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  1. Stompburger

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    What heroes were the Rebels using, and with what items? It may just be that the Rebels have a very strong team and are outfitted well, which can break pretty much any mission.
  2. That does sound pretty rough. In my campaigns we've always found rNexus to be particularly annoying blockers. That's why I try not to bring them unless it's thematic, even though they're really effective 😋
  3. Ah okay. Well, with only an officer and a Death Trooper removed it looks like they were already struggling a little, so they were probably already a bit demoralized... 😁
  4. How did you have enough threat to deploy it round 1? Or did you deploy it at the end of round 1?
  5. I don't really have anything to add to this discussion (though I hope we get some more beasts too!). It's just that I noticed we were at 99 pages of Imperial Assault gripe & hype and wanted to help push it to 100 ?
  6. Stompburger

    Electrostaff and Shyla Varad

    I think the fact that you get to choose reach or cleave would be a fun part of the Electrostaff if it was a real choice. If you can set it up so that you don't need the reach (as Shyla often can) then you just pick the cleave. It seems like you usually only use the reach if you have to. So you could make the cleave weaker by making it Cleave 1, as you suggest, or you could make it weaker by making it -(1 or 2) damage to the primary target and Cleave 2. Actually, that would make it kind of like Maul's attack. Maybe you could even give it Reach + "When you declare an attack, you may remove one die from your attack pool. If you do, this attack gains: Cleave 2"
  7. Stompburger

    Congratulations FFG!

    That's good to hear! What changes have you seen so far?
  8. KDF is a good ability, but the question is whether it's worth 4XP. Obviously you'd rather have the ability than not have it, but you have to look at what you give up to get it. The top ability gives you an additional use for your style tokens, adding surges instead of damage. That's pretty good in the late game. If you attack twice you could use this to add maybe 2 damage per round (considering that you have a surge for 2 damage that you wouldn't otherwise have used, and that you're giving up the ability to use the token for 1 damage, means you could theoretically change 1 damage into 2 twice in a round). Then the bottom ability gives you an extra token per round, which you could also convert to a surge or damage (I know she has other uses for her tokens, but since dealing damage is such an important part of the game I'm using that as a baseline). Now, it's unlikely that an extra surge will result in an additional 2 damage this time, because we already assumed you were using a surge for +2 damage, and most weapons don't have multiple +2 (or more) damage surge abilities. So this will probably add +1 damage to an attack. So overall it's a potential +3 damage per round, maybe more with clever play or really strong weapons. And since it's all "while attacking" you can make sure not to waste the damage. So that actually seems on-par with other 4XP abilities, especially if you add in 1) The flexibility to do other things with the bonus token and 2) The -dodge effect, which is really nice insurance and has a chance to outright win you a mission sometimes. But you also have to consider that the +3 damage per round is a bit optimistic, as it assumes you didn't roll too many surges already. So maybe this averages out to more like +2 damage per round, plus Dodge insurance and a bit of utility. So is that worth 4XP? That's just hard to say without seeing how this character plays.
  9. Okay, so it is one "free" token per activation, but with some limitations based on timing windows and card exhausts. Hmm, is that good? With the top ability included? Tough to say without playing it.
  10. At first they do, but not later. Are you just talking about the first few missions?
  11. I think that the banching mission options based on who wins or loses is intended both to make the game narrative match the missions as well as providing a small benefit to the losing side.
  12. But Cyberarm says "any number of style tokens", doesn't that mean you could spend more?
  13. Stompburger

    Twin Troopers 43: Tyrants of Lothal

    Just listened to this, great podcast as always! Sorry to hear you guys won't be putting out as many episodes in the future, but I look forward to listening when you do! I had a couple questions/comments about your analysis: 1. In your discussion of Kanan, you mention that he can't really do anything with the information you gain from Force Vision, because he can't get his allies out of harms way if they're likely to be attacked. But if you're taking Spectre Cell in your list, you could use the 2 movement points and attack from that during Kanan's activation to help that ally. 2. I know you didn't discuss command cards (except for character-specific ones), but there are a few command cards for Imperials that allow you to discard harmful conditions and gain some benefit, potentially making Heavy Fire more interesting? I agree that it seems underwhelming in general, but with those cards it might be more of a consideration. Thanks again for putting out this podcast, always enjoy listening to your insights!
  14. I agree that the wording isn't clear, but I don't think "additional" necessarily implies "different". If it said "use an additional ability", I think that would mean you couldn't use the same ability again, but I think the "effect" wording was specifically chosen to allow you to use the same ability or a different one.
  15. Stompburger

    Tress and CT Hero Discussion

    If Krayt Dragon Fury essentially gives 1 (or 2) Style tokens worth of any ability (as I theorize here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/281510-question-of-krayt-dragon-fury-skill-from-tol-tress/?do=findComment&comment=3451408), how would that change your assessment of it? I think that 2 extra would make it pretty amazing, probably even too good: +2 damage on an attack, a free move/interact/rest, etc. If it's +1, that's a little tougher to say; 1 free style token per round isn't that great (and you only get it if you spend one already).