia-Pacific, that one case where we ended up getting it seems to have been an anomaly. If they want new players and continue to grow the game, adequate stock levels and equal distribution is important regardless of game mode.
  7. Did you miss X-wing in 2019? That was all with the 'black box' regulation for hyperspace. It was a completely pointless format last year. With the new restrictions for this year it will operate like it should have from the get go, as a proper curated format.
  8. I totally understand that, and you wouldn't be the only one. However with extended being the primary format its very easy for many to just follow suit and play extended the majority of the time, as there's no incentive outside of personal preference. If Hyperspace were the primary format, it would be a much more even decision as hyperspace is the more restrictive of the two. I agree with that, and I'm hoping they will indeed start changing OP over the next 12-18 months too.
  9. My question is why isn't Hyperspace the primary format? Most other games that have a restricted format, run that format as their primary competitive format in order to balance and refresh the meta frequently and consistently. FFG did the opposite.. why? Here in Australia we have 1 system open in the entire country. Yes the first store champs is supposed to be HS, but who's going to police us convicts if we decide not to? FFG have shown they don't care much for this part of the planet, so they certainly aren't. Even if stores do play by the rules its maybe 2 tournaments for HS for the average Aussie player. Nobody is going to play HS casually when they are allowed to play extended and have no meaningful tournaments to practice for. **** there's only 4 SOs slated for North America right now, with a combined total of 60x the population of Aus. Even if the number of SOs doubles to round out the year, its such a tiny pool of the overall player base. In my eyes this is a massive wasted opportunity. They should have made 'The Road to Worlds' all hyperspace. It would have kept extended as is for casual play, and kept the comp play balanced and evolving. Why not use this format more extensively? Even the S tier players are saying the new hyperspace seems more balanced. If that's coming from the top, why not make THE top event use that format?
  10. I think putting a charge or 2 on it would really reel it in in 2e. I think making it a red linked action would be too much of a 1e mentality for me. There are also a lot of ships that have some kind of native linked action combo anyway, and a card like that would take away from the ship designs. I do think there could be a balanced iteration that could work for 2e if it were charged based. Afterburners comes to mind in terms of a close example. Maybe 2 charges and "After you perform a white boost or barrel roll, you may spend a charge to perform a red focus or evade action. If you performed an action you do not have on your action bar, suffer 1 damage." I think the 'take a damage if you can't natively do something' would hopefully balance it out and maintain some chassis identity for the most part. 6-7pts??
  11. Having the points change more frequently would also help the ships and upgrades they dun goofed on with points changes. Some changes they've made have missed the mark, and we have to wait another 6 months for them to fix their fix. Do I however appreciate them being wary of slamming down a points change in the middle of comp season though.
  12. Hopefully after the show we'll get a release with him in it. My idea; Ben Kenobi: +1 Force - Setup: Before placing forces, assign the Use The Force condition to another friendly ship. Use The Force: Before you engage, if a friendly ship with the Ben Kenobi upgrade has at least 1 active force charge, you may spend 1 charge to acquire a lock.
  13. Nice. Yeah I thought about using that as well. As you can guess a target, and chuck one on Matchstick, and use Jag's ability to cover all bases an readjust the original lock you want to use mid engagement.
  14. Are you utilizing R3 on Jag purely to be allowed to hold 2 locks? As his ability is not a lock action I didn't believe it triggered R3.
  15. Well low initiative torp carriers are not a new thing, and they keep being a thing for a reason. These Y-wings are tankier than most jousters for the points, even loaded up. Pick and mix different pieces any which way you like but having a hammer and a net is more versatile than just the hammer, and the Y-wing is only thing that can do both for Republic right now.
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