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  1. I have not purchased Armada yet, but I have enjoyed X-wing, and Armada looks cool with the captial ship theme. But are they going to re-release Aramada with a 2.0 version like they did X-wing (Also do they plan to do this with imperial assault as well)? I don't want to start buyign things if a 2.0 is coming around the corner
  2. Looking for a different kind of board game and these 2 caught my eye. Both are Indy car type racing games, and look fairly unique enough that I would try them out. Question is, which is the better one? Looks like Formula D has tons of expansions which for me may not be good with my OCD and needing to buy every expansion for every game I get. Downforce looks like it has 1 expansion right now. Anyone played these?
  3. ****, I'm gonna have to spend almost $200 to convert every faction, plus epic conversion, PLUS get the new core set...
  4. Yeah my OCD is going crazy because of this. No Avenger Squad pilot, Black eight squad pilot, Onyx squad pilot, Fel's Wrath, Valen Rudo, Dark Curse, Backstabber, Winged Gundark, Commander kenkirk, ANY of the Slave 1 imperial pilots, ANY of the Assault carrier pilots, and even though I do not own he Raider, looks like NONE of the Raider pilots
  5. So how do you convert the other pilots from 1.0?
  6. Got my Empire conversion kit int he mail and was going through the cards and replacing my 1.0 pilot cards, and noticed first it is missing SEVERAL Imperial pilot cards. TIE Fighter pilots, a Decimator pilot, TIE Interceptor, TIE Punisher, etc. I mean it's actually quite a lot it is missing. Did I get a defective kit? Also I noticed that it is very hard to figure out on some if they simply changed the name or if it supposed to be a whole new pilot. Take for instance, the TIE Striker pilot card "Scarif Defense", In the conversion kit there is a pilot card called "Planetary Sentienel" and has the same picture. I assume that is the new name for it? Another example: the TIE INterceptor pilot "Saber Squadron Pilot" in the kit there is 'Saber squadron Ace". Are they now Ace's? Another one that took me forever to figure out was "Lieutenant Sai". In 1.0, there is a "Captin Yorr" card with the same picture, so eventually I just put the "Sai card over the "Yorr" one figuring that maybe "Captain Yorr is no longer the name"
  7. Currently I have a 65 inch Sony XBR-65X800B TV that just runs off built in TV speakers. I only use it for PS4 Pro, Switch, and xbox one (soon gonna be a One X). I am looking into getting a new TV in the near future, and also considering getting an actual sound system as well. I do not know alot about TV's, except that I want to stick with 65 inch, 4k, and get HDR (I do not think the TV I have now has HDR). So my questions are: What would be 3 TV models that would give me the best picture quality? I have heard OLED is the new hotness, but then a friend told me that OLEDs actually do very badly when sunlight shines on them, like coming in through a window. He said it gives you a lot of glare. Is Samsung and Sony still the top dogs for TV's or has another brand stepped in? I am willing to put in $2500 for a TV. WHat kind of sound system would be a good one? I see sound bars with subs all over the place now, but also I see speaker hooked to receivers. Which gives the better sound? And is there even that big of difference between the quality of sound from going with a sound bar vs a receiver plus speakers?
  8. So I have 1 of almost every expansion plus the regular and force awakens core kits. For 2.0 do I still need to buy a 2.0 core kit, or can I just buy the rebel, empire, scum conversions? Also I heard you only get 3 of each upgrade card in the conversion kits. So if I have like 12 proton torpedo cards, and I buy all 3 conversion kits I will get pretty close to having the amount of cards I have now right? ( will get 9 of most shared upgrade cards correct)
  9. Was at Target, and they are selling Crossfire again! Anyone grab the new release to see if it is as good as the 90's version?
  10. so no aces packs will be re-released? I should go ahead and grab the rebel aces while I still can?
  11. The only sets I have not bought yet are: Ghost Rebel Aces Tantive IV Imperial Raider Rebel Transport C-ROC Saw's Heroes TIE Reaper Resistance Bomber Heroes of the Resistance Lando's Falcon Are they planning on re-releasing all the expansions as 2.0? Should I just hold off until these come out as 2.0 versions?
  12. it's coming out the 20th? ****, there hasn't been any news on this game for a long time, so I was getting scared. Very surprised it's coming out so soon. Is it still coming to the PS4? And is there going to be a physical copy? I loved SC 2 and 3 Thought there were 2 Star Control games coming out though
  13. Got a link to it? Tried looking it up and there is so much battletech stuff I am absolutley lost. Is there also a mechwarrior miniatures game? The Timberwolf was always one of the coolest looking mech to me, and sadly I do not think it is in battlech
  14. My only experience with the Mechwarrior and Battletech universes (I heard they are the same universe, is that correct?) Has been the PS1 game, the xbox mechassault games, and seeing some vids of older Mechwarrior games. I always though the mechs looked cool as **** and would love to get a mini's board game of that. Which one would you guys reccomend?
  15. Picked up a Jurassic Park board game at Target called "Danger" cause I'm a sucker for anything Jurassic park and thought a JP board could be cool as ****. It was just 3 of us that played, 2 humans vs 1 dino, but man it felt really 1 sided in the dino's favor. Has anyone else played this game? Maybe we were playing wrong. The dino player controls 3 dinos, and almost hte whole time my friend just camped the dilophasarus on the maintenance shed location so we couldn't get to it, sinc ethe rules state you cannot move to a spot where a dino is. Also combine the fact that the dino played gets to make several moves in one turn plus attack multiple times, and basically the humans can only last like 2 turns before they are killed!
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