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  1. Stompburger

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Right, each figure doesn't get [current round #] damage tokens. You get [current round #] tokens, and you distribute them among friendly figures within 3 spaces.
  2. Stompburger

    More spoilers on facebook

    Yeah, that would be a great way to fix all those bad units. I know they want to make more in-depth fixed to the famous unique figures, but for the lesser known ones a point cost drop would be the simplest and most effective. Anyone can be played, no matter how wonky their abilities, if they're cheap enough 😁 Maybe they'll do the new Xwing thing and just have all the costs tied to an app?
  3. Stompburger

    More spoilers on facebook

    Ah okay, I didn't know she had a jetpack but I assumed it must be something like that. And that's a good point about Boba!
  4. Stompburger

    More spoilers on facebook

    I don't follow the show, can someone explain why she should be considered a vehicle? 😁
  5. Stompburger

    RIP Rebel Faction

    That's important. It makes going into end of round with multiple focuses worse, and going into end of round having 1 focus the same as having no focus, but it doesn't mean you can't use focus anymore. It's actually a buff to power tokens I think, because losing a power token isn't nearly as bad as losing a focus. It's also a harder Nerf to figures with surges that give them beneficial conditions than it is to figures who give beneficial conditions to others, since you have no chance to spend your condition before losing it if you get it from a surge.
  6. Stompburger

    RIP Rebel Faction

    This is no doubt (ha ha) a very good card, and I am guessing it will see a lot of play... but the 1 point opportunity cost is there, the top half is mostly useless against some lists, and you can play around it. It's a soft-ish counter to a playstyle the designers seem to be trying to nerf (loading up a bunch of beneficial conditions round one, then dumping all your damage round 2), and I think it will help. It looks like one of the new skirmish missions (Blitz or something) will help with this too by pushing everyone right into the action. As a thought experiment - what if all beneficial conditions disappeared at the end of each round? Or just at the end of round 1? Most beneficial conditions in X-Wing disappear at the end of the round, and that seems to work well (though X-Wing is a very different game, so I don't know...)
  7. Stompburger

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    Looks to me like the second Barrage attack can target the same figure! That's really good.
  8. Stompburger

    Why can't FFG give the Empire what it needs

    Wait, we haven't seen the skirmish version of Thrawn yet, right? Or did I miss it?
  9. Stompburger

    Why are Loth Cats in the Merc Affiliation?!

    Even if it weren't a full companion character, this would be a really cool thing to have in a campaign mission!
  10. What's really important is whether or not they get an alternate art card with lolcats-style captions for their stats.
  11. Nexu and Lothcat pals could be a huge annoyance in campaign... the Nexu is hard enough to take down as it is without block or evade power tokens, and even the regular Loth cats hit hard.
  12. Well, performing an extra attack lets you spend your power tokens more quickly, and this guy looks like he will have a lot of power tokens. The white defense die will often reduce the damage of the attack by 1-2, which makes it pretty reasonable for a starting ability. It looks like this guy is a perfect candidate for this gun: http://cards.boardwars.eu/Expansion-Boxes/Heart-of-the-Empire/Rebel Upgrades/Tier 3/A-12+Sniper+Rifle.jpg It's pretty much made for him 😀
  13. If you play with a house rule that lets you take a villain or two for free (just for fun), Blaise might still not be worth it. Sure, you get the 3-point DTs, but you still had to 1. Choose Blaise as your Villain (opportunity cost) 2. Bring Blaise to a mission and spend threat on him (he won't be doing much else for you) 3. Keep Blaise alive long enough to do it (unlikely, by the time you can afford him) So I think if you pull it off, you deserve to get a substantial benefit.
  14. Stompburger

    88-Z Rules

    True, and since you get to pick your class after seeing the heroes, you can pick a different class if they have too many easy ways to damage 88-Z.
  15. Stompburger

    Hiding Davith - Is it possible?

    Yes, assuming the Surge from Hidden is not cancelled by an evade, removed (by a condition like Weaken), or spent on another surge ability.