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  1. still not seeing it being played much, as a unicorn player I was worried it would be
  2. Hurray, go Unicorn! This is a huuuuuge buff
  3. Hos

    L5R Miniatures game

    Well there is already a great minis game for samurai skirmishes, dont really need an L5R one. But would be nice to use these new minis in it: http://www.warlordgames.com/preview-test-of-honour-the-samurai-skirmish-game/
  4. Hos

    Unicorn with new cycle

    For Shinjo Scout you need to have at least 2 Way of the Unicorn in your deck, and you never play him if you're go second. The ideal scenario is you're going first, play Shinjo Scout with one fate, they play one character, you pass and play Sneaky. Then at the end of the turn, Way of the Unicorn and go first again. You already have Shinjo Scout out and first dibs at fated rings. If your opponent immediately passes, thats fine, they didnt play any chars and will need to rely on conflict characters. You play yours out, maybe that Battle Maiden that you normally wouldnt play out. Having these Way Offs in your deck also means Wielder is being good value for you.
  5. Hos

    Unicorn with new cycle

    I have not been a fan of shinjo scout, but its been good with way of the unicorn (I'm running 2 x)
  6. Hos

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I've been thinking about Vynder and a tie mini swarm...
  7. Hos

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I can't get over how Vynder is only 6 more pts than Nu, wow
  8. You won't need too many bodies on the board to pull off the new Uni SH ability, use movement shenanigans , conflict characters, covert and Force of the River. Don't forget you can trigger it on defence, and in a political with captive audience. To be honest, I almost feel bad for unicorn opponents, almost any conflict could trigger the SH
  9. Hos

    Unicorn with new cycle

    Definitely won't be trash tier anymore! I'll be happy if they're competitive. For me the question is its what cards would you still keep whilst throwing in all the new ones? eg I'm dropping a few cards including Miya Mystics and Keepers. I'll keep Border Rider, Moto Youth, Wielder, Infantry, Outrider, Juro, Nergui, Magistrate, Giver of Gifts, Favored Ground. On the Conflict side IMHO its a must to run 3 x Captive Audience and favored mounts/seals to have more cavalry characters. Choosing splash, thats tough!!! Lion for Sashimono to stay unbowed for lots of MIL conflicts, Crab for Reprieve + Rebuild, Dragon for Let Go and (covert) Wanderer.
  10. Wow just wow. Scorpion next clan pack? Using a sporting analogy, when a team wins a season, the next season they get the last draft picks and not the top draft picks like FFG have done with Scorpion. I am so disappointed. I find my games against Scorpion to be unfun and a npe. Come October, even more people will play Scorpion with even more "tricks" to watch out for. Its good timing that X Wing 2.0 is coming out in September, I can focus on that and give this game a long break.
  11. Not having a dig, but you're not playing the meta Dragon/Crab deck ,ie a copy of Minds Desire's deck those copycats would have been greatly effected by this list
  12. Hos

    Restricted List

    This is such a good thing for the game! The cards on that list, especially Policy Debate for me, were contributing to hugely npe games. Further, the gap between the tier 1 clans and everyone else has been reduced. This is a huge buff for Unicorn!
  13. I'm hoping like **** that the rumoured Restricted List is announced , and they'll be discussing that. Right now, the game is becoming unfun with all the "nope" cards
  14. Bolt Action is a great WW2 minis game system, I especially like the unit activation from a dice bag. Rules like 40K, where its all I go then you go, are so fudging archaic in comparison - it is not fun spending 30-60 mins watching your opponent move and shoot all their units. If only 40K had quality rules! And lol at the comment earlier in this thread where the facing on the vehicles no longer matters ...
  15. Hos

    What 2.0 ship are you most excited about?

    Tie Punisher, its finally going to get fixed and be awesome!!!