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  1. Not having a dig, but you're not playing the meta Dragon/Crab deck ,ie a copy of Minds Desire's deck those copycats would have been greatly effected by this list
  2. Hos

    Restricted List

    This is such a good thing for the game! The cards on that list, especially Policy Debate for me, were contributing to hugely npe games. Further, the gap between the tier 1 clans and everyone else has been reduced. This is a huge buff for Unicorn!
  3. I'm hoping like **** that the rumoured Restricted List is announced , and they'll be discussing that. Right now, the game is becoming unfun with all the "nope" cards
  4. Bolt Action is a great WW2 minis game system, I especially like the unit activation from a dice bag. Rules like 40K, where its all I go then you go, are so fudging archaic in comparison - it is not fun spending 30-60 mins watching your opponent move and shoot all their units. If only 40K had quality rules! And lol at the comment earlier in this thread where the facing on the vehicles no longer matters ...
  5. Hos

    What 2.0 ship are you most excited about?

    Tie Punisher, its finally going to get fixed and be awesome!!!
  6. Yes yes yes!!! Scenarios and objectives please! Rune Wars does it beautifully, why can't X Wing. I too am so sick of the same deathmatch every game of x wing. There are some great scenarios that come with every ship, sure they need balancing for competition level, but there is something to work with.
  7. Hos

    2.0 Can't Come Fast Enough and Your Last 1.0 Game

    I wasn't enjoying 1.0 and contemplating a big break, but my friends were playing, so I persisted ... Last game was my imperials vs scum. I had a full health Inquisitor with prockets get into range 1 of an enemy ship. Inquisitor has target lock, focus & evade. I flew one of my other ships to force his kimogila fighter, Dalan Oberos with VI so PS 9, to bump into mine - so no actions or tokens for him. Looking good except .... my Inquisitor is in the bullseye of Dalan, so free target lock for Dalan, who fires torp at Inqy, guidance chips for 4 hits, bad defence dice & cant spend tokens, dead Inqy. One shotted before I can fire prockets. Yeh Im scrub for getting in the in bullseye of a kimogila. But this is a casual games night not a tourny, and this is not fun. Then a few days later 2.0 is announced. My next game will be September
  8. The topic of this thread is incorrect, it should be "Man people are really nasty on here if you arent converting and make lots of posts accusing FFG of an absurd money grab"
  9. Sorry I still don't get it. People cant afford conversion kits, but can afford the minis? In my area the game is dying, down to a handful of players. The game right now is not fun. So many people are already saying they are coming back for 2.0
  10. Hos

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    how rude of FFG to offer conversion kits for your collection. they obviously should have made you rebuy every ship
  11. Hos

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    lol at people who can afford $1,000 on minis, but baulk at buying conversion kits
  12. A huge negative play experience. Even though playing against Scorpion is not fun, at least they don't prevent you playing cards out of your hand.
  13. Who is the most feared dynasty character in L5R? One that makes you groan inside when it hits the board and you wish you had put more Cloud the Minds in your deck? Hida Kisada? Bayushi Shoju? Togashi Yokuni? No, its ... ... Kitsuki Investigator This one character makes those mighty Scorpion players flee in terror. Watch as turn after turn, they pass their political conflict to not face the mighty Investigator. Multiple games now even with Bayushi Shoju on the board, the Scorp player still passes their political conflict.
  14. Hos

    Deckbuilding sites

    +1 to Fiveringsdb.com also recommend L5R Discord for strategy and improving your game
  15. I really don't like scorpion, but I've started playing them as a second deck, just to learn their tricks. To beat the scorpion, you must think like a scorpion Couple games as them has helped. Censures, finger of jade, cloud the mind, policy debates, and characters that let you look at their hand, discard from their hand - they really hate that. Keep bidding 5 till they switch to dishonor.