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  1. "After you perform an attack that hits, if you are evading, expose 1 of the defender's damage cards" If the defender has previously suffered crits and resolved them, such as Direct Hit, would one shuffle the facedown down damage cards the defender has, before exposing one of them. Or would you leave them exactly as they are, knowing that for example the second from the left is a Direct Hit and expose that one?
  2. Good thread! I've been debating adv sensors on Rexlar vs traj + proton bomb on Redline. I'm going to try both. As for third ship how about Sai for that coordinate action? (47) Lieutenant Sai Points 47 (44) "Redline" (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 53 (84) Rexler Brath (4) Juke (8) Advanced Sensors Points 96 Total points: 196
  3. Hi there I've been tweaking this list and down to two options for a third ship: Vynder or Rexlar. I feel there are pros and cons for both, tho the Rexlar one means losing a few upgrade cards to fit the defender in. Which list do you think is "better"? List A with Vynder (52) Soontir Fel (6) Outmaneuver (8) Shield Upgrade Points 66 (44) "Redline" (9) Proton Torpedoes (8) Advanced Sensors (5) Proton Bombs Points 66 (41) Major Vynder (0) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (6) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (9) Proton Torpedoes (3) Fire-Control System (3) Advanced SLAM Points 62 Total points: 194 List B with Rexlar (52) Soontir Fel (2) Predator Points 54 (44) "Redline" (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 53 (84) Rexler Brath (4) Juke Points 88 Total points: 195
  4. Hos

    Imperial aces mix and match

    Nice ideas! I prefer Redline with Adv Sensors tho. Do things like boost left or right, free target lock then 4K. Redline, Proton torps, Adv Sensors, Proton Bombs 66pts
  5. I can free up 5 ish points for a bid, but kinda thinking that itself is kinda pointless against another initiative 5 list who has gone hard on a bid - might be better spending a few points on a upgrade
  6. Hi all It seems to me that the only time you really want to win the bid is when initiative 5 aces are involved, whats a reasonable size bid?
  7. Hos

    Advance Sensors and Linked Actions

    Oh i like that co-ordination on Redline! So Sai , Redline and someone else or two .... hmm ...
  8. Hos

    Darth Vader & Rexler Brath

    I think you'd be better off dropping Rexler or Darth and squeezing in 2 x 50ish point ships, like gunboats or naked Soontir.
  9. Hos

    Why would anyone fly a Jumpmaster?

    Jumpmaster underpowered, bad dial and noone playing it in 2.0? Good.
  10. Hos

    Brobots - any ideas?

    Totally! I want to try Palob next, who is cheaper and let's me try ion cannons and IG-88B (70) IG-88A (2) IG-2000 (5) Ion Cannon Points 77 (70) IG-88B (2) IG-2000 (5) Ion Cannon Points 77 (38) Palob Godalhi (4) IG-88D (3) Elusive Points 45 Total points: 199
  11. Hos

    Brobots - any ideas?

    I've had a ton of fun running two brobots and 4-LOM. Minimal upgrades, but loads of hp and calculates. Going to try palob next. (70) IG-88A (2) IG-2000 (1) Crack Shot Points 73 (70) IG-88C (2) IG-2000 (1) Crack Shot Points 73 (49) 4-LOM (4) IG-88D (1) Crack Shot Points 54 Total points: 200
  12. still not seeing it being played much, as a unicorn player I was worried it would be
  13. Hurray, go Unicorn! This is a huuuuuge buff
  14. Hos

    L5R Miniatures game

    Well there is already a great minis game for samurai skirmishes, dont really need an L5R one. But would be nice to use these new minis in it: http://www.warlordgames.com/preview-test-of-honour-the-samurai-skirmish-game/