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  1. Can the tokens for the following things from 1.0 be used in 2.0? bomb, mines, asteroids, debris, any other obstacle. I am going through my 1.0 stuff figuring out what I can try and sell off, but even after buying the empire ocnversion kit it did not come with any mines or bombs
  2. gotcha. Also I am learning I should do more stress moves. I normally never do a move that gives me stress cause it means I cannot take an action, and I felt I could never afford to do that, but my friend did a lot of stress moves, and he was fine
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I did fly Darth Vader in the TIE Advanced with Afterburners, brilliant evasion, and fire control systems. Dutchess with targeting computer, outmaneuver, and fifth brother, and Major Rhymer with homing missiles, proton bombs, skilled bombardier, and munitions fail safe. My buddy played 2 resistance A-wing and the Falcon with Rey. I actually took out one of his A-wings very quickly, and almost took the other one out but ultimately lost in the end. My bomber was never in front of anyone so I never had opportunities to drop bombs. I did once and he just flew right over it and away from the 0-1 distance for the detonation. Vader was no where in the fight due to my horrible flying. Actually the way he won was vader was my last guy left and he had no damage, but I had flown so close to the edge, that any move I made made he fly off the edge and auto destruct It was really cool how vader can just popping barrel rolls though! I will probably use him again. Next match I played against a friend we convinced to buy a core set and some expansions yesterday haha. He played the sith infiltrator and the nantec fighter. I just used the same squad. I lost again, but was able to kill his nantect fighter. The infiltrator didn't even suffer one damage. He had so many freaking upgrades on the infiltrator it was ridiculous. Tons of force points (had palpatine, plus already had 4 force to begin with) so he could always re-roll, or give himself 2 focus, or spend force to change focus attack results to hits, etc. In both battles I just always still seemed to be in the firing arc of their turret ships constantly. I think part of the problem is I need to get better at flying in general. At the start of the match I usually always make my fighters go 5 straight (or their highestes straight) so I can get into battle range as fast as possible.
  4. My friend may have been "That" player haha, When I rolled a good attack roll the first time I had 2 crits and 2 regular damage, he rolled his defense and got 3 evade, he said the crits cancelled first so he only got 1 face down damage card. Then when I was on defense and he rolled crits and regular hits, and I had some evade, he switched the rules and stated the crits go through, and I cancel regular hits first.
  5. Thanks for the replies! I will try some of those out and hopefully get better results haha
  6. I just kinda got back into the game the other night because my buddy just got the game and some expansions. He flew the Falcon, Poe Dameron X-wing, and standard X-wing (all resistance). I flew a gunboat, TIE Defender, and TIE Phantom. On the Defender I had "Outmaneuver", and on the gunboat I had "Shield Upgrade". I did not put anything on the Phantom. The pilots I used were "Whsiper" for the phantom, Rexler Brath for the Defender, and Major Vynder for the gunboat. I got destroyed, most I did was take the shields on the falcon down, and also take down the shields and 1 hull damage on his regular x-wing. Seemed he had all manner of stuff that let him re-roll, or change blank die or focus die. I will say the dice were not on my side either as I had a LOT of blank rolls or focus rolls, but nothing to alter the focus die with. I will also say that I really did not think a whole lot about any upgrades and whatnot because it was taking me so long to get ready I just wanted to start the game. But it seemed I was always in his firing arc. Are there any builds anyone can recommend that are good counters to the falcon and x-wings? He was also using a force user and would just use the force every turn to turn his die into whatever he wanted (had 3 force for Rey I believe)
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone! After reading through them I will go with keeping my stuff and just buying conversion kits and new expansions as the 2.0 versions (Sadly I am also a collector and so the collector/OCD in me must buy every expansion haha). Luckily, I just play very casually against my friend now so no tournaments. Sucks to hear about the aces and veterans packs not really coming over to 2.0. I remember there were some good pilot cards I used to use against another friend in those. I think right now I am going to just gather all my 1.0 cards and such and quarantine them off for now haha. One other side questions: I am also thinking of picking up Armada and Imperial Assault. Are those expected to have a 2.0 version come out? If so I will wait for that as I currently do not own either of those games.
  8. I had kinda gotten out of the game right when 2.0 was dropping. I had bought 1 of every expansion up to the point where Guns for hire was released (although I never bought any epic ships). My buddy bought the game last week and has been begging me to play and I finally brought my stuff over. I was overwhemled with how much had changed. I had bought the Empire conversion kit when it first came out, and I really hadn't opened it until tonight when me and my buddy played our match. I felt like I didn't get a 1:1 replacement of every card that I got when I bought all of these Empire expansion packs for wave 1. Also all of the tokens are different looking now. I was constantly borrowing tokens from my friend. Now I kinda want to get back into the game and get the rest of the expansions that have come out, but I am wondering what you guys would do. Either: Sell all of my wave 1 stuff and then re-buy every expansion as wave 2 (have they re-released every ship as wave 2 yet, like the Aces and Veterans packs?) OR Just keep what I have, buy the Rebel, FO, and Resistance conversion kits, then continue buying the expansions where I left off, but just getting the 2.0 versions.
  9. Bought all the expansions to the Superfight game and was wondering if anyone knew of anything for sale that holds all the cards from the base game plus all expansions
  10. I have not purchased Armada yet, but I have enjoyed X-wing, and Armada looks cool with the captial ship theme. But are they going to re-release Aramada with a 2.0 version like they did X-wing (Also do they plan to do this with imperial assault as well)? I don't want to start buyign things if a 2.0 is coming around the corner
  11. Looking for a different kind of board game and these 2 caught my eye. Both are Indy car type racing games, and look fairly unique enough that I would try them out. Question is, which is the better one? Looks like Formula D has tons of expansions which for me may not be good with my OCD and needing to buy every expansion for every game I get. Downforce looks like it has 1 expansion right now. Anyone played these?
  12. ****, I'm gonna have to spend almost $200 to convert every faction, plus epic conversion, PLUS get the new core set...
  13. Yeah my OCD is going crazy because of this. No Avenger Squad pilot, Black eight squad pilot, Onyx squad pilot, Fel's Wrath, Valen Rudo, Dark Curse, Backstabber, Winged Gundark, Commander kenkirk, ANY of the Slave 1 imperial pilots, ANY of the Assault carrier pilots, and even though I do not own he Raider, looks like NONE of the Raider pilots
  14. So how do you convert the other pilots from 1.0?
  15. Got my Empire conversion kit int he mail and was going through the cards and replacing my 1.0 pilot cards, and noticed first it is missing SEVERAL Imperial pilot cards. TIE Fighter pilots, a Decimator pilot, TIE Interceptor, TIE Punisher, etc. I mean it's actually quite a lot it is missing. Did I get a defective kit? Also I noticed that it is very hard to figure out on some if they simply changed the name or if it supposed to be a whole new pilot. Take for instance, the TIE Striker pilot card "Scarif Defense", In the conversion kit there is a pilot card called "Planetary Sentienel" and has the same picture. I assume that is the new name for it? Another example: the TIE INterceptor pilot "Saber Squadron Pilot" in the kit there is 'Saber squadron Ace". Are they now Ace's? Another one that took me forever to figure out was "Lieutenant Sai". In 1.0, there is a "Captin Yorr" card with the same picture, so eventually I just put the "Sai card over the "Yorr" one figuring that maybe "Captain Yorr is no longer the name"
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