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  1. BVRCH

    The Grand Inquisitor

    I honestly don't think he's changed too much, I guess you need to be slightly more cautious with him. Like you said, late game he's great. If you have him in a killbox he's gonna drop fast. Unlike whisper which can actually weather a few shots in a pinch, Inky's positioning is key. Thankfully with supernatural reflexes, if you know what you're doing he's very easy to position. I'm absolutely loving him in 2e. As others have said, there are more efficient aces competitively, but I love the character and luckily he's still strong.
  2. BVRCH

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    The falcon is my favourite ship as well and it was the first thing I put on the board in 2.0. The incarnation I was flying from the get go was this; Han Solo - Trick Shot, Lando Calrissian, Kanan Jarrus - 112pts Mechanically its great, but the cost is just too high for what it does. Good flying always betters your chances but large ships are one aspect of 2.0 I consider objectively bad right now. Large ships are too easy a target for your opponent with that many points invested and all of my opponents agreed after our matches. They're just big point pinatas that can't defend themselves well enough to be worth it. With the relative cost of all the other rebel ships as well, you can't even fit solid wingmates in to take advantage of your opponent chasing the big juicy (falcon) whale. That being said all it needs is a point reduction. Mechanically the Falcon is perfectly good. As others have said, wait out the point balance and you should be able to fly it again in the future with better results. As for what you can do now; my suggestion is play generics. X-wings are a fantastic chassis, so are Y-wings. Play something 'dumb' and get some wins on the board, then slowly experiment. U-wings are surprisingly decent in 2e, most people haven't touched them yet as the bad taste of 1e U-wings is still lingering. I'm currently flying 3 ion Y-wings and a support U-wing and I haven't dropped a game yet. The other factions aces are just so much more efficient, other than playing Luke, the rebels just don't stack up now. Ride that wave, play generics and go back to basics. That's my 2 cents.
  3. BVRCH

    Discord Missiles/Buzz Droid speculation

    How about this? They attach to your ship once overlapped, and you can action to remove it. Whilst attached, once per round at the end of engagement the buzz droids expose one of the ships damage cards? That way it pseudo increases the difficulty of your moves as you'll want to stay away from red moves to allow to action off the buzz droid, but if you're stressed already you still have access to blue moves. I think it would be pretty thematic as they were just dismantling the Jedi Starfighters in RotS.
  4. BVRCH

    Discord Missiles/Buzz Droid speculation

    I like that idea. I think increasing manoeuvre difficulty and making it an action to resolve is a bit too harsh though. If they were to increase difficulty they'd need an easier way to remove the condition as some ships will be locked down big time, and if you're already stressed it will be impossible to shake.
  5. BVRCH

    Discord Missiles/Buzz Droid speculation

    Another cool idea! Another idea I had was while its attached to the ship you can't use upgrade cards. It's a pretty hefty trigger but it could have an easy remedy. Maybe an action to get rid of the buzz droid?
  6. BVRCH

    Jedi Livery

    I think Plo and Saesee are both pretty obvious inclusions for a Delta-7 (fingers crossed) so I imagine they will be 2 of the pilots. I think Adi is the next obvious if they don't make it Mace.
  7. BVRCH

    A New Type of TIE?

    I'm still waiting for this.
  8. BVRCH

    Jedi Livery

    All good. You're clearly a fan of Saesee and I'm a Plo Koon fanboy so I was making a joke.
  9. BVRCH

    Jedi Livery

    Not sure I could have made it any more obvious I was joshing around. If you're fishing for an argument I'm not going to bite.
  10. BVRCH

    Jedi Livery

    Yeah I'm just messing around, I do think Jag would have a fairly high initiative value though. I believe the i3 in the spread is 'Axe' since he was a V-19 pilot. I said second best not third best.. I'm talking about ya boi Plo Koon
  11. BVRCH

    Jedi Livery

    'Jag' is a good candidate for a non-force user i6 since he shot down the second best Jedi pilot...
  12. BVRCH

    Discord Missiles/Buzz Droid speculation

    I took the wording from Conner Net which says "This card's charges...". Upgrade makes more sense to me too, but the existing cards wording took precedence. I like the idea of different triggers depending on dice results. Good pick up! That is a cool idea. Maybe its a single trigger but then its attached to the ship until something else overlaps it?
  13. So there is a bunch of cool new things being speculated upon from what we've seen in the CIS spreads. Many have already jumped on the Grappling Struts configuration and the Networked Calculations ship ability in the Vulture Droid pack, but the thing that caught my eye immediately is the buzz droid token we can see below the ship model. We can also see the 'Discord Missiles' (proper name for the buzz droid missile) card next to the Grappling Struts card in the spread. I've done my best to decipher what the 'Discord Missiles' card text says below; [my guesses in brackets] "[At the start of the] engagement phase you may spend [1 calculate] token and 1 charge [to launch buzz droids using a] 3 bank left, straight, or right template. This cards charges cannot be recovered" I guessed start and not end of the engagement phase as that seems to make more sense in my head, but its a 50/50. It does look like a (t) right where the card is overlapped but its hard to see. I've guessed a calculate token as its cost as it would restrict the card to droid ships (Vulture/Hyena/ Tri-fighter) which is canonically accurate, but it also just as easily be a target lock instead. There is also a white restriction block at the bottom of the card we can can just barely see under the grappling strut card. My guess is this will have "Separatists' 'Calculate' restrictions for same reasons. What do you think the Buzz Droid token will do when triggered? I'm thinking maybe a damage over time tick each round (with a maximum round count) with maybe a clause of doing a certain speed or difficulty manoeuvre in order to 'shake them off'. Or maybe a stress dealing mechanic with a dice roll? e.g. deal a stress and roll a die, on a hit take a damage, on a blank remove the condition etc? This is all speculation of course, but I feel like a dice roll mechanic is a little too 'First Ed', but what do you guys think?
  14. BVRCH


    I get what you mean, but the Belbullab is classified as a Heavy Assault Fighter; which in terms of real world aviation tech, is synonymous with big bad guns and enough meat on its bones to survive long enough for those guns to wreak havoc. That's probably why people are swaying to slightly more HP and I think that assumption has merit. I'm not saying yours doesn't have merit either, and I agree with some what you've suggested i.e. 2 agility etc. I do however, honestly think it'll be closer to an E-wing in purpose than an X-wing. By that I mean to say it'll have some big guns, get in your face, and then be both squirrelly and beefy enough to get itself out of trouble on the other side. That's actually a good representation of how Grievous was on the battlefield, and Grievous chose it as his starfighter so I think its pretty fair to assume it was a pretty scary ship.
  15. BVRCH

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    I really like the look of the CIS squadron pack, and I love the Scimitar, but I'm definitely gettting all of the Republic expacks so I might need to limit my faction spread for as long as I can hold out