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  1. i do like the mist hunter. but that barrel roll on the b-wing shouldnt be underrated . plus i would rather have 5 shields and 3 hull then 4 and 4. cause of crits.
  2. well i won the game cause the person i was playing that game with was a friend of mine. the buzzer rang and he said game over. he would of won the game i think if we played that round. i had my ywing and a jumpmaster left but my jumpmaster was one point away from half points. he had a jump at one hull and a mist hunter at full shields and hull. he had more points in his mist then i had in my ywing. i could of maybe of killed his jump but we where in long range. he had his mist in 2 range of my jump. if he would of hit me for one and i didnt get a hit on jump he would of won. not sure where we where going to end up flying though after we moved if we would of. thanks for the help i will remember that for next time.
  3. i played in a tournament last weekend. just a local store one. We ended the game with the time limit. I know once you start a round you are supposed to finish it. But when is a round considered started for that rule. We just finished a round and started moving dials. but none where locked in when the buzzer rang. Should we of finished that round even though we didn't place our dials down? me and my friends are new to the game. and only have done 3 local tournaments. which everyone is telling us different rules. and no one there working knows anything about the game it seems. thanks. any help would be appreciated
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