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  1. That's a shame. I'd love to help but I only have a PC. Could you reach out to the community and see if someone could help out? I'm sure that there's lots of people out there with iPhones that would love to play the latest version.
  2. Has iOS development ceased for this? I'm thinking of switching of iPhone and the latest iOS version is quite old now.
  3. I prefer to play him with A-Wings as this helps him trigger his ability if he gets shot at out of arc. Although 3 T70s is intriguing. I'll have to try that.
  4. My Vennie is a heckin chonker, but my god does it eat through droid swarms: Extended Vennie (198/200) ======================== MG-100 StarFortress: Vennie (54 + 53) + Trajectory Simulator (6) + Advanced Optics (4) + Rey (14) + Veteran Turret Gunner (7) + Perceptive Copilot (8) + Seismic Charges (3) + Proton Bombs (5) + Ablative Plating (6) RZ-2 A-Wing: Zizi Tlo (41 + 7) + Heroic (1) + Crack Shot (2) + Advanced Optics (4) RZ-2 A-Wing: Tallissan Lintra (36 + 7) + Heroic (1) + Crack Shot (2) + Advanced Optics (4)
  5. Before the points and FAQ hit I was testing Bastian, Temmin and Jess with Rose carrying 3po support. Now that 3po is no longer hyperspace legal, and the composure trick has been errata'd, I think I'm going to take quad red experts with heroic and optics. It leaves 4 points so I'm unsure if I want to spend them on a couple of R4s or just carry a bid... but at I3 it seems a bit meaningless. I did think about retaining Jess instead of one red as it fits, and Jess is slightly superior maths wise, but I think the red expert is more consistent. It also means that they don't have to stick together to give Jess rerolls and therefore it's more unpredictable.
  6. At the moment I'm playing Jess with BB, Bastian with M9, Snap with Composure and Rose pod with Heroic and C3PO. It works well but I think i need to tweak my deployment and openings. At the moment I'm doing all four in a pinwheel with rose on the bottom right. The problem is though that if i do this on the left side of the board and hard turn in then Rose end up at the front with no re-rolls for attacking. Any thoughts on improvements?
  7. So I took 3 arcs and Obi Wan to a game night last night and really struggled. What's the best way to play the arcs, just drive up and joust things? Obi Wan didn't get touched in any games but at 62 points with Sense R2 CLT he's no threat to anyone.
  8. I was thinking about Resistance Chewbacca with Trick Shot and Rey, and 3A's with Heroic and Optics. Throw the A's right at the opponent and hang at Range 3 with Chewie. Might not be good but sounds fun. I think you want as many friendly ships as possible with Chewie and 3As is the most you can get.
  9. So I played a small tourney last weekend with Selfless Biggs UXYY (Saw, Biggs 2vtg ion Y). It worked very well in the hyperspace which the event was. However I don't think it will do well in Extended. Any thoughts?
  10. Saw is probably the way to go. It messes up your opponent's targeting priority more than Magva I think.
  11. If I take Garven instead of Evaan then it means that I can't get Selfless on Saw. I think 3 copies are needed for best performance. Bumping the Red to Garven and dropping Biggs's mech means that I can keep Evaan and pass Garven's focus to her if needed. It means that I can keep the list at 3 copies of Selfless.
  12. I have a Hyperspace event coming up and I wanted to try a Selfless Rebels list. I have cobbled this together, but I'm not sure it's right (choice of pilots etc.) Biggs has a regen droid as he will be pulling more fire from other ships. Saw is there as his ability will start proccing once ships have used Selfless/Biggs. Evaan is there to give Biggs an extra agility (though that might be a waste). Not sure I need the Ion turret, but in my testing it was handy to have more than one arc. Selfless Rebels (199/200) ===================== T-65 X-wing: Biggs Darklighter (48 + 4) + R2 Astromech (4) + Servomotor S-foils (0) T-65 X-wing: Red Squadron Veteran (43 + 3) + Selfless (3) + Servomotor S-foils (0) U-wing: Saw Gerrera (52 + 7) + Selfless (3) + Leia Organa (2) + Tactical Officer (2) + Pivot Wing (0) Y-wing: Evaan Verlaine (35 + 7) + Selfless (3) + Ion Cannon Turret (4)
  13. @Brunas is again underestimating The Will To Win(TM)
  14. Ah my bad, I didn't know you guys were talking about Hyperspace. What about Hot Shot Gunner? Serves me right for trying to be clever. I should just go back to my trench run list.
  15. Or Kanan Jarrus means you can keep boosting and open up your dial, although 3 points bid probably won't be enough.
  16. Derp. At least I can still give Kylo range infinite barrel rolls at initiative 7...
  17. From some theorycrafting, is Null with Squad Leader and Biohexacrypt Codes approaching 1.0 Fenn Rau levels of cheese? Just as well there are no large base boosting ships in First Order...
  18. I'm going to a tournament at the weekend and as practice I have been playing Poe a lot recently after getting HOTR. I really enjoy flying PtL Poe (trying BB8 and R2D2), but I'm struggling to find a good complementing ship. I have tried Rey with Kanan, Finn, sloop title and ID, but I'm struggling to like it. The Poe builds are: Build 1: PS9 Poe, BB8, PtL, Autothrusters, Sensor Cluster and Black One (43pts). Build 2: PS9 Poe, R2D2, PtL, Integrated Astromech, Sensor Cluster and Black One (43pts). I'm anticipating a meta heavy with Scum large base ships (YV, Firespray) and X7 Defenders (oh how much I hate these) and perhaps the odd decimator or two. What would be the best thing to take? Han with Gunner and HSCP? I was thinking either Super Miranda, Super Dash, or Shara Bey with Veteran Instincts, M9-G8, Weapons Engineer, and Alliance Overhaul (plus a Z).
  19. Am I right in thinking that Dengar's ability on the J5K allows him to return fire in 360 degrees (as he is a turretted ship) or is it only within the forward arc?
  20. So i recently played the list below as a trial for a tournament against a vcx, shuttle and a wing but i lost both games due to bumps early on. Its also not as hard hitting as i previously thought so i want to refine it a bit: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v4!s!174:19,136,126,173,121,-1:-1:25:;134:110,-1,177,114,178,-1:-1:3:;112:19,14,128:-1:25:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron I should point out that i have only one JM, and that I have plenty of upgrades from other packs. I also have a standby list with a G1A instead of the Y with a tractor beam. Would this be more competitive? https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v4!s!133:-1,-1,122,29,133,-1:-1:-1:;174:19,136,126,177,121,-1:-1:25:;170:-1,-1,-1:28:-1:u.144&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron. I'm not sure about the G1A however. Last time out I had N'dru instead and over two games all he did was take out a Prototype Pilot. However I think that with Latts farming Target Locks like no tomorrow, that more attackers would be better. Open for any advice!
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