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  1. Well, performing an extra attack lets you spend your power tokens more quickly, and this guy looks like he will have a lot of power tokens. The white defense die will often reduce the damage of the attack by 1-2, which makes it pretty reasonable for a starting ability. It looks like this guy is a perfect candidate for this gun: http://cards.boardwars.eu/Expansion-Boxes/Heart-of-the-Empire/Rebel Upgrades/Tier 3/A-12+Sniper+Rifle.jpg It's pretty much made for him 😀
  2. If you play with a house rule that lets you take a villain or two for free (just for fun), Blaise might still not be worth it. Sure, you get the 3-point DTs, but you still had to 1. Choose Blaise as your Villain (opportunity cost) 2. Bring Blaise to a mission and spend threat on him (he won't be doing much else for you) 3. Keep Blaise alive long enough to do it (unlikely, by the time you can afford him) So I think if you pull it off, you deserve to get a substantial benefit.
  3. Stompburger

    88-Z Rules

    True, and since you get to pick your class after seeing the heroes, you can pick a different class if they have too many easy ways to damage 88-Z.
  4. Stompburger

    Hiding Davith - Is it possible?

    Yes, assuming the Surge from Hidden is not cancelled by an evade, removed (by a condition like Weaken), or spent on another surge ability.
  5. While it may not make sense thematically (there's a reason modern armies use guns instead of swords), it's done that way for balance reasons. Ranged units have very flexible target selection, can switch targets easily, and they don't need to move very far to attack their target. Melee units have to spend more time getting to their target, and once they get there, they can only attack what's right next to them. Melee units have to commit to a target, put themselves in more danger, and they take longer to do it. So they need something to make up for all those sacrifices, or no one would play them. In most games, that means that melee units hit harder, are more durable, and have better mobility. If you want to justify it thematically, you could say that it's easier to hit someone with a lightsaber when you're right next to them than it is to hit them with a blaster from a long way away.
  6. Stompburger

    Davith Elso

    I think if Davith were released now he'd have 3 attack dice.
  7. This is how I've always viewed it too - they aren't actually taking that many blaster shots (maybe one or two are clipping them here and there), but they're using up their plot armor. It gradually becomes less and less believable that they would avoid everything, to the point where they have to get semi-seriously injured for the audience to keep suspending their disbelief
  8. Nice work on the cards! I like these changes. I might use them in the next campaign I play if anyone takes those heroes; it's much easier to have these simple changes to base abilities than a bunch of replaced class cards. The only change I don't really understand is Figurehead. Figurehead seemed like a pretty good ability to me before; why do you feel like it needed to change?
  9. So you're saying the old ones are... a little short for a Stormtrooper?
  10. Stompburger

    The Last Jedi SPOILER Thread

    I'm glad this TLJ gripe thread has turned into people helping each other explore the Star Wars EU! Gives me a little bit of (or maybe, a New? ) hope for the Star Wars fanbase
  11. I like the change to Close and Personal (though it may be stepping on Verena's toes a bit ) I think removing the Strain cost for Deadly Precision is good, but it should be limited to once per activation if you do that. I think Saska's is great. It distinguishes her more from Ko-Tun. But I think you should have to discard the device token to gain the attack buffs, otherwise eventually your whole team gets superpowered for 0 strain. And maybe she should be able to suffer an additional strain to give away another device token? Loku's is nice too. I like that you've moved the need to have LOS to a figure at the start of his activation from Set Your Sights to Clear Minded.
  12. Stompburger

    Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    It may not be a flaw - they might just intend the non-elites for Campaign, and the Elites for skirmish. Campaign needs some weak units so the Rebels don't get crushed early on, while the Empire still has several units to work with.
  13. Stompburger

    Doubts of the nemesis Deck

    True - but with the discounts from the base card (and potentially Indomitable), the Villain may take more effort to defeat than another group of the same threat cost. And early on, a villain like Greedo can be a serious threat to the Rebels at low cost to the Imperial player.
  14. Stompburger

    Doubts of the nemesis Deck

    Yes. The "add one villain to your hand of open groups" happens no matter how many open groups the mission normally has. And any groups in your open groups can be deployed following normal rules, regardless of how they got there. There are some other class cards and agenda cards that add cards to your hand of open groups, and they work the same way.
  15. Stompburger

    Jawa Motivators ability

    It is only active while the Jawa with the ability is on the map.