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  1. Passive modifiers (force) and/or regen. That's about it.
  2. For the most part haha. I would say Finn is definitely a very good choice as a distraction at 30pts, but Lulo (or any A-wing) can also be a great distraction as their ability to run and gun is almost unmatched. So a 42pt Finn is still a decision to make in my eyes. Not only is Lulo 43pts, but Greer and Bangel are cheaper and are great options, but you can also get a full transport with autoblasters and PA for 41pts. It doesn't mod dice like Finn but it does double the HP. I'm not saying these options are necessarily better, I'm just saying there are a lot of options at that price point, some being more versatile. I do agree that Finn will almost always last longer than an A-wing shot for shot. You get caught out with an A-wing, you're going to take damage. Finn, can get out of those scenarios unscathed. In an alpha strike or swarm meta, I agree he's a better choice (unless you're running an RZ-2 swarm yourself). I just don't think he's a 'be all and end all' choice at 42pts, like he is at 30pts. He is definitely more efficient with the addition upgrades I'm not disputing that, I just don't believe the additional investment is worth the return. It definitely does, all of the points in this discussion are dependent on the list. That is why I'm trying to generalise and comment on versatility rather than niche efficiencies. All valid points on Vi Moradi. She does however get the defensive bonus against her compromised target though, which sometimes helps/sometimes doesn't. I have found the compromised intel alone usually baits your opponent into engaging Moradi, letting you set up a counter. In the case they don't take the bait, you can sit at range 3 and map the big bad of your opponents list until they do. You can hide her behind a squad, or have her flank and use her as a lure. I still find that more useful and flexible than Rose's ability. I agree BB-8 is still quite slow. I'm not saying he's great by any means, but the red boost into blue 2 straight is faster than the others, and provides some movement flexibility the other pilots simply don't possess. He has a talent slot for a cheap expert handling, and threepio helps with tokens (although you're getting into Finn territory at that point). Rose's talent slot is not really useful, nor are most of her other upgrade slots. The only thing I really think Rose is good for is a cheap Holdo shuttle. That is where I think she has some value. Now you're talking!
  3. Pedantry aside, she needs her friends to be in particular spot for her ability to trigger. Considering how poor the ships stats are, this is rarely worth orienting a squad around. Moradi provides intel for the rest of the squad, and can double down with informant; without having to be in any formation. BB-8 provides additional movement options that the chassis lacks. Maybe you've got 26pts left in a salad squad and Rose fits in well, fine; but that's a niche case. The other pilots are more versatile. Rose provides a less efficient means of modifying dice than Finn, with an ability that's harder to trigger.
  4. Because her ability is solely dependent on having your other ships in harm's way. She is the worst of the 4 pod pilots.
  5. Or you could dodge the shots altogether with Lulo. I'm not arguing Finn's efficiency in single dice rolls, and yeah on average he's only 1 damage or so each shot, but averages are only good on paper. He can last a while sure, but he also get dumped on due to its poor dial or a bad crit stack. If your tactical use for him is to soak a round of shots sure that makes sense. However I still maintain that Lulo is a vastly more versatile option for about the same price. At 30pts yeah Finn can't be beat for bang for buck, I'm just saying once you start stacking upgrades on him and the points start increasing, there are quite a few better options overall. For 40pts I'd still take Greer with AO.
  6. The i3 tax really sets me off, it makes no sense at all. The only things i can think of that would affect such a tax aren't an issue. V19s were priced out of a 6 stack of jukers, then they bumped Juke up itself. We don't have Snapshot yet either, so I can't see a reason for why we're still paying a tax on these i3 ships.. Anyway, back to the topic.. Dedicated is ok at 1pt, but now we have Handmaidens, why would I ever choose a torrent with dedicated over a Handmaiden? Its a better chassis with a stronger ability that is easier to trigger. They have to do something with Dedicated to make it an option. Same goes for Ruthless.
  7. Fly Finn 10 times and see if you still agree with that statement. Lulo is objectively better without question. Better initiative, better dial, better chassis. Most of Finns success is from opponents ignoring him and letting him run amok, which is great for a ship that cheap don't get me wrong. The 'cool combo' feeling will wear off eventually though. Especially once players realise he's quite easy to trap and 2 tap off the board.
  8. At 30pts he's a good filler. At 42pts I'd rather take Lulo. A lot of people are harping on about Finn on the internet, but he's not Lulo level good, remember that.
  9. BVRCH

    Cove Nell & R4

    To expand on this, this is what the GenCon judges have ruled, not what FBP have decided on their own. Cova Nell references the originally revealed manoeuvre's difficulty. Leia effects the difficulty of the manoeuvre after its been revealed, and does not change the revealed manoeuvre. R4 Astromech is a persistent effect and does change the difficulty of the revealed manoeuvre.
  10. BVRCH

    Fireball Is Fun

    Big risk... and somehow pulling off the impossible; is the Fireball in a nutshell. I think they're going to have to give the customised Falcon something to get Coaxium to work with it. The 2 ships that should have access to it over all else are the Fireball and the Scum Falcon. The Resistance design philosophy is 'Trigger Happy Flyboys' that refuse to die. I'm sure in the course of the game's life some mechanics were bound to crossover a little with Scum's usual domain. The Dev's did say that Rebels "put themselves on the line to help their friends" and the Resistance's departure was that the Resistance "uses their allies to gain an advantage". That is very close to Scum's "uses their enemies OR ALIIES to gain an advantage" mentality.
  11. BVRCH

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Well she flew the Ghost, shuttles, B-wing, A-wing, X-wing and Y-wing on screen. I want her in all of them but I doubt that's going to happen. I want rogue one pilots in the X-wing and Y-wings, and I kinda want Sabine and Tycho in the A-wings, so Hera gets the B-wing for me.
  12. BVRCH

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    These are the 2 in particular I need in my life.
  13. BVRCH

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    As far as we know yes. THey may or may not add in some new ships closer to the movie, but in that case the wave will be focused mostly on the sequels. Since its the last movie, I'm ok with that for a wave.
  14. BVRCH

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    RE: the card packs content; Hotshots and Aces - will have new cards for the original 5 factions. Fully Loaded - will make upgrades from the Republic and CIS packs available to others Never Tell Me The Odds - will have new obstacles and scenarios
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