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  1. If you have both this card and Thrawn (who has an identical ability), you could choose a different hero for each one, and if there are only two heroes that's all the heroes. So the first hero to activate would always be stunned until Thrawn is removed.
  2. Interesting ideas; very hard to make a judgement on balance without playtesting, but you do take a lot of abilities from other classes and from Agenda cards, which is a good idea for finding effects that can be balanced, so that's a good start! One note: Battlefield Medical Chest combined with Thrawn as an ally will allow the Imperial to stun the first hero to activate every round in a 2-hero campaign. I realize 2-hero campaigns already have balance issues, so that might not be something you want to worry about, but it's good to be aware of.
  3. Some missions allow heroes to retrieve tokens by spending movement points. I have 2 questions about this: 1) Can you still retrieve the tokens using an interact? (while normally not as good, it matters for abilities like Mak's Expertise or Onar's Brute Strength, as well as the Grappler Arm supply card) 2) If you gain movement points outside of your activation, can you spend those to retrieve a token? (also posted to bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2262689/retrieve-using-movement-points)
  4. Hmm, I guess that discussion did end with people deciding the other way. Though that's clearly not what's intended in the case of J4X's extra activation, and don't think it's what's intended for Loku or the Rancor either, though that could be wrong. I would argue that if you don't want to allow J4X to activate twice per use of Mechanical Master (which would probably be way too strong), then you have to be consistent and disallow any of these start OR end abilities from being used twice. I do wonder if there's a case out there that makes it clear which one is intended.
  5. I think this is correct. I believe there was a ruling on Loku's Set Your Sights (another "at the start or end of your activation" ability) that said it could only be used EITHER at the start or end. I believe your interpretation is correct that all abilities that have an OR would follow this rule.
  6. It is one specific set of cards that makes a full list.
  7. Ban it and reduce the cost of each member of Spectre Cell so they're actually competitive (as needed). OR print a new upgrade that gives the same benefit, but only if you're NOT running any Spectre Cell groups 😁
  8. Haha true, if it's not official it doesn't really matter 😁. It does make some sense to distinguish Rebel Troopers from Hired Guns too.
  9. I like that fix for Rebel Troopers, but isn't Going Down Fighting just Parting Shot? I think the normal practice is to name abilities with the same effect the same name. But there may be exceptions to this that I haven't noticed.
  10. The heroes become incapacitated, and incapacitated heroes cannot have conditions.
  11. What heroes were the Rebels using, and with what items? It may just be that the Rebels have a very strong team and are outfitted well, which can break pretty much any mission.
  12. That does sound pretty rough. In my campaigns we've always found rNexus to be particularly annoying blockers. That's why I try not to bring them unless it's thematic, even though they're really effective 😋
  13. Ah okay. Well, with only an officer and a Death Trooper removed it looks like they were already struggling a little, so they were probably already a bit demoralized... 😁
  14. How did you have enough threat to deploy it round 1? Or did you deploy it at the end of round 1?
  15. I don't really have anything to add to this discussion (though I hope we get some more beasts too!). It's just that I noticed we were at 99 pages of Imperial Assault gripe & hype and wanted to help push it to 100 ?
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